All About Waiakea Water

Waiakea water is sustainable and sourced organically with a natural alkaline nature of pH 8.8. Bearing in mind that most waters sold by different companies’ range 4-7 on the ph scale and then this water helps in detoxification thus preventing the body from attack by diseases. This is supported by the fact that our body needs a neutral ph of 7.4 so as to maintain health and prevent disease attack.

Ryan Emmons; the CEO and founder of Waiakea Volcanic Water in the year 2012 explain that the idea of starting this water company came from his appreciation of nature. He was raised in Hawaii and California. He actually developed the idea while he stood near a source of water and the experience obtained from working in Africa. He discovered that his family had the most natural, healthy, pure and sustainable water.

Waiakea is not an average bottled water company since it not only produces organically sourced water but also is involved in sustainable forests globally. This water is the first Hawaiian volcanic water with a natural alkaline nature which has a unique filtration process. Through the Mauna Loa volcano, this water passes through 14000 feet of these porous volcanic rocks. Since at this Mauna volcano rain is available for 360 days in a year then it means the water is always in motion. Waiakea water obtains its natural alkaline nature of ph 8.8 from the minerals present in these volcanic rocks such as magnesium and calcium. The Hawaiian word Mauna Loa means a long mountain. This mountain is 33,000 feet above sea floor which practically is the largest mountain if it’s measured from top to bottom.

Waiakea water has benefits such as improving the health of an individual since its ph 8.8 allows it to be used for the alleviation of acid reflux when combined with treatment from a physician. This water also helps in neutralizing stomach acid due to its alkaline nature. Despite stopping acid reflux, Waiakea water also helps maintain the balance of ph in the body and helps in boosting hydration. It is special because it contains silica so it can provide more than 30 milligrams daily which is more than recommended.