How CEO Perry Mandera Found Success In The Field Of Logistics And Transportation

Having worked in the logistics and transportation field for over four decades, Perry Mandera is very experienced at getting packages where they ultimately belong. He founded his own company in this industry back in the 1980s called The Custom Companies, Inc. His firm is headquartered just out of Chicago, Illinois. Perry provides his services across Illinois and the rest of the country.

As the chief executive officer of his company, Perry Mandera says that he has a lot of people who have worked with his company for decades. He says that he thinks he has created a great business environment at his company because he sets a positive tone (Inspirery). He thinks it is important to compliment his workers, especially when they come up with a fantastic idea, and to always say please and thank you to everyone. He said he listens to the ideas of his management team and employees which makes them feel like valued members of the team.

As for being an entrepreneur, Perry Mandera says that business leaders have got to take strategic chances. Playing it too safe won’t grow a business. He says that he differentiates his firm from his competitors by taking a calculated risk offering new services nobody else is providing. Perry also says that incorporating new technology and equipment into your business is mandatory. Those who fall behind in technology are companies that are destined to fail.

When asked in an interview one thing he believes in but nobody else does the first thing that sprung to Perry Mandera’s head was that people sleep too much. He insists you only need three and a half to four hours of sleep each night. He says that is what he sleeps and it keeps him highly productive. By sleeping this amount he is able to run his business, do dinners with clients and partners, go out a few times a week for fun, and have plenty of time for his family. He says he is married and they have two sons who he sent to Catholic school. He still provides money to this school as well as a large number of other charities.


Glen Wakeman’s Strategic Outline for Business Success

Glen Wakeman has a strategic outline for businesses to operate at the maximum level of market share penetration and performance. Glen has expertise that spans over 15 years of global company analysis and evaluation with GE Capital. That experience helps him to understand complex analysis of businesses and the fundamental blueprint to increase market share and perform at the optimal rate ( At the core of his process evaluation, is the company leadership’s skill set, and ability to manage the corporate decision-making process in structuring and marketing the business. Also, how adequately leadership can adapt to changes in the environment is very important for an organization. Glen Wakeman also emphasizes the critical nature human capital plays in determining if a business is performing optimally. The company staff must be executing its core duties at the optimum rate in order to translate into profitable results. Glen has an approach of using risk management as a pivotal part of his analysis of an organization. You must be able to evaluate if there is any potential risk in the way a company currently conducts business. Risk management is an important part of his evaluation of the business (Dailyforexreport). It determines whether or not the company will take advantage of future opportunities or potentially lose market share. Glen also, emphasizes the importance of proper governance of the organization to ensure opportunities are not squandered and success can be realized. Every organization should have a vision and governance of how to operate and when to pursue opportunities. With the proper governance, executive team, human capital and risk management a company can set itself apart from the competition. Success and failure is a by-product of decisions made by leadership in an organization. In order for Glen to generate a positive result for his clients, proper valuation and analysis of the organization from the top to the bottom are essential. By increasing the knowledge base at the top of an organization, Glen Wakeman uses a strategic outline for business success that will guide a company to an increase in the performance variables and maximize market share.