Bernardo Chua Helps More People Discover Gourmet Coffee With Healing Agent

Bernardo Chua is someone that has managed to master the art of selling gourmet coffee to a large consumer base. He has been able to help people many people that are not necessarily coffee drinkers discover gourmet coffee. This is all part of the great Bernardo Chua marketing technique that involves a very special Ganoderma plant. Bernardo has provided the entire world with an look at what Asian natives have known about all along. He has brought that Ganoderma plant to the western hemisphere, and coffee drinkers are excited about it. Visit to learn more.

Bernardo is a business man that knows a lot about a plethora of different things. Organo Gold is not the only company that he is known for, but this is the company that has managed to make him the most well-known in America. It is a company that Bernardo Chua created with gourmet coffee as the centerpiece of this brand’s core. As time progressed Bernardo would discover that it was going to be a profitable product. He also discovered that there were some people that were interested in the healing agent of the Ganoderma product, but they were not coffee drinkers. He found other ways to help those people that were interested in seeing the power of the Ganoderma plant. He would be able to do this with the bevy of other products that were created through the Organo Gold brand.

Consumers that are interested in Organo Gold products have access to skincare products and toothpaste that have Ganoderma ingredients. There are also Organo Gold Energy drinks that have been added to the mix. All of this makes it possible for people to get access to the healing agent that is part of the Organo Gold core even if they do not drink coffee.

Bernardo has used social media like Twitter to promote his brand. He also uses this platform, along with Facebook, to keep people up to date on the new products that are getting added to the Organo Gold roster. This has allowed him branch out with other things like tea, soap, grape seed oil and other products. Check: