End Citizens United: The Anti-PAC Super PAC

In the spring of 2015, End Citizens United became the first Super PAC, or political action committee, with the intention of fighting the growing, political clout of, well, Super PACs. The power these organizations hold over the political arena stems from a Supreme Court ruling in 2010. The Citizens United case extended the right of free speech, something previously viewed as applicable to individual citizens, to corporations. The result is an avalanche of corporate money now flowing freely into our political system.

Justice John Paul Stevens, a strong opponent of the ruling, summed up the long-term implications of the case with a reminder that for any free, democratic state to survive, its legal system cannot be built on the buying and selling of lawmakers. This ruling made that very idea, the commoditization of political influence, unlimited and anonymous. On the strength of a public that does not support the ruling, a number of organizations, like the ACLU and the League of Women Voters, have built a strong field of opposition, and into that stepped End Citizens United. Headquartered in Washington D.C., the goal of the PAC is in their name, clear and simple. They hope to overturn the ruling and, ultimately, to see the passage of a constitutional amendment enshrining free speech as a right of citizens, not corporations.

While the group’s goal may not be achievable in the short-term, the Super PAC is investing its resources in backing Democratic candidates who support their mission, as well as ballot measures that work towards campaign finance reform. The focus on Democratic candidates is born out of necessity; there are few Republicans who have voiced their support for finance limits and none amongst the GOP leadership. Under president Tiffany Muller, and executive vice president Matt Burgess, End Citizens United plans to raise $35 million for the 2018 election cycle, $10 million above their 2016 haul. The group has 380,000 grassroots supporters and has already endorsed 130 candidates for 2018.

The group intends to use its growing war chest to help fund candidates who make a “No Corporate PAC” promise. They also plan to spend resources this election cycle on the offense, fighting the biggest incumbent recipients of corporate funding, known as “the Big Money 20.” Democrats, hoping to cash in on a historically unpopular president this fall, will have End Citizens United at their side, as long as they are willing to do the right thing.

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NGP VAN Offers Some Tips To Political Campaign Managers

NGP VAN is a provider of technology to Democratic political campaigns and organizations. They offer their clients a complete package of services which includes organizing, new media, fundraising, field, compliance, organizing, and social media presence. They have now assisted thousands of campaigns and organizations in their quests to get Democrats and Progressives into office or keep them there. They have also provided their services to labor unions and both progressive and non-partisan political action committees.

The team at NGP VAN says that the “end of quarter” time for any political campaign can be very stressful for all involved. There are fundraising goals to meet at the last minute, for instance, which can stretch finance and digital teams to their absolute limits. NGP VAN has offered four essential tips for making this time more bearing.

The first tip of NGP VAN’s is to keep some of your campaign emails in your proverbial back pocket. If you’re pumping out email campaigns to people four or five days in a row you are likely going to quickly run out of ideas. Therefore a good practice is to keep a few ad campaign ideas on the back burner so that you don’t have to put a lot of thought into it when you prepare it and send it out.

Another tip is to write everything out in advance, NGP VAN says. As much content as possible should be written and approved before it is needed. Writing is usually a time-intensive process so getting it done before crunch time is a great idea.

NGP VAN also says you should create a master calendar as part of your organizing process. Put on it all of your approved and sent email so you can keep track of it and know what to follow up on. If you have multiple clients this will really be something exceedingly useful.

Finally, take some time to celebrate! NGP VAN says that you ought to celebrate when you’ve successfully worked on a campaign and have met your goals. Congratulating yourself and your team is perfectly ok and understandable to all parties concerned.

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