A Pioneer in Advancement of Healthcare: Dr. Mark Holterman

Someone wise once surmised that from humble beginnings come very great things! This is certainly true for Dr. Mark Holterman, surgeon, researcher, clinician, teacher and family man. Raised as a Wisconsin farm boy, his good work ethic has certainly influenced the medical community of both our own country and others. Dr. Mark Holterman has received accolades such as the Patients’ Choice Award, the Innovative Research Award, and has received the honor as being chosen as one of America’s Top Doctors on several occasions (Osfhealthcare).

Studying and working at some of the top medical organizations, he has taken his knowledge and training forward in areas of both his career and not-for-profit work. Following his education from Yale, he completed both his graduate degree and residency with the University of Virginia School of Medicine and went on to complete his fellowship in pediatric surgery with The University of Washington in Seattle. After school, began his work as a clinical research associate in immunology. However, Dr. Holterman now wears several hats including, pediatric surgeon of the OSF Children’s Hospital Illinois and other hospitals. He is a clinician of medical offices in both Peoria and Maywood, as well as a professor with the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

With an interest in research for medical advancement and a skill for distinguishing talented medical researchers, Dr. Mark Holterman has co-founded firms for medical research through Mariam Global Health and other avenues. His not-for-profit endeavors have crossed American borders into Vietnam and other global communities. This includes his role as co-founder in the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies, an organization aiding in maintaining the upmost of safety in cellular treatments for patients.

As organizer and donor of the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN), Dr. Mark Holterman has helped to strengthen the health care system in Vietnam. IPSAC-VN has, most impressively, provided free surgical operations, donated medical technology to hospitals and clinics and established high-quality medical facilities in the more rural areas of Vietnam. In addition to this, IPSAC-VN aids in training surgical students in Vietnam, even affording them opportunities to study in America. Certainly Dr. Mark Holterman’s love for people can be seen in his hard work aiding in the advancement of healthcare across the globe.