A Special Interview With David Giertz

About David Giertz


David L. Giertz worked as senior deputy president of the Nationwide Financial Distribution and sales company from April 3, 2013. He has also been head of Nationwide Financial Distributors beginning March 2013. He worked as vice president –sales at Nationwide Financial services. Before his work as deputy president in the Nationwide company, he worked as vice president-sales in FI/WH from 2009-2013, and as deputy president-NF sales from 2004-2009.

Mr. Giertz has over 30 years’ experience as a financial advisor. Before his present role as a highly esteemed financial advisor, David was president of the Nationwide financial sales department. He was a prosperous leader and distributor of insurance policies as well as retirement plans. Before his enrollment in the Nationwide company, he served as financial advisor to the Citigroup for ten years. He continues to put so much importance to his involvement with institutions that support the needs of the community which includes serving as a board of trustees at the Millikin University where he acquired his BS.

David’s interview

In his interview, David Giertz also referred to like Dave, outlines how to spend money during retirement without having to deal with the guilt that comes with extravagant spending. He states that most retirees prefer to save their retirement benefits rather than spend the money they worked so hard for. The most appropriate way to have a satisfactory retirement is by planning for the future putting into consideration all the needs that could arise. Budgets and cash savings would help ease the spending in the retirement years.

According to David, wealthy people who have a habit of depositing extra money into their savings accounts would often find difficulty in spending these accumulated funds on themselves and their families during their retirement years. He thinks that every person should enjoy every positive thing that life has to offer. He, however, believes that this reluctance of people to spend money during retirement years is because they stop earning once they retire and the social security funds do not always provide adequate incomes for the retirees.

Most retired Americans forfeit fund expenditure for luxurious activities with the negative impression that an emergency would occur that would require them to use up all their savings. According to David, retired people can spend their savings in a disciplined manner and yet still have so much fun. He thinks that people should adhere to the rule of ‘discovering the most purposeful and relevant things in life.’ Retire people should avoid causing unnecessary hardship in their lives. They need to place utmost importance on the things that bring them happiness and those that are a source of inspiration. Thinking about the main purpose of life is the first step towards spending money wisely during retirement years.