Whitney Wolfe Inspires Women To Take Initiative On Their Dating Life

The dating world has a lot of strange rules for men and women. Among the strange rules that women are given in the dating world is that they should be passive. The men are supposed to do all of the initiating. For instance, women are not supposed to text first. This is one thing that Whitney Wolfe has followed. She has always been reluctant to text a man first. This has often slowed things down when it came to dating. However, there have been changes to the dating world of dating as women are starting to take more initiative in online dating.

Whitney Wolfe has sat with her friends in order to talk about the world of online dating. One thing that they have decided on was building something where women have to take the initiative in dating. This platform makes it so that men can’t take any kind of initiative with women. Women have to be the ones to initiate the messaging with the men they are interested in. This is quite an interesting and effective twist on the way online dating is run. Whitney Wolfe has thought a lot about her project for online dating.

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Both men and women find it to be neat that women have to be the ones initiating. The only way a man can initiate is if he contacts another man. With women, they have to be patient and wait for one to message them first. However, the best way to make Bumble work is for the man to take his time and make sure that his profile is great. If he does not put any effort into his profile, then he is not going to get that much results. Women love men that take a lot of pride in themselves. This is the one trick that is going to get women wanting to respond.

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Julia Jackson: Running the Family Business of Making Wine

Julia Jackson is someone who knows her wine well; after all, her family has been in the business of winemaking for an extremely long period of time. But it isn’t just her family that has influenced her decision to stick to the family business, it is her true love for wine that has got her to the position she is in today. Julia Jackson was born to Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke who are the original owners of the Jackson Family Wines Collection. Ever since she was first exposed to the family business, Julia knew that she wanted to get into the business side of wine making, and take the company to new heights, making it a big player in the wine business.

Julia started working alongside her father at a very early age, where she and her siblings would pick and sort out the grapes that would be used in the wines that they produced. Her father introduced her to the world of wines and the process that goes into producing wines when she was still young. Julia Jackson owes a lot to her family and her upbringings in helping her reach the position she is in today. She is someone who knows the importance of hard work and appreciates the work that goes into being successful, no matter what the work entails.

Jackson Family Wines was started in 2982 and today has become one of the most well known wineries in the area. The company is entirely family run, with different members running different departments of the company. Jackson Family Wines aims at providing their clients with the best quality wine while ensuring that they maintain sustainability in their practices. With numerous vineyards in locations across the world, Jackson Family Wines are committed to the process of making fine wine.

Helane Morrison’s Push for Corporate Compliance

At Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco, Helane Morrison fights to restore the public’s faith in the financial sector and the companies that influence its behavior that ultimately affects everyone. As Chief Compliance Officer and part of the Executive Committee, Morrison has been working to repair the damaged image financial firms have tried to push against since the global recession of 2008. Her method for truly changing how this industry is seen is by making sure bad actors are held accountable when they should be.

Ethics are at the forefront of Morrison’s role as an advisor to many of the financial firms she works closely with. With a team of similarly motivated professionals, Morrison regularly carries out investigations to make sure that they have the integrity to be trusted with the money of their clients. This enforcement team of hers is adept at identifying key anomalies known for highlighting risky behavior common to reckless brokerage firms and financial advisors.

About Helane Morrison:

After graduating from Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Helane Morrison went on to study law at the University of California Berkley School of Law. Her experience in that field began at the firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin where she practiced law as an attorney until 1991 when she was promoted to partner. She remained with the firm until 1996, developing an understanding of business litigation and corporate investigations which made her an ideal candidate for reigning in reckless practices in the financial sector.

Morrison joined the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1999 and worked out of their San Francisco office. From there, she was responsible for investigating companies and firms operating in the financial sector and punish those guilty of regulatory violations as well as overseeing the litigation process and ensure that compliance is the norm moving forward. During her time with the SEC, Morrison’s role as Regional Director gave her a jurisdiction that covered most of Northern California along with five neighboring states in the northwest of the country. Some of her most notable cases include fraud investigations which implicated executives from Hewlett-Packard, NextCard Inc, Google, HBO, and American Amicable who were complicit in false security sales that took advantage of more than 50,000 military personnel.