Upwork Maintain a To-Do List to Stay Professional and Competitive

Every professional freelancer out there would have heard about Upwork, which is one of the most reputed online platforms to buy and sell services. Professionals with different skills and background from across the globe are registered at Upwork, and they sell their services to the buyers at Upwork. As of now, more than 12 million freelancers and professionals with different skills and over 5 million services buyers are registered at Upwork. It makes the professional environment at Upwork highly competitive, and to stay competitive, it is highly suggested that you stay organized and disciplined.

One of the best methods to stay organized that most people follow is to have a to-do list. Having a to-do list ensures that you know how full or empty your plate of work is and that you can follow-up on unfinished and pending work without delay. The best thing to go about creating a to-do list is to ensure that you write it down and use it through an app that you can install in your phone as well so that you can stay updated about the work that’s left to be completed. Also, it is necessary that people put time attributes on their to-do list to ensure that the work is completed on time. Placing time attributes is as essential as prioritizing the work. Most people tend to start working on the most straightforward task first, and it ends up procrastinating the other tasks.

Make sure that you keep visiting your to-do list often to ensure that you are not missing out on anything. Keeping up with your schedule should always be on your priority. It would help you stay competitive and also get you more work at Upwork. The clients always respect the freelancers who get them work on time without delay. Missing deadlines is always a problem that the clients face, and if you can maintain a to-do list and fulfill it timely, rest assured you would have a great reputation as a professional at Upwork. It would help you build on your freelancer network and get you more jobs than you can handle, which is basically what every freelancer aim to achieve.

How a Shared Office Space Can Get the Best Out of Employees

Apparently, allowing employees to share working space can help them perform more productively. Research shows that firms that allow this practice post higher profit margins. Staff morale and satisfaction is equally high. Coworking basically refers to membership-based workstations, which brings together different employees to work together in a communal setting. Such an office setting has been found to be quite effective.

Benefits of Coworking

Employees who use coworking layouts often see their work to be more meaningful. Besides choosing roles that suit them best, such employees often immerse themselves completely into their work. Coworking brings together employees drawn from different companies, working on different ventures and projects. Due to minimal direct competition and internal policies, such employees do not need to worry about fitting into a specified work persona. This way, an employee can easily grow his or her work identity. To such individuals, their work is more distinctive and interesting because there are no policies and rules to subscribe to.

Coworking has the ability to increase staff cohesion. This is because employees build a culture of helping each other out, regardless of their abilities and rank in an organization. Each employee has unique skills. Pooling all these skills together creates an enchanting, vibrant and productive workstation. Coworking similarly goes a long way in helping employees to attain more control over their jobs. There is no bureaucracy, which means that employees have the freedom to express themselves. Employees set their own targets, and work towards the attainment of the targets on their own without too much supervision.

Brief Notes about Workville

This Manhattan based shared office space has greatly revolutionized the concept of coworking in New York. This workstation has become reputable because it combines luxury, comfort and teamwork. It is a sun-drenched working space, with close proximity to Bryant Park, Times Square, and major transport hubs in the city. This makes it easily accessible by coworkers who wish to utilize the available facilities.

Workville New York shared office space was conceived with the idea of creating a user-friendly and flexible workstation. It features fully furnished offices, which come with open desks and shared workstation to increase interactions. Other amenities that are available onsite include a café, three outdoor terraces, and a lounge area where employees can interact beyond the confines of their offices. The workstations are rented out at affordable rates.