Infrastructure Development Report by Felipe Montero Jens

Economic development requires the unity between different leaders in the community. From the article, the minister believes in collaboration with the private sector in the development of infrastructure to create a better and fasten the time. According to Felipe Montero Jens, the meeting of the governors in Argentina encouraged the investment of projects such as infrastructure by private firms because according to the development and management minister, this helps to give the opportunity to Latin-American investors to feel the involvement in economic development. The minister encouraged the Inter-American Development Bank to invest in education that del in disaster management and project development to help improve the skills in the market. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

In addition, the finance minister of Argentina and the chairman of the bank decided to work together so that the bank could help the private planning and projects come to an accomplishment. From Felipe Moreno’s reports, to attain the four-point o revolution in the economy, it requires the support of the private projects by the government through agreements, and therefore, the president of the bank encouraged the government to embrace the new opportunity of getting help from the countries that invest. Additionally, the bank’s president decided to adjust some of its policies to fit the social needs of increasing the gender equality and creating projects that involve the sustainability of the environment which will ensure that the economic development goes hand in hand with the environmental set standards.

In conclusion, Felipe Montero Jens says that the Public-Private Partnerships by the public works have improved the roads quality and the availability of water. Over the years, the partnerships have led to loans for this development from the bank.

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