Brown Modeling Agency

Many men and women dream to become famous models. However, most will not find themselves walking the runway alongside top industry professionals. Even for those fortunate enough to be the proper stature of a model, nearly 6 feet and size 6 or smaller, the challenge still remains. However, for those individuals truly driven for success, here are some pointers to guide them in the right direction.

For models just beginning, it is important that they align themselves with a quality modeling agency. Some will find an agency by being recruited by an agency scout. While reputable agencies do scout out model candidates in public spots, take precaution and avoid getting involved in fraudulent operations, like ones that require models to pay upon contract. Even prominent modeling agencies accept photo submissions by mail or email. Sometimes, simply mailing in a few simple photographs can be a promising option.

Models work with their agencies to find the best possible photo shoot assignments. Still, agencies are not an all encompassing support system. When paired with a client, models must continuously uphold high personal standards. Appearing natural and well-posed in front of the camera, enduring long hours, the social pressures of modeling, as well as remaining comfortable with full and partial nudity. While modeling may not be a traditional 9-5, it is important for prospective models to think of it as a genuine profession, for which a polished, businesslike attitude is required.

Brown Agency, a relatively new modeling and commercial talent agency in Austin Texas, is a superb example of a high quality modeling agency that aspiring models should look to when seeking representation. Brown was established in 2010 and quickly aligned with well-known fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and Loreal. Brown’s models have also established roles in Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week, just to name a few. The agency represent kids, men, and women in both commercial and fashion castings. For promising models looking to a model in print or press, Brown is a well-established and prominent company in the industry.

Brown selects the highest quality models when scouting talent. The agency was founded when Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin, two of Texas’s top talent agencies, merged. As Brown, they have exceeded early expectations of success and lead many new and achieved models to significant exposure, working alongside some of the foremost fashion labels in the world.

Not all aspiring models will rise to fame, most will not even land a publication in print. However, for those destined for success, aligning with a reputable agency and conditioning themselves toward a professional career path are mandatory.