Felipe Montoro Jens reports on the economic impact of ppp

Brazil, home of the worlds 7th largest economy and the largest in that of Latin America, has endured some very challenging situations in the last few years. Faced with political turmoil and an economic recession, the government of Brazil has had to implement innovative solutions to tackle these issues. In December 2004 Brazil identified laws to determine how public private partnerships are to be implemented and the over rules and regulations, that must be followed according to Federal Law 11,079 / 04.

Public private partnerships are is a solution that allows essential projects to be implemented to benefit the country, while keeping cost low as possible while creating more jobs and economic opportunities. Public private partnerships in Brazil is a lot more common today when compared to 10 years ago, but there is still the need for more PPPs to make a real impact. Visit frenchtribune.com to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports some of the issues hindering more public private partnerships, are the taxation on these projects tend to increase the overall cost for the government, which defeats the purpose of the public private partnership. Felipe Montoro Jens reported on an R $ 44 billion investment by the Brazilian government scheduled to be implemented over 57 public private partnership, projects scheduled for 2018.

These projects will include road work construction projects, the privatizing of public companies and airport management changes for the government ran and operated company Infraero. Over 800 kilometers is reported by Felipe Montoro Jens to be repaved. The BR-153 is the major road between Anapolis (GO) to Alianca (TO) and the BR-364 connecting Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO).

Felipe Montoro Jens also reported on the history making public private partnership project underway in Belo Horizonte. The project is a 20 year plan to upgrade all city park lights from luminary lights to the more energy efficient LED lights.

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