The Best of the California Ski Resorts

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is not only a historical ski resort, but is also a ski resort that is known for not only the beautiful location of the Tahoe Valley that the resort is situated in, but the resort is also known for having some of the best quality ski slopes to use during the winter. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a resort that offers activities all year round which means that boredom is never an option when visiting this resort and when looking for some of the best activities to do. With water sport activities offered in the summer and with magnificent ski slopes offered in the winter, no visitor will leave without fond memories of this place.

The head of this resort is Andy Wirth, a dedicated businessman who has worked hard to build this ski resort in California up ever since 2010 when he was first appointed to this position by one of the original owners. Andy Wirth was chosen to become the CEO and the President of this ski resort for not only his skills at adapting quickly to every situation, but also for his excellent leadership skills that is able to motivate each and every individual that works with him.

Despite the recent news of the drought being a plague to the ski resort industry, Andy Wirth has been able to prove himself as a businessman, as an innovator, as well as a leader. Despite the below average rainfall, Andy Wirth has shown no sign of fear due to his ability to adapt quickly to any given situation. In recent news, Andy Wirth has even stated that he has made plans to invest heavily in the snow making industry.

In addition to his many investments within the snow making industry, With the below average rainfall, Mr. Wirth wants to make sure that the environment remains out of harms way and does not have individuals taking away some of the world’s most precious resources. Andy Wirth is excited for the future and knows that despite the rainfall his resort will be booming and will attract more visitors than ever before.