How A Non-Profit Initiative Is Changing A University Education

When Bruce Levenson sold the NBA team the Atlanta Hawks in 2014, he decided to provide seed funding for the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland. The aim of this initiative is unheard of in the world of higher education; the Do Good Institute wants to expose every undergraduate student at the university to being a part of a non-profit and volunteering. The goal of the program is to help mold the next generation of non-profit leaders in order that they can compete against private-sector leaders.

Bruce Levenson said that he had spent decades working with the leaders of non-profits. While he admired their tenacity and drive he acknowledged that most didn’t have the business skills needed in order to accomplish their goals. Along with his wife, Karen, Levenson thought up the idea of Do Good Institute and explained it to the leaders of the University of Maryland. The couple endowed the program with a $75 million donation. While talking about the program, Levenson said that he wanted to help students realize that through the use of their time and resourcefulness they could do incredible things.

Levenson started out his professional career as a writer for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. In 1977 he co-founded UCG which provides business information to its clients in order that they can stay ahead of their competitors. Additionally, he has served on Board of Directors for the Electronic Publishers Association. Bruce Levenson’s ownership group successfully sold the Atlanta Hawks in April 2015 for a Forbes reported $850 million.