Ian King and How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Losing Money to Crypto Scammers

If you have a desire to invest in digital currency, you should make sure that you are doing your research first. Even though there are many different types of crypto currency options springing up everywhere on the internet, there are some that have not been proven as financially stable, while others are just scams to take away the average individual’s investment money. To avoid these problems and situations, you can protect your investments by looking into what is real in this industry and what it is not. According to Ian King, in his article, ‘How to Beat the Crypto Scammer’, he is giving a lot of information that instructs you on how to protect yourself. From how to look for tangible ways to find credible resources to how to identify the digital coin wallets that are worthless, he provides invaluable information on this topic. In fact, here are 2 things that you review as you evaluate your potential to participate in the crypto currency industry. Read this article at ZeroHedge about Ian King

Look for Publications on why South Korea Threaten To Shut Down Digital Currencies in their Country

As of recent, there has been a lot of noise going on in the background about digital currencies and transacting them in these closely knit financial communities. Because these digital coins can be mined, stored and transacted, people are expected to make a lot of money as they increase astronomically. Though this is one of the main claims of fame to getting people into these financial exchanges, when the flow does not follow what is expected, people can lose a vast amount of money to scammers.

Due to these problems and the fact that some scammers were able to prey on the average consumer, South Korea’s initial response was to shut these digital currencies down. Instead, they established specific laws to protect the unsuspecting so that they would not lose their money. In these laws, you can also find the techniques and strategies used to prey on the newbie and the average consumer.

Look for How Scammers Fake Out their Predators

Because these scammers can get quite creative when they want to present themselves as the real deal, you will need to know how to navigate safely around them to avoid these pitfalls. For instance, according to Ian King, you should be wary of those digital currencies that cannot match the coins that they have in circulation with the amount that is in their reserves. Similar to the same concept as the federal reserve bank, U.S. banks must be able to financially back up the numbers that they have stored away.

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Matt Badiali: The Wealth Strategist

Who is Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali started his career path early on by working as a scientist. He graduated with a degree in Earth Sciences at the Pennsylvania State University. Further, into his studies, he also achieved a Master’s degree in Geology in Flora Atlantic University. He went on to get his Ph.D. in the University of North Carolina until a friend introduced him to the world of finance in 2004.

The man who introduced him to the world of finance wanted Matt Badiali to be his business partner. They both thought of developing methods to help average people to invest their money better. He believed that Matt Badiali’s skills and knowledge would be extremely useful in the system that they are planning to develop.

And so, in 2004, Matt Badiali along with the financial team attempted to craft solutions that would entice the average American to invest money. Matt’s approach was quite personal: He drew experience from learning through his father. While sharing the difficulties that his father experienced in investing, he found himself a relatable figure and made it a way to engage readers and potential investors alike. See more of Matt Badiali on Facebook

More about Mr. Badiali’s Work

Matt Badiali decided to create a newsletter that would help potential investors by giving advice on where they can place their assets in terms of energy, metals and natural resources. He believed that he had the good knowledgebase to give a sound opinion because of his many years of study. As a result, he has helped a lot of people succeed through their investment choices.

A typical day for Mr. Badiali is writing first thing he steps into his office. He always keeps good habits by reading, going to the gym, and spending time with his family. He also believes in focusing one thing at a time, whether it be work or leisure.

One of the most common things he likes to write about aside from the investment side of things is his personal experiences. This, he believes, is a way to connect with the readers. When people see themselves in your writing, the more they are engaged to read and do actionable steps.

Matt Badiali gives advice to future investors: People should keep an eye on sustainable energy and natural resources. He observes that the world is going through a global shift from using exhaustible energy sources into renewable ones. If investors know where to place their money based on the current energy trends, they will possibly reap fruitful rewards in the future.


Investment Banker Igor Cornelsen Follows Current Events to Invest Successfully

In 1970 Brazilian born Igor Cornelsen had just graduated from the Federal University of Parana. That same year he embarked on a career in banking.

Five years earlier at the age of 18, he was accepted to the Federal University of Parana’s Engineering School. Cornelsen was two years into working towards an engineering degree when he decided to change his career trajectory. Remaining at the University of Parana he changed his major to economics. His engineering classes actually put him at an advantage in the banking industry.

Forty-eight years ago the use of electronics like computers and calculators was uncommon in the banking industry. His engineering studies taught him the use of a slide rule. In banking, he would use a slide rule to figure compound interest. Check more at ideamensch.com for more info.

It wasn’t long before Cornelsen’s talent for finance became obvious. In 1974 he was presented with the opportunity to study investment banking. A stand-out in his class he was given a seat on the Multibanco’s Board of Directors. By the time his career with Multibanco ended two years later he was CEO of the company.

After Bank of America acquired Multibanco Cornelsen moved to Unibanco. He spent nine years at Unibanco before entering the employ of Libra Bank PLC a subsidiary of London Merchant Bank. The next stop on Igor Cornelsen’s career path was Standard Chartered Merchant Bank.

He would serve as SCMB’s Brazilian representative and was a member of the board of directors. He struck out on his own in 1995. Twenty-three years later Igor Cornelsen remains an investment banker taking a hands-on approach to the operation of his investment fund.

Today he is based out of Sao Paulo. The beginning of his day coincides with the 8:00 am opening of the European Markets. Cornelsen’s main source of information for managing his investments is Reuters News web service. He states that Reuters’ neutrality and accuracy make it a more dependable source of information than investors or even market analyst.

Cornelsen’s advice to investors is to follow his example of studying the news and learn to recognize how global events affect investments. Read more:http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1122009


Matt Badiali The Prominent Investment Expert.

Making investments is essential especially when securing a good future for your family. With different industries and market available while investing is always advisable to perform background research or better yet seek an investment expert advice in that particular field of your interest. As a result, this will stop you from making bad investments and increase chances of your success by making better investment decisions.

Natural resources industry is one of the many sectors where investors can venture in. Matt Badiali is an investment guru in natural resources with an education background in Geological Sciences. Matt has been very considerate in offering advice to natural resource investors and has been praised by many due to his exceptional analysis and prediction skills in the market for natural resources. An example is in minerals like gold, iron, platinum and many others, where he has given accurate predictions of the stock market changes and many investors have benefited from it.

Matt got his Bachelors in earth science at Penn State University, and from the University of Florida Atlantic, he pursued his Science Masters in geology. He accumulated vast knowledge in geology and earth science that laid a perfect foundation for his current platform as an investment adviser in natural resources. View Matt Badiali’s profile at LinkedIn.

After he enrolled for his Ph.D., his friend an expert in finance requested for his help in a project that was ongoing. The financial expert wanted Matt to help him engineer ways in which an average investor would invest. Matt was very compliant being as he was growing up he watched his father struggle with investments. He, therefore, created a plan to enable other people to make money rather than lose it. Matt has been passionate and dedicated to seeing investors succeed by offering expert advice to investors.

Badiali established Real wealth estate newsletter with the ultimate goal of extending his services on giving credible advice to investors. Readers are always looking forward to his weekly tips on the investment sector in the newsletter.

Matt Badiali has grown his business by giving people more than what they expect. As a result, this enhances a good relationship with the clients and even before investors spent anything on his firm he has already established credibility and trust with them.

Traveling around in different places is a delight to matt as he learns new ideas and advice to share with investors. Matt has transformed many from average to incredible investors with the exceptional views, information, and recommendation that he offers. Read:https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/matt-badiali-joins-banyan-hill-publishing-300419470.html

Matt Badiali and Dependable Investment Advice

Matt Badiali is the man behind a newsletter that’s called “Real Wealth Strategist.” He started out as a diligent scientist. He attended Pennsylvania State University. He has an earth sciences bachelor’s degree from the renowned public school, too. He, after that, moved on to Florida Atlantic University. That’s the institution that helped him earn his geology Master of Science degree. Badiali studied at the University of North Carolina for a total of five wonderful years. He was striving to get a PhD. Fate intervened, however, when one of his closest pals told him about the world of finance. This buddy had a finance PhD of his own. His goal was to collaborate with Badiali. His goal was to encourage Badiali to assist him with the process of coming up with smart and effective investment practices as well. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter

Badiali’s existence has been totally different since he set foot into the investment universe. He works hard to aid investors who are looking for great opportunities in natural resources, metals and energy. People who want to thrive in natural resources investments often look up to Badiali. He has many readers who have done extremely well. His investment guidance has changed their lives for the better. He created an Internet newsletter with the cooperation of Banyan Hill Publishing. This took place in the spring of 2017. It’s called Real Wealth Strategist and has already amassed countless dedicated fans. They can’t wait to read the things Badiali has to share about modern investments. They love the natural resource stock tips he offers regularly.

This stocks aficionado wakes up at approximately 6:30 in the morning. He’s a committed father who enjoys watching his sweet daughters prepare for their school days. He enjoys coffee and scans the news each morning. Badiali tends to view some television in the A.M., too. He’s a big fan of the Weather Channel. He likes tuning in to Bloomberg as well. This professional is generally at work by the time 8:00AM rolls around. He generally commences the work day by writing for anywhere between two and three hours total.

Matt Badiali knows a lot about geology. He knows a lot about global travel, too. He’s navigated all sorts of international locations. A couple interesting examples are Singapore and Mexico. This writer has a thirst for comprehensive knowledge. He adores giving people the convenience of top-quality investment suggestions. This keeps him going. Learn more:https://seekingalpha.com/user/48542975/stocktalks