Troy McQuagge: Setting the Standard For Health Insurance Coverage

Troy McQuagge is truly taking over the business world. McQuagge, CEO of US Health Groups Inc., has been named the Gold Winner as CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards. The prestigious Planet Award honors business and professional excellence in all industries. Businesses and organizations, from all over the world, may submit nominees for consideration of the award. One Planet Awards is a global awards program which recognizes businesses on every part of the globe.

In 2010, Troy McQuagge began working with US Health. Almost immediately Mr. Troy McQuagge focused on making changes to turn the company around. He began by rebuilding US Health Advisors, one of the company’s captive distribution agencies. The success with the rebuild led to Mr. McQuagge’s promotion to President and CEO of US Health in 2014. Under his management US Health has shown considerable growth and profitability, in the difficult health insurance market. While accepting the award, Mr. McQuagge mentions that the award belongs to everyone at the company because each person works to provide quality care to their customers.

US Health Group, Inc. is currently located in Ft. Worth TX. The company primarily serves to provide health insurance coverage for small business owners and the self employed. Affordability is key concern for the insurance company. US Health Group Inc., strives to provide affordable health coverage that is able to change as a client’s heath needs may change. Mr. McQuagge and the executive team at US Health Group Inc., continue to focus on providing quality health insurance coverage at an affordable price.