William Saito Believes Failure Is The Start Of Innovation

Williams Saito’s Technology Background

William Saito was named one of the most influential people in Japan. He started programming software in elementary school and created his own company in high school. Ernst & Young, NASDAQ and USA Today named him Entrepreneur of the year in 1998. At the same time, he was already acknowledged as a world leader in encryption, biometric authentication, and cybersecurity. In 2005, he sold his business to Microsoft and moved to Tokyo, where he started InTecur. InTecur is a venture capital and consulting firm that seeks out innovative technologies, develops global talent and assist entrepreneurs in becoming successful. In 2012, Saito became a council member for national strategy and policy. He worked directly under the Prime Minister of Japan. Saito advises several governments globally. He also teaches at multiple universities, is on the board of several companies, and often appears as a commentator on TV. He has authored many publications and he has written weekly newspaper columns.

William Saito Interviewed with IdeaMensch

William Saito’s typical day includes working with people to find an elegant and innovative solution to their problem. He uses design thinking to bring ideas into reality. He believes in failing early, fast, often and forward. One thing that really excites Saito is where we are today with information technology. A habit that makes Saito more productive as an entrepreneur is the understanding that failure is fundamental for innovation and is only possible with teamwork. If he could talk to his younger self he would say don’t rush and follow your passion, not your parents’ vision.

Something that’s true that most people don’t agree with William Saito on is that cybersecurity and information security can be an advantage for companies. As an entrepreneur, the one thing Williams Saito does over and over is staying persistent. He says ok to do something 10,000 times over, just keep at it until you are an expert. One strategy that helped Saito grow his business is providing a product that a customer will buy repeatedly. He can’t state just one failure he has made as an entrepreneur he says you must fail to prove you are pushing yourself hard enough. It’s about learning from those failures. The best $100 Saito recently spent was on his health check. It was more than $100 but he believes a healthy body is important. One book that Saito recommends is Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark.