Why O2Pur Makes For A Good Investment Opportunity

For those looking to invest in an ecigs company one company that makes a good choice is O2Pur. This is an up and coming company that has a number of advantages over global companies like Philip Morris International, Reynolds-American, and Altria. Among these advantages is that because it’s a smaller company it is very nimble and so easily able to shift what it offers in order to meet the demand for new flavors and products.

O2Pur was founded by Scott Barth. He is a veteran in the ecig industry who had worked for a few companies in this industry before founding his own. This means that he has success in the industry and knows what works and what doesn’t. Investors in this company can be confident about his leadership and business skills. He also offers a premium experience to consumers of these types of products, something the big companies don’t offer as they can only focus on the biggest common denominators of appealing to everyone whether they want a premium experience or just any old ecig taste and experience.

His company offers three levels of vaping pens depending on what the customer wants to get out of the pen. The least expensive vaping pen is $29 but it is usually priced 50% off. This offers a standard batter. The big market pen is $39, also often 50% off by using the code “GRAPE”, and it offers a battery with a much longer life to each charge. The ultimate pen is the variable voltage pen, priced $38 when on a 50% off sell, that not only lasts three times longer than regular vaping pens but also allows users to change the strength and amount of flavor with just a flick of the power dial.

O2Pur has social media accounts on both Twitter and Facebook. These pages share information about the vaping industry such as whether nicotine salts are a good choice for people or not. Their advertising on these accounts keeps costs low so more money is returned to investors rather than being given away to advertising companies.

Find out more about O2pur: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/things-cigarettes/story?id=23445234