The Brown Agency Provides Top Models For Every Industry

Becoming a model is a dream of many young people who are confident in their appearance. They search for the best agency with an astounding reputation of producing the finest talent. When two such entities come together as one, the result is an agency that can provide talent for every aspect of the modeling industry. The Wilhelmina Austin agency, and the Heyman Talent South agency were independent companies that did well from a local stand point. When the Wilhelmina Austin agency joined forces with the Heyman Talent South agency, It was launched in 2016 as The Brown Agency. It then became the first complete service agency in Austin that provided a full range of modeling services.


The Brown Agency has models prepared for the runway, on TV screens, and in print. It is one a few in the state of Texas that has such a large array of modeling talent. When clients sign with the Brown Agency, they know that they are getting the best in the business. The Heyman Talent South agency already had one of the most successful businesses for providing acting talent, and Wilhelmina Austin offerings included runway talent. Now that they are a combined force, the service that they can offer clients is endless. The new company can offer clients a broader, much larger portfolio of talent with more experience, and the talent can receive greater opportunities.


According to Market Wired, at the head of the new Brown Agency is Justin Brown, who had been with the Wilhelmina Austin agency since 2010. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer, and the president. He helped build that agency into a well respected company, one of the best in the central part of Texas. Justin has vast experience in the modeling field. He worked his way through college by being a model himself, and doing fitness modeling with an agency. He modeled mostly jeans that were designed to fit his body type, and made $100 dollars per hour. That took him further than the $6 dollars he would have made washing golf carts. This prepared him for the superior work that he does now with the Brown Agency.


Michael Bonnee was formerly with Heyman Talent South, but has joined the Brown Agency to lend his expertise in the theatrical division. Becoming a full service talent agency is one of the most integral parts of the growth strategy for the Brown Agency. They are extremely proud of their commitment to serving their clients and their talented prodigies. The Brown Agency will have their headquarters in Austin, Texas, and will also have representation in Los Angeles. The Brown Agency selects the best talent, preps them for the large market level, and delivers elegant, professional, and dependable talent to their clients.



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