Agora Financial Tips for Investing Effeciently for Happy Retirement

For a good future, it is essential for people to invest their money wisely. But, often people are confused about the different types of investment products and services offered in the market. Also, financial experts are often biased towards one product or the other making it impossible an ordinary individual to make investment decisions properly. Agora Financial has shared some useful tips that would allow individuals to invest properly. Financial experts at Agora Financial advise people to invest in bonds as they offer better returns than stocks or commodities. It is also much simpler to invest in where you invest in the government and then after a few years; you collect your original investment along with the interest payment. As you grow old, investing in bonds is more profitable than investing in stocks. It is also essential for investors to limit their risks by diversifying their investments in many different assets.

It is essential that people manage their finance in a way that they have sufficient financial cushion to fall back on in times of distress. People are confused these days when it comes to their finances due to the availability of so many investment options. It is hard for people to determine whether they should put their money on mutual funds or stocks or something else. The availability of so many investment options is good as well as bad because the people who are aware of the financial markets can make the most of their investments and earn considerable returns. However, people who do not have much knowledge of the financial markets can find it difficult to earn considerable returns. It is where the help from Agora Financial comes in.

Agora Financial is a leading financial publishing house that has over twenty publications in different industries. The publishing house constantly delivers reliable and trustworthy financial news to its readers to ensure they can make an informed choice when it comes to their money. Agora Financial has been around for over three decades and has some of the expert financial gurus on board as advisors, who provide their insight that is delivered to the readers. It helps the readers to know which investment tool to choose to achieve their desired financial goals. The best part is that the company operates independently and are not paid for posting reviews about products and services. It is the reason why people trust their advice and follow them blindly.

Richard Dwayne Blair Helping People Plan for the Future

Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder and a registered investment advisor for Wealth Solutions an investment company in Austin, Texas. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston in finance and fiscal management services. He has over 23 years of experience in the financial industry and focuses on helping clients plan for retirement. He initiated his own strategy of investment that permits clients to reach their financial goals.

Furthermore, Richard Dwayne Blair entered the financial industry immediately after completed college. He prefers to work with clients in Houston, Bastrop and Marble Falls. He also has clients in Georgetown and New Braunfels. He values close relationships with his clients and creates individualized investment strategies to fit their needs. He teaches others and offers certificate programs that include the Certified Annuity Specialist, CAS Designation, CFS Designation, CIS Designation and CTS Designation programs. Additionally, he offers the RICP Designation and fiduciary care, and independence services. His annuity programs assist brokers and advisors in protecting their assets and estates. This program protects clients’ assets from stock market risks and provides tax benefits.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s investment programs provide a diverse range of options that focus on retirement, estates, business, and taxes. The Certified Estate and Trust Specialist program provides attention to trusts, wills, probate and retirement benefits. It ensures that children and spouses are cared for after the death of the estate holder. The Certified Fund Specialist program focuses on mutual funds, portfolio construction, and income strategies. The CIS Designation program teaches students about social security, withdrawal plans, fixed-income instruments and home health care. The CTS Designation program educates students on tax planning, capital gains, and reduced tax liability. The RICP Designation focuses on retirement planning and income planning. He is also an independent advisor and offers a Fiduciary Care advice to clients.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an innovator in the financial industry. He has created many new forms of investment and shares his knowledge with his students. He is providing a new service to clients and improving the way money is invested.


Agora Financial Helping People with Financial Planning in a Simplified Manner

If you are keen on securing your financial future, then it is essential that you start making investments as soon as you start earning, even if it is in small amounts. Investments grow with time, in most cases, and it would help you stay financially secure and save you during rainy days. The market fluctuations have increased in the recent times, and you need to be prepared to combat the tough financial times. It is necessary that people keep aside a part of their earnings to ensure they have enough financial cushion to lean on during rough financial times.  However, if you are looking to invest in any particular financial tool, you need to do your due research to be sure that you are putting money in the right place.

As the amount of financial and investment instruments are increasing with every passing day, it is necessary to be able to differentiate between different investment options. Taking the help of the financial adviser can be a good idea to learn more about the different investment options and to invest wisely, which would help in achieving your financial objectives. Agora Financial is a reputed business publishing house that has a set of print and online publications, which are highly helpful and informative. It has over a million readers, and it educates the readers to know where to put their money. Agora Financial has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, and was established in the year of 1979 by one of the most popular financial correspondent, Bill Bonner. He believed that the people need to learn more about how to organize their financial as well as learn the importance of investments.

Agora Financial has publications for different sectors, which helps the readers to know more about the different industries and niche they are interested in. Agora Financial also holds conferences and seminars that are meant to educate people about the world of finance and provide the financial insights to the readers and visitors about how they can manage their funding and achieve financial freedom in future.gora Financial has made many essential market predictions in the future that have come true and helped the readers to save millions. It is critical that people learn about how the financial market works so that they can use their money appropriately and put it where it would grow. Safeguarding money is essential when you are earning as the volatility in the market is a norm these days, and measures must be taken to have enough funds to fall back on when needed. Agora Financial helps the readers with tricks and tips on where to put their money, which investment option to choose, and which investment options to stay away from. Such information is crucial to having successful financial planning.

A Special Interview With David Giertz

About David Giertz


David L. Giertz worked as senior deputy president of the Nationwide Financial Distribution and sales company from April 3, 2013. He has also been head of Nationwide Financial Distributors beginning March 2013. He worked as vice president –sales at Nationwide Financial services. Before his work as deputy president in the Nationwide company, he worked as vice president-sales in FI/WH from 2009-2013, and as deputy president-NF sales from 2004-2009.

Mr. Giertz has over 30 years’ experience as a financial advisor. Before his present role as a highly esteemed financial advisor, David was president of the Nationwide financial sales department. He was a prosperous leader and distributor of insurance policies as well as retirement plans. Before his enrollment in the Nationwide company, he served as financial advisor to the Citigroup for ten years. He continues to put so much importance to his involvement with institutions that support the needs of the community which includes serving as a board of trustees at the Millikin University where he acquired his BS.

David’s interview

In his interview, David Giertz also referred to like Dave, outlines how to spend money during retirement without having to deal with the guilt that comes with extravagant spending. He states that most retirees prefer to save their retirement benefits rather than spend the money they worked so hard for. The most appropriate way to have a satisfactory retirement is by planning for the future putting into consideration all the needs that could arise. Budgets and cash savings would help ease the spending in the retirement years.

According to David, wealthy people who have a habit of depositing extra money into their savings accounts would often find difficulty in spending these accumulated funds on themselves and their families during their retirement years. He thinks that every person should enjoy every positive thing that life has to offer. He, however, believes that this reluctance of people to spend money during retirement years is because they stop earning once they retire and the social security funds do not always provide adequate incomes for the retirees.

Most retired Americans forfeit fund expenditure for luxurious activities with the negative impression that an emergency would occur that would require them to use up all their savings. According to David, retired people can spend their savings in a disciplined manner and yet still have so much fun. He thinks that people should adhere to the rule of ‘discovering the most purposeful and relevant things in life.’ Retire people should avoid causing unnecessary hardship in their lives. They need to place utmost importance on the things that bring them happiness and those that are a source of inspiration. Thinking about the main purpose of life is the first step towards spending money wisely during retirement years.