Bernardo Chua: Marketing Maven And Founder Of Organo Gold And Organo

Ever since he was a child, marketing professional Bernardo Chua wanted to teach people about the health benefits of ingesting the ganoderma mushroom. A native of the Philippines, Chua had learned about the power of ganoderma from his Chinese grandparents.

When was hired by Gano Excel as a marketing executive, Chua was very excited. The company sold ganoderma-infused capsules, coffee, and several other food products. It offer the perfect opportunity for him to teach as many people as possible about the ways ganoderma could help to improve their health.

Bernardo Chua is and excellent salesman. Within three years of being hired by Gano Excel, he was able to expand the company’s client base from the Philippines into Hong Kong, Canada, and eventually the United States. Chua then relocated to California and the company made him Gano Excel U.S.A.’s president.

He was able to quickly recruit and train a large team of very effective independent marketing representatives. Within a very short time Gano Excel ganoderma-infused products became a big hit. The company soon had millions of dedicated customers throughout the United States.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua decided to leave Gano Excel and start his own company to market food products containing ganoderma. He called the company Organo Gold. He also sold him unique ganoderma-infused products under the Coffee Connoisseur brand.

His goal was to was to market healthy bioactive coffee product which contained ganoderma wholesales through the multi-level marketing distribution network he had already established. The new company was an overnight success. Still, Chua decided to change the name of his company to ORGANO in 2015.

Chua’s company now has over a million independent marketing representative and is one of the world’s largest multi-level marketing organizations. He also works with organic farmers to produce the highest quality ganoderma possible.

Chua has also invested a great deal of time and resources into educating as many people as possible about the benefits of using ganoderma. Chua’s excellent work has resulted in him winning a number of multi-level marketing industry awards. He was also honored in the Philippines for his contributions to the country.