Eric Lefkofsky and the Reason Behind Tempus

Founder and CEO of Tempus Eric Lefkofsky is a wealthy billionaire putting his leisurely days aside to aid medical experts to fight cancer. Tempus is a company that works as a platform for sharing technology and data necessary combat cancer. Mr Lefkofsky also has established a few other companies. He and his wife, Liz, created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in early 2006. The Foundation is a charity one that was designed to help the community. Mr Eric Lefkofsky received his education from the University of Michigan – School of Law from which he graduated with a J. D. Eric at Facebook .

What prompted Mr Eric create the company Tempus was the fact his wife, Liz, was diagnosed with breast cancer. They tried to find a doctor that would help his wife, but at the time there had been very little research conducted on that kind of cancer. That was extremely discouraging for the both of them, but Mr Eric Lefkofsky was not about to give up.

Years later, Tempus is dedicated to medical research through the analysis of data. One of the greatest achievement of the Tempus company is that the large team of experts developed an operating system that is dedicated to analysing data about cancer. The operating system works with both molecular and anatomic data, and it connects it with other clinical data generated from medical systems from all across the United States of America. When all of the data is put into one place, medical experts are able to have a slightly more clear picture of the finding that has been made so far. That makes the chances of finding a cure for the disease higher, and that is what every doctor is hoping to achieve. It all starts with knowing as much as possible about cancer after that treatment and therapies are developed and tested. The result is analysed next.
Currently, Tempus works with a number of local hospitals. Some of the include Rush University Medical Center, the Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Northwest University, and the University of Chicago, which is the most recent partnership of Tempus. Eric at Twitter . for more.