Securus Technologies Helping Correctional Facilities Get Rid of Drones Related Menace

Securus Technologies knows what the corrections space need regarding technology and uses all its resources to ensure the sector gets what it needs. Recently, the focus of the company was diverted to drone detection technology, which it has been working on for the past couple of years. Drone detection technology by Securus Technologies has become necessary with the increasing use of drones to supply a wide variety of contraband items inside the prison.


The correctional officers have for years been working on methods to stop any land-based methods to supply contraband inside the prison, but with the drones come into the picture; the entire correctional fraternity has been taken aback. The correctional facilities are not ready to stop the drones from entering the prison space slyly and dropping the contraband items. In some instances, the correctional officers have been able to catch the contraband packages these drones drop and have found that it contains weapons, drugs, and contraband phones, along with other illegal items.


Drone detection technology by Securus Technologies would ensure that no drone can pass through the prison perimeter without being noticed or detected. As soon as the drone is detected, the corrections officers would be notified, and its location would be shared as well. It would lead to the corrections officers implementing ways to catch hold of the drone and the contraband package it carries.


The drones these days are fast and fly very high up in the sky, but if the location of the drone is known at the right time, the corrections officers can try and neutralize and catch hold of it with ease. It is what the drone detection technology by Securus Technologies aims to do. It would help the correctional officers to provide better security to the inmates as well as safeguard themselves from any harm outside the prison.



Discover the best of ClassDojo

ClassDojo firm was founded in the year 2001.Its main aim was to boost the education sector. It hoped to do this by developing an App that would link the teachers, students and parent’s relationship. The app offers the messaging platform. It will increase the communication.


ClassDojo is related to the founding of an app that is designed to bring a close relationship between the parents, teachers and the students. The App since the launch has seen an enormous growth as it has become of more value to all the stakeholders in the sectors. The app developers maintain that for the success to be realized there ought to be the co-ordination of the three parties. The teachers may notify the parents of an event, and at the same time, the students tell the others of the day’s event. It is detrimental is it gives the room for the shy students to expresses themselves. It also gives the guardians chance to monitor and raise a question about their student’s activity. The App has become fundamental especially for the busy parents as they are capable of keeping close communication with the students. The apps create a more fulfill life both in the classroom and the outside.


To ensure that the app was developed and maintained the organization rose $21million. The funds were meant to lay the foundation of having the App invented and developed. ClassDojo saw this as a big step towards moving bathe education sector to be in line with the current technology. It would, in the end, make the life of the intended comfortable.


The App has quickly been embraced by the parents, teachers and the students. ClassDojo has seen the redesigning the app to have the best chance of helping all. The firm hopes to increase its acceptance even more by including other features that are helpful to the parents. They believe the app application will generate higher acceptance in the society.

ClassDojo changing the education world

ClassDojo at its start and its unveiling, it began as a behavior management tool for the student which allowed teachers to congratulate the real ideas from the students when they had to behave excellently or with a lot of decorum or in instances when they had to portray a new useful tool. Since then, ClassDojo has evolved into a platform where the parents and teachers can share information including the photos, messages, and videos about their students while in class. The software has since recorded over 3 million subscribers with most of them being parents and teachers of the lower level students and pupils in the school.

Currently, ClassDojo is being used by almost a third quarter of teachers in most of US schools and has also been adopted by educators and institutions across the globe hitting 180 countries by the time of publishing the document.

According to PERTS, the chief director, ClassDojo can reach many teachers and students at the same time via its messaging options. The founders have since planned to survey in a 2.1 million study both educators and students who are the subscribers to be able to evaluate its effectiveness and the upgrade required.

ClassDojo assists both the teachers and parents to monitor the students’ progress, and hence help the student to achieve a target set which is analyzed by both the teacher and the student via the messages and videos sent. The app also assists the parents to save lots of time and energy trying to get information on the whereabouts of the students when in school. In other times it helps improve the school’s curriculum.