AXA, Vincent Parascandola and Finance Management

In this era of dwindling fortunes and economic uncertainty, it is not out of place to be sceptical and try as much as you can to secure your future. And that is where AXA Group comes in.

Founded in Paris, France in 1817, as Mutuelle de L’Assurance contre L’incendie by Claude Babear. The company went on to acquire several other companies and adopted the name AXA as a result in 1985. AXA was adopted because the CEO then wanted a snappy, short and easily pronounced by all languages of world. Though written in capital letters, AXA is not an acronym.

AXA group is one of the world’s leading financial services company specialised in insurance, investment management and other financial services. It is the fastest growing finance company in the world with 14 per cent growth in 2016.

AXA revenue for 2015 is over $100B and has a staff strength of over 166,000 in 2015. They have a presence in western Europe, north America, middle east, southern Asia, Australia and a selected African countries. Their total assets is valued at €887.07B while equity stood at €68.5B both in 2015.

The American division is led by Vincent Parascandola who is an embodiment of help and leadership. His goal is to help people achieve their own financial goals; a practice that has earned him many accolades and awards. His propensity to help and lead well are some of the major reasons he has succeeded in this company; he is a man of great work ethics as well.

He is rich in experience that spans over 25years. His expertise is immense hence his ability to mentor all the persons under his employ. He has never had issues with thousands of staff members as a result that includes over 6,000 financial professionals.

His financial professionals and him continue to create products for financial protection as well as asset allocation, college, retirement, business and estate planning to meet their financial needs throughout their lives.

One question begs for answer in the light of all these: who else will you rather entrust with your dollars?