Glen Wakeman lucrative work history with GE Capital

Glen Wakeman is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holding LLC. As a businessman, he loves to pair talented people with good ideas with the capital they need to get their business off their feet. The only problem is that good ideas need smart planning and structure. That is why lots of small businesses fail. New entrepreneurs can use LaunchPad Holdings simple software platform to get their business idea into a workable plan. With decades of experience Glen Wakeman knows how to run a business efficiently. He came up with a 5 step proven methodology that looks at all aspect of business to make it run more smoothly and successfully. These 5 points are leadership, execution, human capital, governance, and risk management. So many companies that Glen has worked with have succeeded with a little help of his proven method.


Success Story of Glen Wakeman

The CEO attended the University of Scranton and received at BS in Finance and Economics. Moving on got a MBA in Finance from The University of Chicago. It wasn’t long until he dove head first into the work field. He experienced a extremely successful career at GE Capital, see here. He stayed with them for over 20 years and in that time rose to the ranks of CEO for their GE Money Latin American branch. His efforts produced results ten fold in a short period of time. From scratch he build 9 country operations, created multiple products, created dozens of partnerships, and executed over 1000 branches of networking. This equaled out to 17,000 employees and made over $2 billion dollars in revenue. The company’s Board of Directors called him a Growth Leadership role mode. Glen has lived in 6 different countries and is currently learning to speak Spanish. He recently invested in a course at Berlitz and found it to be a wise investment. Whether he is coming up with new business ideas, or meeting with his associates to figure out business plans he always uses his sense of curiosity to delve deeper. Mr. Wakeman attributes this to being successful. It becomes a good way to problem solve and truly understand what’s going on.

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