Securus Technologies Helping Correctional Facilities Get Rid of Drones Related Menace

Securus Technologies knows what the corrections space need regarding technology and uses all its resources to ensure the sector gets what it needs. Recently, the focus of the company was diverted to drone detection technology, which it has been working on for the past couple of years. Drone detection technology by Securus Technologies has become necessary with the increasing use of drones to supply a wide variety of contraband items inside the prison.


The correctional officers have for years been working on methods to stop any land-based methods to supply contraband inside the prison, but with the drones come into the picture; the entire correctional fraternity has been taken aback. The correctional facilities are not ready to stop the drones from entering the prison space slyly and dropping the contraband items. In some instances, the correctional officers have been able to catch the contraband packages these drones drop and have found that it contains weapons, drugs, and contraband phones, along with other illegal items.


Drone detection technology by Securus Technologies would ensure that no drone can pass through the prison perimeter without being noticed or detected. As soon as the drone is detected, the corrections officers would be notified, and its location would be shared as well. It would lead to the corrections officers implementing ways to catch hold of the drone and the contraband package it carries.


The drones these days are fast and fly very high up in the sky, but if the location of the drone is known at the right time, the corrections officers can try and neutralize and catch hold of it with ease. It is what the drone detection technology by Securus Technologies aims to do. It would help the correctional officers to provide better security to the inmates as well as safeguard themselves from any harm outside the prison.



How Securus Technologies Found the Solution

Companies nowadays know the importance of investing in technology. New ways of doing new things are new ways of finding solutions for problems that did not have better ways to handle them. The advancement of technology is great for consumers but is also great for innovators, company developers and entrepreneurs as well. Employees can do their work with the same amount of dedication, but, with a well-developed platform, the efficiency is doubled, tripled. Or, for that example, they can do the same, with less work.


Technology has advanced in all sectors, from medicine to communication. More and more, clients are preferring those with modern solutions and new ways to make their lives easier or to provide something that they desire.


When it comes to prisons, though, no one really talks about the advancement of technology. After all, it is so far-fetched from our society, as we like to think, and the prison environment rarely is mentioned when we talk about things that are not disastrous news or crimes in the penitentiaries. When we talk about tech, however, prisons and correction agencies have a lot to teach about their development throughout the years.


When Securus Technologies was created, they had the focus of using new tech to provide solutions for penitentiaries, prisons and correction agencies. They had the primary focus of communication in mind, but have since branched to other paths, even if their communication services are still the premium images of the company.


With Securus emphasizing their efficiency at developing secure and stable technology and the other part of the name being self-explanatory, this corporation has, since its creation, dominated a market that was seeing a downfall in innovation and actual improvement in service.


The communication aspect of Securus Technologies show their commitment to finding new ways to do old things. Their telephone services, although not that different on paper, have the best quality in the market. Many inmates have shared their opinion on what Securus brought to the table, and they all wanted to add that the calls did not fail once.


Securus Technologies, making sure that their name is accurate, also developed a way of monitoring calls and making sure the staff of the prisons can, with a few clicks, revisit past calls between inmates and their connections. With that tech, employees of these agencies can, if needed, investigate on crimes that they believe are happening.


One example of the prime use of that tech was when a few employees of a prison found out that there was an insider that was helping an inmate contraband drugs inside the jail. The man was arrested immediately, and the monitored call was proof enough of the crime.


Securus Technologies has changed the industry completely.



The Capabilities And Positive Difference Made In Prison Technologies By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an American company based out of Dallas, Texas. Their regional offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia, Allen, Texas, and Carrollton, Texas. Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and they specialize in prison technologies. Over 1,000 individuals are currently employed by the company and reports show they have approximately 2,600 contracts with correctional institutions located in the United States. Securus Technologies currently serves in excess of 2,200 correctional institutions all over Canada and the United States. In July of 2016, they made an announcement they had invested over $600 million in their acquisitions, technologies, and patents in a period of three years.


Securus Technologies originally began when Evercom and T-Netix merged. These were two of the leaders in the industry of the correctional market. By June of 2007, Securus Technologies had become an international leader of the brand for Syscon Justice and Offender Management Systems. Securus Technologies was successful with a system designed to control the use of contraband cell phones in prisons. By the year 2016 their Managed Access Solutions had already been approved in over five facilities for the Department of Corrections.


In July of 2016, Securus Technologies went into partnership with the Harris Corporation on Cell Defender technology. By 2017 they had announced their Wireless Containment Solution which was designed to stop all contraband cell phones from having the ability to connect to any mobile networks.


Securus Technologies is one of the top providers of Parolee tracking, detainee communications, and government information management solutions. They serve 45 states, Mexico, Canada, the District of Columbia, and well over 1,000,000 inmates across the nation. They have become a recognized leader in providing technical, innovative, and comprehensive solutions and extremely responsive support for their customers. Securus Technologies focuses on the specialized needs of the law enforcement and correctional communities.

Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Officials Perform Their Duty Safely and Diligently

Securus Technologies is a company that has made a name for itself in a very short period in the inmate communication and criminal justice technology. The company has served more than 15 million inmates till date and reach out to over 1.2 million prisoners across the nation at present. Moreover, it has 3,450 law enforcement agencies as its client across the country. The company aims to use the power of technology to keep communities safer and equip the law enforcement officials to protect them and do their duty more accurately.

Securus Technologies also offers many different services that help the prisoners stay in contact with their loved ones. It is essential for the inmates to communicate with their friends and families, and Securus Technologies makes it possible at a much lower cost than other counterparts in the field. Securus Technologies recently published a press release online where it showed excerpts from the many letters the company received from the law enforcement officials. The law enforcement officials find the company’s services to extremely helpful and have written the letters appreciating the company. The company also used the news release as an opportunity to invite the company’s existing and potential customers and investors to the firm’s technology center in Dallas, Texas.

Securus Technologies helps with crime prevention, and I feel that the company is doing a great job using the latest technology to help law enforcement officials perform their duty safely. It also keeps the criminal in check and prevents any crime from getting realized in the jail premise. Securus Technologies has helped in many cases to keep the inmate on inmate crime low. The products and services offered by Securus Technologies involve LBS and Investigation PRO service, which is highly useful for law enforcement official like me to get the information needed to act fast and catch the offenders with ease.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation System is a Major Step in Enhancing Community Safety

Securus Technologies continues its commitment to developing and implementing technological solutions in the criminal justice system that enhance overall community safety. Securus Technologies does so with its Video Visitation system.


The Securus Technologies permits friends and family members of those in correctional institutions the ability to engage in meaningful visits without the need to be present at a penal institution. There are a number of community safety enhancing benefits associated with the Securus Technologies Video Visitation system.


First, research reveals time and again that incarcerated people that are able to maintain meaningful contact with loved ones are less likely to reoffend when they reenter society. The reality is that for many families traveling to correctional facilities to visit a loved one is a challenge. The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system permits these individuals the ability to have real visits with loved ones, no matter where they happen to be located.


Second, in-person visitation is, by definition, a security risk point for correctional facilities. In-person visits is a portal through which contraband routinely flows. No matter how adept correctional officers are at any given institution, it simply is not possible to thwart all attempts to convey contraband into an institution through in-person visitation.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system eliminates the opportunity for contraband to be passed onto an institution. This works to significantly lessen the amount of drugs and other items being smuggled into a correctional facility.


Video Visitation is being utilized by an ever increasing number of correctional agencies in the United States. As of this juncture in time, 172 U.S. correctional agencies have implemented the Securus Technologies Video Visitation system.


The Video Visitation app has been downloaded over 232,000 time. Visits occur at a rate of over 160,000 sessions a month using the Video Visitation technology. This amounts to over 2 million visits annually.