The Future Is Looking Brighter With End Citizens United

Money and politics often go hand in hand. There are rules people must follow where the political donations are concerned, but in 2010 the Supreme Court decided to change the rules. It was a move welcomed by some but not so much by others. The new rules allow people who have an abundance of free resources to provide donations for a campaign this way possibly changing the outcome of the campaign.

People are not on board with this idea, and they have started to fight back. They think politicians this way will be even less considerate of the voters and this feeling prompted the birth of an organization called End Citizens United. It has more than two million members who are working together, raising money to show politicians what the average voter can do.

End Citizens United is a political action committee, and although the average individual donation is seemingly insignificant, they all add up. It rose from 8 dollars to 12, and because the political action committee operates under strict rules, it can only allow individuals to donate no more than 5000 dollars. They have reached 4 million dollars in donations, and it is a remarkable amount of money for an organization that is about a year old.

Their first big goal is to raise 35 million dollars before the mid-term election takes place and it is not impossible. End Citizens United President is optimistic about the future because the numbers are still coming in and donations sometimes slow down, but they don’t stop. They are working towards getting rid of corporations and billionaires gaining favors in Washington just because they have a lot of money.

Many people feel that their voice is not heard any longer and that the whole system is rotting from the inside. End Citizens United and its members support Jon Ossoff, a Democratic candidate who will be on his first election campaign trying to fill the seat left empty by Tom Price. He stands for what many people believe in. Transparent, open governance. He wants to use his real life experience to change the campaign finance laws concerning campaign donors and donations.

The PAC gained 40000 new donors in the period after the last election, and it shows that people are tired of the current system. End Citizens United wants to show what a grassroots can achieve more than people give these kinds of organizations credit for. And the Mid-term election is only the first big step. It will not mean that the work is done, it will simply be the first of many cornerstones to change so the future generations can have a system that works for them rather than some faceless billionaires in Washington.

ECU Endorses Democrat Champion For Congress

On the 26th of July, 2017, End Citizens United officially declared its endorsement of Senator Elizabeth Warren who has proved an instrumental figure in ending of the ‘Citizens United’ decision arrived at by the United States Supreme Court. The endorsement was spear headed by the End Citizens United president and executive director, Tiffany Muller, who expressed her strong belief in Senator Warren’s determination to stop the venal influences in the political scene. Mrs Muller further termed the Senator as the most active voice in abating the corrupting effect of money in politics.

It is without question that Senator Warren has been adamant and for transparency among donors who have insisted on hiding their political, budgetary allocations. This, suggests Warren, is an unscrupulous means of using donation funds to gain political advantage while undermining the average American aspirant from a shot at Congress. Warren is vigorously seeking to overhaul the ‘Citizens United’ legislation which gives wealthy donors the prerogative to withhold their political spending from the public through a constitutional amendment currently under discussion. If approved, the bill will effectually address the growing influence of money in politics ensuring no money ends up in the hands of corrupt politicians. Apart from his push to end Citizens United, Senator Warren has fought for the accountability of state contractors and other public firms also to disclose their political spending. She has come under fire from Wall Street moguls for her fight against for consumer sovereignty and against customer manipulation. She has also reiterated her wish for the people of Massachusetts to focus on the candidates and not on unofficial groups keen on tarnishing candidates’ outlooks.

Senator Warren’s endorsement by End Citizens United confers a significant advantage in her audacious campaign. Indeed, End Citizens United have employed a fighting fire with fire technique where they have raised an astounding four million dollars in the first three months of their liberal campaign from about a hundred thousand members of whom forty thousand were first-time givers. Mrs Muller has projected an estimated thirty-five million will be raised by 2018 just before the congress elections commence. The Democrats that make up End Citizens United have further been motivated by President Trump’s entry into office and his retrogressive agendas and unfit nominees. These funds will enable Senator Warren and her counterparts to check the proliferation of wealthy politicians who use the money for political mileage and allow the election of “campaign-finance reform champions” as put by Mrs Muller.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee whose main agenda is to fight the Citizens United legislation that essentially allows the entry of big cooperations into the politic with selfish agendas. This grass-root funded committee seeks to overturn the legislation and pave the way for honest leadership.

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