All About Waiakea Water

Waiakea water is sustainable and sourced organically with a natural alkaline nature of pH 8.8. Bearing in mind that most waters sold by different companies’ range 4-7 on the ph scale and then this water helps in detoxification thus preventing the body from attack by diseases. This is supported by the fact that our body needs a neutral ph of 7.4 so as to maintain health and prevent disease attack.

Ryan Emmons; the CEO and founder of Waiakea Volcanic Water in the year 2012 explain that the idea of starting this water company came from his appreciation of nature. He was raised in Hawaii and California. He actually developed the idea while he stood near a source of water and the experience obtained from working in Africa. He discovered that his family had the most natural, healthy, pure and sustainable water.

Waiakea is not an average bottled water company since it not only produces organically sourced water but also is involved in sustainable forests globally. This water is the first Hawaiian volcanic water with a natural alkaline nature which has a unique filtration process. Through the Mauna Loa volcano, this water passes through 14000 feet of these porous volcanic rocks. Since at this Mauna volcano rain is available for 360 days in a year then it means the water is always in motion. Waiakea water obtains its natural alkaline nature of ph 8.8 from the minerals present in these volcanic rocks such as magnesium and calcium. The Hawaiian word Mauna Loa means a long mountain. This mountain is 33,000 feet above sea floor which practically is the largest mountain if it’s measured from top to bottom.

Waiakea water has benefits such as improving the health of an individual since its ph 8.8 allows it to be used for the alleviation of acid reflux when combined with treatment from a physician. This water also helps in neutralizing stomach acid due to its alkaline nature. Despite stopping acid reflux, Waiakea water also helps maintain the balance of ph in the body and helps in boosting hydration. It is special because it contains silica so it can provide more than 30 milligrams daily which is more than recommended.

Who is Dr. Mark McKenna?

Dr. Mark McKenna M.D., is a medical doctor who is licensed in surgery and medicine, he earned his degree at Tulane University Medical School. He also has an MBA. Dr. McKenna is licensed in both Florida and Georgia to practice, due to the rulings of the state board of medical examiners. In addition to his medical career, Dr. Mark McKenna also is an entrepreneur who holds the rights to OVME, a medical aesthetics company which specializes in skin health. In looking at OVME’s website we can see that the company believes in providing “age appropriate” skin health, with attention to detail. Dr. Mark McKenna is originally from New Orleans, LA. After earning his medical degree from Tulane, Dr. McKenna went on to go practice medicine with his father. While he was practicing with his father Dr. McKenna also got the opportunity to open McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate firm with well-vetted professionals who offer superior customer service compared to a traditional real estate firm, and focus on a small number of clients.

In looking at the article pertaining to Dr. Mark McKenna and his company on Forbes, we can learn more about Dr. Mark McKenna and his background. The article goes on to detail Dr. McKenna’s medical schooling background, before detailing his decision in becoming an entrepreneur in the real estate business in New Orleans, in 1999, after he graduated. In an unfortunate twist, his New Orleans based real estate business was destroyed when Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, Dr. McKenna incurred million in damages. After this Dr. McKenna went on to let go of his business after rebuilding it post-Katrina. He then moved to Atlanta and opened ShapeMed, which was a group of offices which offered cosmetic and skin health treatments such as Botox injections, laser hair removal, as well as nutrition and weight counseling.

In looking at the article on pertaining to the opening of a new OVME store location in Buckhead, Georgia, we can see the anticipation behind the OVME medical aesthetic store in Buckhead, Georgia. In addition, we can learn more of OVME’s founder, Dr. Mark McKenna, who recently sold a similar company in ShapeMed to LifeTime Fitness. The article’s contents go-on to detail the amenities behind the OVME, medical aesthetic experience, in-store.

Sussex Healthcare Senior Living Homes

Sussex Healthcare is one of the leading senior care facilities in the United Kingdom. They provide excellent care and service to seniors ages fifty five and older. The staff is a team of professionally trained individuals who are qualified in senior care. Sussex Healthcare offers a safe, secure environment, and a home related atmosphere for the patients. It specializes in promoting the social, and human needs of all of their patients whether they are ambulatory or confined. They encourage family interaction, and support. Sussex Healthcare has partnered with NHS to provide a much needed Audiology Center for their patient needs.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology has facilities located in Sussex, Berkshire, and Surrey. They offer various audiological services that include hearing assessments, and tests. The Audiology Center is also available to help those patients who were having difficult times getting the proper care for hearing loss due to age. The center has focuses on getting these patients some level of hearing through the use of hearing aids. They will fit the patient for a hearing aid that will feel comfortable while giving some degree of hearing. They will instruct the patient on the proper care of the device, as well as what to do if the device should began to malfunction. The Audiology Center also has an in house Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist.

Owned by Sussex Healthcare, the senior living care homes offer a wide range of services that are all person centered. They have a sensory room and a gym for physical care. Most of the patients are seniors, but they do welcome people with learning disabilities, or mental illness. Sussex Healthcare is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. The staff is continuously trained by way of yearly in house training in order to service the patients better, and to keep up to date on any industry changes. The patients rave about the services that they receive from Sussex Healthcare Audiology. One patient is very grateful to be able to hear again. Other patients enjoy the friendly service, and helpfulness that they encounter with the doctors and staff members.

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Tips for Preparing for a Life Line Screening

Going for a screening often is essential for your health. If you want to get a screen that will help you with your health, consider visiting Life Line Screening. The screening will assist you in understanding your health and yourself. Here are tips to help you prepare for the screening.


It is the first thing you need to look at when preparing for life screening. You need to put on comfortable clothes that will fit for the test you are undertaking. For instance, when you are getting body screening that requires a finger prick and medical tools to access, then you are free to put on clothing you want. However, you might need to dress in a comfortable way such that when you are through with the testing, you can relax. For more info about us: click here.


It is one of the things you need to be knowledgeable about before the day. Make sure you understand what results each test will show so that you will know the type of the test you want for your screening facilities. However, don’t panic if you are not sure about the test since you can contact them and ask the type of test they offer. Calling them is important since you will know how they can help you.


The moment the testing is complete, you will receive your results. The majority of the results might take a little time while some of them can be presented to you once the testing is done. The results will help you know what you are supposed to work on and your health status. Besides, the results will help you discern if you are suffering from any family hereditary health issues.

Once you decide to get a Life Line Screening, you must think about the type of testing you want and the way your family history regarding the illness. By doing this, you will have a clear understanding of what to anticipate and if there is anything to be concerned about your health. Life Line Screening is the best way to know if you are living a healthy life.

USHEALTH Group, Inc., Dependable Insurance Partner

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an American licensed life and health insurance companies based in Fort Worth, Texas. It offers quality coverage policies for sickness and accidents both critical and Short term. It was formerly known as Ascent Assurance, Inc. and later in 2005 changed its name to USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. has subsidiaries which underwrites and sell their health insurance policies, products and plans for self-employed individuals and small business owners. Its products include coverages around; personal health, fixed, fixed indemnity medical, dental, income, coverage for critical illness and accidents. They also have renewable and exchangeable life policy and sell their products through agents.

Their major goal is to protect their customers from facing financial hardship from unpredictable injury or in the case of diseases. If a person is covered by their insurance, they keep their promise of financial protection. Their target is to build a premier health insurance in America that is committed to delivering quality services to their customers. Click here to know more.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. has an innovative health coverage plan that covers the entire family and their individual needs. They offer a portfolio of programs that let parents tailor their health coverage to their particular needs. With their acquired experience over the years in the insurance industry, they are real innovators and offers not only flexibility but also affordable plans that secure an individual and their families.

People choose USHEALTH Group, Inc. not because it’s a health insurance plan but because of the more choices, it offers when it comes to healthcare. It’s acquired PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) title enables people to trust their plans because it offers flexible choices. It has been known to help provide peace of mind during the critical medical event. They have served more than 15 million customers across America.

Their life policy is beneficial to an individual when in dire need, unlike the traditional life insurance policy which pays benefits after death, USHEALTH Group, Inc. provides benefits for medical treatment as well as non-medical expenses. When in critical condition they provide finances for non-medical costs during recovery, and they pay in lump-sum. They are dedicated to insurance solutions.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. employees are happy and contented of their jobs, they offer services to customers whole heatedly and thorough. Both customers and employee reviews are positive, and they are glad to be associated with them. The employees are contented of their income from sales. The employees appreciate the weekly training offered by management as it equips them with market knowledge.

The insurance market is characterized by huge customer turnover, and this may result to trust issues as well as low customer loyalty, USHEALTH Group, Inc. insurance companies strive to differentiate themselves by enhancing long-term relationships with their clients, creating trust and consistency on delivering on its promises.