Jeff Herman Brings A Passion And Drive To His Work That He Feels Is A Prerequisite To Success

Jeff Herman is the founder and Managing Partner of Herman law, which is a law firm that focuses exclusively on cases related to sexual abuse. The firm is recognized on a national level and offers a voice for people who have been the victims of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or rape. Herman draws on his large amount of experience in the field as well as his drive to be an advocate for his clients, which sometimes don’t have anyone else to stand up for them. As a leader in a very narrowed down field, Herman Law has helped over a thousand clients in its time.

Jeff Herman has learned that in order to keep everything orderly and moving efficiently that it is best to mainly look at the facts of a case without speculation too much. Documentation is extremely important in his field as well as fact-checking, because it is crucial to get the facts of these kinds of cases right. Herman feels that it is very difficult to hear about sexual abuse cases but that it is highly important for people to share their experiences. The reason for this is that it may be able to help other people who have suffered or are currently suffering from sexual abuse, in one way or another. He believes that this can empower the victims of sexual abuse and bring people together to help combat the issue on a larger scale.

In a recent interview, Jeff Herman was asked if he had any tidbits of advice for younger individuals who are hoping to work in the legal field. He suggested that people who choose to work in this field should be passionate about it, because it takes a lot of work and a strong commitment. Many lawyers quit because they just don’t have these things, so he believes that the best thing a younger person can do is to focus in on the field that excites them the most. Some of the cases he has dealt with were enough to break his heart, but thanks to his passion for helping the victims of sexual abuse, he has been able to remain just as interested and ready to change the world as he was in the beginning.

Jeff Herman Talks Law And Life