Mina Ebrahimi’s Success in the Catering Business

Mina Ebrahimi, whose origins are from Iran, is a businesswoman who operates the Saint Germain Café. Growing up, Mina Ebrahimi learned a lot about the business as she worked from the tender age of 11 at her parent’s premises. Her parents were entrepreneurs and had a bakery that was known as the Tiffany’s Bakery located at Seven Corners in Virginia. Mina Ebrahimi also learned the value of customer services where she also served at their family business at the Tyson’s Galleria. Nonetheless, Mina who was passionate about cooking took her skills to the next level when she decided to start a business in the same sector in 1998.

Moreover, in 1999 Mina Ebrahimi established her own business at the age of 26 where the business name was Saint Germain Catering based in Vienna. She employed the same business tactics that she used in their family business to make her company flourish in all aspects by offering excellent customer service. Her vision was to make her catering business into a full-service provider in serving corporate events, business luncheons, private parties, and weddings among others. Her dreams of making the company grow to such levels were accomplished where she is currently serving has her 19th year in her career as a caterer.

About Mina’s Business and Achievements

Mina Ebrahimi continuously runs and manages the business’s daily activities where they can hold up to 200 events in a day. She keeps herself abreast with matters of the kitchen by attending professional catering seminars to learn more. Besides, Mina loves animals where she is involved in philanthropic works such as supporting the Penn Vet Working Dog Center. Her passion for animals has also seen her open the Jack-Ebrahimi Program based at the University of Pennsylvania, which is the sole Interventional Radiology Veterinarian Program that exists in the country. Further, Mina Ebrahimi is also passionate about helping the disabled soldiers who are involved in wars through Operation Homefront.

What’s more, Mina Ebrahimi is a recipient of a top award that is recognized all over the world of the top 40 under 40 awards. She has also won various other awards which include the 2012 smart CEO Brava Award Winner, 2014 Enterprising Woman of the Year Winner, and 2010 Top 40 Under 40 Award Winner. In addition to being an animal lover, philanthropist, and an entrepreneur, Mina Ebrahimi serves as the CEO of Saint Germain Catering business.


Stream Energy

The Dallas Patch reports on the philanthropic efforts of one of Dallas’ most successful energy companies. Stream Energy began its utility business in 2005, and later expanded in 2008 to the Georgia market and is currently operating in eleven states in the U.S. The company’s business focus is in home and commercial utilities including gas, power, phone, including wireless phones, and home security services. They offer extremely competitive rates to their customers and provides a way for the customers to earn free energy services by sharing the Stream Energy opportunity with others. Stream Energy employs approximately 500 people. The sales positions pay commissions and additional rewards are also offered. Simply put, “The more you sell, the more you earn”. It’s a direct marketing opportunity, so you own your own business, receive free energy and services, plus additional income each month.

This ‘share the wealth’ concept doesn’t end with their employees. Stream Energy has a strong philanthropic foundation called Stream Cares. They believe that giving back to their communities is the heart of who they are as a company. The Dallas Patch reports on the volunteer efforts of the Stream Energy employees during the Hurricane Harvey natural disaster. Thousands of Texas residents were affected and left without their homes, personal belongings, access to food, water, and even money. Even more tragically, many lost their loved ones and family pets. Many businesses were lost or severely damaged, so even if you had money, access to banks and ATMs were severely impacted. It’s so hard for anyone to imagine that level of devastation unless you have been through it yourself. The generosity of this organization was tremendously felt by the Texas residents and did not go unnoticed by the Press.

Taking the time to help these communities recover from this disaster was not about notoriety for this company. They didn’t just write a check to receive a write up in the news. They came out into the neighborhoods, donated food, water, and supplies to the residents: face to face and hand to hand. This act of human kindness is true American greatness.