The Kabbalah Center teaches Kabbalah, religion, which finds meaning in all the activities of life. Those who practice Kabbalah seek a deeper connection with all aspects of the mystery of life with the goal of finding the ultimate or hidden truths. This connection is beyond life and includes the connections between souls. The Kabbalah Center’s goal is to ensure that Kabbalah is understood.

The Kabbalah Center honors the ancient belief system. A system that assigns meaning to everything including eating food, wearing clothing and finding out how you represent yourself to others. In Kabbalah, you cannot have any excesses of life and must not abstain from anything. One must embrace all of your desires except those that are destructive.

Your clothing is your first impression to others, and you must express yourself well. Eating is an important way of expressing yourself to others, and one should not abstain from enjoying food with others. Kabbalah has a cleansing effect requiring one to be a better person to others. The mystical aspects of Kabbalah lie in one’s afterlife. You must be the best person for everyone including your co-workers to help them rise to a better existence.

Kabbalah is steeped in Jewish mysticism. The Kabbalah Centre was founded in Los Angeles, in 1984, by Philip Berg. The Center’s tradition arose from the work of Rav Yehuda Aslag (Rav), the first master kabbalist, in 1922. This non-profit organization has regional centers and has an online global reach. The Center educates the public the tenets of Kabbalah by teaching courses on Kabbalistic and Zohar.

In 1981, Yehuda Aslag and his wife Karen, came to the United States to teach Kabbalah. Rav Berg published books on Kabbalah. Berg laid down the principles of Kabbalah. The books form the religious underpinnings of the Kabbalah Center.

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