Rising Anti-Semitism Addressed By Adam Milstein

The “Jewish News Syndicate” author, Adam Milstein has never shied away from some of the most important topics affecting his own community and the world as a whole and his latest JNS blog is no different. In the blog, Milstein explains his personal view of the rising level of anti-semitic feeling sweeping across the U.S. with extremists from both the left and right playing on ancient fears over the role of Israel and the Jewish community as a whole in global affairs.

What appears to worry Adam Milstein the most is the fact anti-semitism can be found making its way into the work of those on the extreme right and left of politics; these areas of political life have always had a historic link to those expressing anti-semitic views but the arrival of anti-semitism

in mainstream politics is something which worries the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific.

Adam Milstein believes the growing influence of radical Muslim groups has been the major reason for the rise in anti-semitic feeling across the U.S. and the world as a whole. Radical Muslim groups have worked alongside both right and left-leaning political groups in the U.S. to provide a glimpse of how the Jewish community and Israel are viewed by those who have an agenda for their own personal needs set in opposition to the community. Milstein himself is a former member of the Israeli Defence Force during the Yom Kippur War and believes the community is being treated unfairly as voices on both the right and left are once again pushing an anti-semitic agenda forwards.

The arrival of anti-semitism in mainstream politics is a more worrying trend for Adam Milstein as he sees the close links of Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and British Socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn to a holocaust denier, Paul Eisen as problematic. Sanders has campaigned for Corbyn and the British Labour Party which has seen major problems in recent years with anti-semitism identified among many of its senior figures. Making anti-semitism mainstream once again is seen as the major issue facing the Jewish community as Milstein believes the blame for global issues is once again being focused on members of the Jewish faith.


Impressionable facts about Mathew Autterson

Mathew Autterson is a great philanthropist and businessman who has always had a determination towards helping people understand themselves as well as live better lives. The successful philanthropist schooled in 1980 at the Michigan state university where he graduated with a Arts bachelor’s degree in business finance. He later enrolled at the University of Denver where he specialized in Tax program. The renounced philanthropist has worked in some firms, and through his expertise, he helped to address the issues of people and guided them on the best strategies to carry out their business operations.

In addition to that, Mathew has always had a great passion towards helping people, and through his liberal attitude, he has seen a significant number of individuals acquire better living standards. Besides helping people, Mathew has also played a major role in helping animals due to his caring nature. Mathew Autterson has served on the Board of Denver Zoo through which he got to exercise his skills in helping animals and encouraging people to treat them with caution as they are lovely creatures, just like humans.

Mathew Autterson`s great experience in various fields has seen him being highly sought by a vast number of organizations that look forward towards employing him and making him one of their most important executives. He is currently a profoundly recognized member of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems board through which he continues to serve people. The firm is a nonprofit organization that highly focuses on designing human machines to cater for the various needs of individuals with a disability. Mathew has had a great experience working at the firm and has accomplished his goals towards helping people acquire a better living.

In addition to that, Mathew has received a significant amendment for his vast contributions towards the welfare of individuals. The successful philanthropist is also caring and encourages people to exercise politeness as well as treat each other with love. He believes that every individual is unique in their way and that everyone deserves a better treatment in their lives. Mathew highly shuns people who despise people with disability as well as other life issues and calls upon provision of excellent services to those that are not in a position to cater for their various needs. Due to his human nature, Mathew Autterson has also over the past years been involved in some charitable organizations through which he has contributed large funds to cater for the needs of the disadvantaged in the society.

Troy McQuagge Continues To Excel At USHealth Group By Bringing Home The Gold

Just to be recognized by your peers at the One Planet Awards for business distinction is an accomplishment worthy of respect. Winning the Gold Award for CEO of the Year at the influential awards show takes that prestige to another level.

Troy McQuagge was the 2016 Gold Winner as CEO of the Year that honors the best in business and professional excellence and his earning the title is a testament to the leadership and standards he brings to USHealth Group and it’s subsidiaries.

Not content to simply lead and take all the accolades himself, Troy instead stated “It’s an honor to be named by One Planet Awards to receive this esteemed industry and peer recognition. In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHealth Group, Inc.”.

Nominations for the One Planet Awards are received from all over the world by organizations that include public/private, profit and non-profit, large or small and start-ups.

Troy McQuagge began his career at USHealth Group in 2010 as the President and CEO of their insurance sales subsidiary USHealth Advisors, LLC. With Mr. McQuagge at the helm, USHealth Advisors was able to increase their agent base and new business sales volume by %480 and %560 respectively. Annual record sales results earned him a promotion (as well as keeping his responsibilities to USHealth Advisors) to CEO of USHealth Group, Inc. in 2014. His continued efforts have kept the company’s momentum moving forward “by recording it’s 4th record sales year in a row and establishing a new standard of excellence”.

Mr. McQuagge also won the 2016 award as Most Innovative CEO of the Year in the insurance category and once again made sure to honor the men and women of USHealth for their “commitment to excellence and innovation”.