Sujit Choudhry And His Expertise In Comparative Law

One of the most sought-after branches of law, the Comparative Law has got more attention in the recent years considering the globalization. It has become increasingly important to learn about various laws existing in different countries and comparing it to find the best possible ones and diverse laws that are practiced around the world. An expert in different laws would always have a better understanding and choice on various legal issues.



The demand for International and Comparative Law experts have gone up in the recent years as the business between different countries has grown exponentially. The proper functioning of businesses across the borders and need of resolution on disputes are bringing the necessity of an expert who knows laws of different countries. Considering the advanced knowledge required on various laws, it is not easy to find such a legal expert with a great reputation.



Sujit Choudhry, I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at Berkeley – School of Law, is different in that aspect. His expertise has made him the advisory to constitution building process for various countries including Jordan, Libya, Nepal, Egypt, Sri Lanka, South Africa, etc. Sujit also did his research on various constitutions and developed a constitutional design tool that can transform turmoil into peace democratic process, where ethnic conflicts are part of the society. As part of his research, he wrote about many constitutions including Canadian constitutional law to give more insights about what it is directing to, buy his book at



Apart from the research, Sujit wrote ninety articles, reports, working papers and book chapters. He has written The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution and co-written Constitution Making (Constitutional Law series, #2), read it at Due to his extensive knowledge and expertise, he is part of many committees including Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law. He is also a member of the Board of Editors of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, Board of Advisers for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, etc.



Sujit is a consultant to World Bank Institute and a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster. More than 20 years of his career saw him taking up several positions including Assistant Professor of Law at University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Global Visiting Professor of Law at New York University School of Law, Scholl Chair at University of Toronto Faculty of Law, etc. He holds Bachelor of Law from University of Oxford and University of Toronto. He also completed his Master of Laws from Harvard Law School.



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Martin Lustgarten and Finding a Role Model in Investing

It does take a lot of education in order to succeed as an investor. However, a lot of investors fail even though they have gotten the education they need to succeed. One of the reasons is that they complicate everything. One thing that is certain is that information overload can get in the way of success. This is one of the reasons that it is important for one to be able to find examples in action. One thing they could look for is a role model in the investment industry. One such role model to look to is Martin Lustgarten.

Martin Lustgarten is someone who has learned a lot about investing through experience. Therefore, he has become very comfortable with the markets. For one thing, a lot of people that are starting off are very uncomfortable. They wind up hesitating to make the move. This results in a lot of profitable deals being missed as well as other problems from second guessing. Martin has learned to trust his decision and go for his choice so that his losses are minimized. One thing that Martin has overcome is his nervousness that comes with being new to the investment world.

For people that are just starting out, they may find themselves facing an overload of information that is apparently contradictory. For instances, people would talk about certain strategies. Many people would say that this strategy would work wile a lot of people would say things to the contrary. This leaves the user confused as to where to go. Martin Lustgarten would tell people to decide on a strategy and stick to the choice. He would also say that if a certain strategy is not working for someone, then he has to drop this strategy and find one that works a lot better. The key to investing is to always gain more than one spends. It is just a matter of how it is done.

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Goettl Air Conditioning: It Takes Skill To Provide Comfortable Homes

In 1939, air conditioners were not heard of. During summers when temperatures hit 100 degrees, people would travel to more comfortable areas while those who could not afford it, found themselves devising ways to keep themselves cool. Most people slept outside while others would use sprinkler brigades to keep themselves cooler. However, when the Goettl brothers moved to Phoenix, they knew they had to come up with a strategy to solve the problem for many households in the country.



Adam and Gust Goettl began the Goettl Air Conditioning Company with the hope of changing the home experience for most people in the region. They manufactured evaporative cooling units that would be installed and sold to homesteads at affordable prices that gave homes a cooling effect. They also developed heating devices that would heat houses during winter.



With the years, Goettl Air Conditioners stopped manufacturing and now provide installation services, plumbing and maintenance and repair of homes devices. The company is devoted in customer’s happiness and has expanded its services from Phoenix to Southern California regions, Tucson and Las Vegas. The company continues to provide heating and cooling devices to their clients in various areas.



Goettl Air Conditioning has entered in strategic alliance and mergers with companies in the industries to promote efficiency and improve their customer satisfaction. The company has a partnership with the Sunny Plumbers who help the company provide plumbing and drainage services to their clients to provide comfortable homes.



Moreover, the company merged with Las Vegas and Paradise Air, companies that share the same vision with Goettl Air Conditioning. Through this merge they are sure to continue fulfilling their promise to their clients to provide them comfortable homes by suiting the appropriate heating and cooling devices in their homes. With the years, the company has become a master at what they do.



Downtown firm specializes in unusual loans: Equities First Holdings sees growing demand for stock loans as tight Credit Markets make Borrowing Tougher

Al Christy, the Founder and President of Equities First Holdings.It has more than six flat-screens o view the trending stock market for the loans which he has issued using stocks as collateral. He also works to keep an eye on the stock’s performance over the period is in the office in Indiana. For us to understand why he takes his time to look at the stock’s performance. Let’s look at why he uses the stocks to issue the fast working capital. Al Christy works by getting a transfer of the stocks from the clients who, in turn, get the loan which they use as fast working capital to suit their personal or project needs. For this reason, he lends his clients up to 80 percent of the stock values issued. However, the amount does not exceed the actual value of 60 percent.

The use of stock-based loans from Equities First Holdings has grown in traction during the past economic crisis. No one can deny that the world is in an economic crisis.We can agree because we see a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis in USA. Matters concerning the severity of the economic crisis were only worsened by the exit of Britain from the European Union.

Stock-based loans are better than the credit-based loans during a harsh economic crisis. This is because they always work to provide a hedge between the loan and the lender where both benefit from the same actual structure. The stock-based loans are also characterized by the low-interest rates which are lower than any other loan in the world. The stock-based loans are also featured with a non-recourse feature that lets you get disengaged from the lender. For this reason, you can walk away from the loan without worrying about any repayment you might owe the lender.

Todd Lubar Has An Incredible Resume

Todd Lubar is the Presidentof TDL Global Ventures LLC. He began his career in the real estate industry and eventually added finance to his skillset. He started as a loan originator in 1995 for the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. During his time at Crestar, he was able to build a great amount of contacts that would prove to be an important part of his referral sources for business.


Todd Lubar worked for a variety of financial specialists and then in 2002 he decided to reconnect with his real estate roots and went to work for Legendary Properties LLC. Legendary was primarily focused on residential real estate development and they handled projects that ranged from large multi-family properties to single family dwellings.At his time with the company, he was able to establish relationships with skilled builders that could provide a quality outcome on a project. Through his financial and real estate contacts, he was able to establish a twenty million dollar credit limit which then allowed home to create Charter Funding in 2003. Charter Funding was a branch of First Magnus Financial Corporation. He then had access to a variety of programs and products that would help him build a very successful business.


Todd Lubar founded Legendary Properties LLC. after many years observing trends and business practices in the industry. During his time working with Legendary, Todd decided to add other fields of services to the business. Some of those services included demolition work and scrap metal recycling. His company has continued to grow and prosper since and is expecting a great deal of growth in the future.

Maggie Gill is helping Memorial make a name for itself

Maggie Gill has worked hard as the president and CEO of Memorial University Medical Center, or MUMC, to have it become an award winning facility. Memorial got recognized by the Georgia Medical Society this year and Gill herself was recognized as one of the top CEOs. Another help in this is that Mercer University has increased their presence there for their training of new doctors.


In 2016, MUMC received six awards from the Georgia Medical Society. The hospital won the Health Care Innovation category for their work with Mercer University. The Health Care Education award came because of their teen driver program. MUMC had two winners in the Community Outreach category. The safety officer for the hospital and the couple that supported the Dwaine and Cynthia Willett Children’s Hospital won. In the Institutions/ Organizations category, the MUMC infectious disease response team won. Finally, two of the hospital doctors won in the Physicians Lifetime Achievement category.


Earlier in 2016, Gill was recognized for her work by being named in the135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know 2016 list by Becker’s Hospital Review. The people selected for the list run some of the biggest and well respected hospitals in the nation. To be named on this list means that the person is recognized for their work via nomination and editorial discretion.


Maggie Gill considers herself a mother to both her family and the hospital. She is married with two kids. She says their favorite things to do are hike and fish, which she gets to do quite a bit of around Savannah. Gill earned her bachelor’s degree at Florida State University and an MBA from Saint Leo University. Before coming to MUMC, she was the chief financial officer for Tenet South Florida Health System. She arrived at MUMC as the vice president of of finance and managed care in 2004, promoted in 2005 to chief operating officer, and then she became president and CEO in 2011.

Equities First Helps All Non-Purpose Borrowers

There are quite a few wealthy people and large businesses that will benefit from loans at Equities First. They will grow their companies or their private bank accounts with extra capital, and they may file an application today. This article explains how Equities First helps their clients with private loans that are safe, simple and massive in their scope.

#1: What Does An Infusion Of Capital Do?

The infusion of capital from Equities First helps private borrowers and businesses keep extra money around for a rainy day. They may need money that will be put to great use in the near future, and they will have the money ready when it is needed. They may negotiate terms of loan in any way they like, and they will find it quite helpful to have an underwriter working closely with them.

#2: How Are Loans Funded?

Loans at Equities First are funded using money that may be issued via cashier’s check, direct deposit or cash. The firm is willing to be flexible when funding loans, and they move quickly to ensure each client gets the money they need. It is important to remember that each person who is approved at Equities First is given their money in a way that helps them.

#3: The Application Process

The application process for Equities First is important in that it is quite short. Applicants may send in their information at any time, and they will receive a quick answer from the firm. Equities First does not believe in wasting time, and they will be quite happy to approve clients in a day or two.

Anyone seeking a large loan with no specific purpose may use Equities First. Private loans are offered to wealthy individuals and businesses that need extra cash for an undisclosed purpose.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aids in Advancements of Sleep Apnea Research and Solutions

In the recent past, one of the most destructive causes of death is sleep apnea. It is a killer disease. As a matter of fact, most of the patients suffering from this disease never know what they go through before they are about to die. According to the latest research by the medical and dental practitioners, they have revealed the help to show the relationship between serious conditions like diabetes and sleep apnea.

For this reason, these killer diseases have the same symptoms and result in the disease. There is a renewed study underway with the resurfacing of this disease among many patients in the United States. For this reason, it has also posed a sense of urgency to find sleep apnea treatments and therapies associated with the disease. Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the Founder and Owner of the Dental Sleep Masters Company, has played an extensive background towards the search of a medical therapy to find a long-lasting solution to this disease. According to him, his years of experience are filled with the solutions of various categories of illness and their advancements in human bodies.

Dr. Avi has worked, through his many years of experience as a dental practitioner, to seek and find numerous solutions to sleep apnea. He has also helped many doctors to achieve and find ways of diagnosing the disease among their patients. Most of those doctors who have sought advice his company has gained experience in their achievements.

According to his research, more than 90 percent of all people suffering from this illness remain undisclosed. For this reason, he has also worked to develop many other complicated solutions to help the world maintain law and order. For this reason, his aid helps the doctors develop better aid and care for his patients. In the medical community, he is one of the most recognized individuals with numerous therapies to aid the fight against sleep apnea.For more than 15 years of professional experience, he has worked to establish a dental force against sleep apnea which is one of the silent killers in the night. He is striving to be named the best dentist in the United States.

Goettl Promotes Dan Burke to Chairman of Board of Advisors

Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning managing partner and owner, Ken Goodrich, has announced that the former President and Chief Executive Officer has stepped down. According to the announcement, Dan Burke has left of office to receive a promotion to become the Chairman of Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. Dan Burk, the former President and Chief Executive Officer, has worked in Goettl Air Conditioning for more than three decades through his trajectory in power. While he was working as the president of the company, Dan Burke has led the company to sustainable growth through his managing experience in this field. For this reason, he is one of the most valuable assets in Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.

According to Ken Goodrich announcement, he stated that Dan Burke would work in the capacity of the Board of Advisors Chairman. For this reason, Ken Goodrich will also resume the seat as the President of the Company. While he is the newest President and Chief Executive Officer, he will continue to receive guidance and advice from Dan Burke as the current Chairman of the Board of Advisors. For Goettl, Ken and Dan will both resume their seats to assume responsibilities presented to them in their offices.

While Burke will be working as the board of advisors, he will also render his services as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company in the capacity of the Chairman. According to Ken Goodrich, he says that he will benefit from his management because of his vast experience and skills in management. For the initiative and strategic development countenance, he will work to develop high-end initiatives in the field. According to the announcement, Dan Burke will also chair and lead the local philanthropic and community involvement practice sin the company.

According to Goodrich, Dan’s leadership has given many benefits to the company. For this reason, he will work in the capacity of the chairman to continue extending his services and exclusive dedication to Goettl Air Conditioning. For the sake of the community, he will also work to advise all stakeholders on various capacities to help them make informed decisions. We are all confident that Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning will continue to flourish through his support and skills in the management positions in the company. His continued leadership and presence in the company as a member of the advisory board poses significant benefits for Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.

Fashion and Technology–Is it Really an Ideal Partnership?

Fashion and Technology have a tendency to move and blend together. This profound insight comes from Chris Burch–self-made billionaire and founder of Burch Creative Capital. And quite frankly, when the reader is able to review the integration of fashion into technology, each, truly complement one another, in a very idyllic and practical sort of way–as Mr. Burch points out, beautifully. The provided text gives more in the way of insights and details regarding Mr. Burch’s insightful philosophy.


Evolution of Musical Mobile Devices:


Historically-speaking, the seventies boom box brought much in the way of excitement for its user. It provided the musical enthusiast a way to move about enjoying his or her favorite musical scores and radio stations. There were two cassette decks, on the musical device. One side played music; the other side recorded music. In the eighties era, story lines of movies made the boom box more practical, as a device to carry around, to truly enjoy audio entertainment. When the nineties era arrived, the musical apparatus was scaled down a bit, in the form of the legendary Walkman. The next decade witnessed the introduction of the iPod. It is obvious, then, that as technology evolves, it does so accordant to popular technological trends.


Current Technological and Fashion Trends Exist Side-by-Side:


During the current decade, a grand partnering of fashion and technology is occurring. Designers of the latest fashions are delighted in creating deliverables, by way of using technological innovations. Anouk Wipprecht is a Dutch Fashion Designer. She has inspired the fashion world by merging fashion and technological innovation. She mentions that she enjoys experimenting with fashion and technology. She discovered that in doing so, the bonus of discovering technological and fashionable partnerships are seemingly endless. She is famous for designing the DareDroid—a drink-making dress, and Pseudomorphs—a self-painting dress.


Futuristic Thinking:


The preceding said, fashion is advancing by way of technology. One example of a merger of fashion and technology comes in the form of bicycling protection. Okay: It is reasonable to say that wearing protective wear, with regard to cycling, is not exactly a fashionable act: however, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have created a system, wherein, a person wears protective wear about his or her neck. This grand invention is titled the “Airbag for Cyclists.” The airbag is made to pop open; quite literally, out of the neckwear, when an accident occurs. The airbag provides protection for the rider’s head. The protective neckwear, further, allows the rider to have much better clarity, as to the road, than when he or she wears a biking helmet. The professional firefighter is assured a great deal of protection, in way of wearing Frontline Gloves. The protective firefighting apparel is the creation of Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon. The Frontline Gloves provide firefighters with information such as when to exit the scene of the fire, or to assure his or her other associate that matters are currently under control.


Designers, too, recycle materials in order to create fashion. In example, SegraSegra has recycled bicycle inner-tubes in order to create T-shirts and jackets. Additionally, Emma Whiteside was successful in creating a large gown out of recycled copper from radiators.


Technology and fashion, too, can be merged in order to positively create energy. Movement is changeable into electrical energy. Apparel is able to capture kinetic energy. This energy form is used to power up such items as the mp3 and watches. Soledad Martin is currently at work on a pro-type for shoes. The walker or runner, when wearing the shoes, will be able to charge his or her cellular phone while walking or running.


Obviously–It is Clear–Fashion and Technology Share the Same Playing Field:


Now and then technological innovations need help from the fashion world in order to gain in popularity. In example, for many years, wearing eye-apparel was not as trendy as it is today. In this regard, Google Glass, was once very much appreciated by the person who enjoyed quoting facts and figures, from memory; however, not so much by others. Diane Von Furstenberg was able to change people’s attitude about wearing eye apparel. Ms. Von Furstenberg, had her beautiful models wear the Google Glass, while on the runway. It is a given, that high-style fashion shows, quickly, wake up the general public to the latest trends, and the preceding strategy presented no exception.


It is clear that technological innovations and fashion evolve together and are assistive to each other. The technology of the future leads into the future of fashion. It is correct to state that fashion is an extension of technology—by way of creating fashions with a great deal of practicality and operability. This trendy excitement is relative to what each industry brings to the playing field. Once the trend is recognized, the result is a safer and more expressive environment, where everyone enjoys working and taking part in recreational opportunities.


Notes Regarding Chris Burch–Founder of Burch Creative Capital:


Chris Burch possesses a unique investment philosophy. He incorporates his vision, with regard to emerging markets as well as trend-setting markets along with his entrepreneurial skill-set. He practices sound financial investment and invests in disruptive innovations and unique business opportunities, with the feature attached of long-term profitability. During Chris’s thirty-year tenure, as entrepreneur and investor, he has successfully invested in well over fifty recognizable brands and companies. He, accordingly, makes use of an intuitive approach with regard to the preceding stratagem. He reviews consumer behaviors as it pertains to new products. His company, Creative Capital, is a representation of his investment objectives and philosophy. Chris knows that by combining creative expressionism and financial stability, he has constructed a solid road to investment success. He points out that the investor of today is one who possesses passion with regard to the products, wherein, he or she places her investment dollars; recognizing along the way, the value of the product or service presented, to the world—in general. Mr. Burch has many brands listed within his portfolio. Some of the brands include: ED by Ellen DeGeneres; Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin and TRADEMARK. Other interesting brands include Faena Hotel, Jawbone, Next Jump, Voss Water and more. The company is relative in that it is very supportive in the development of consumer brands, which range from that of retail, clothing, home furnishings, the hospitality industry, technological innovations, organic foods and other interesting trendy and popular categories. Mr. Burch, too, invests in real estate. He has residences in Miami; Southhampton, New York; Sumba, Indonesia; and Senlis France.


Mr. Burch, outside of his creative investment activities, enjoys the out-of-doors. He is an angler and a sailing enthusiast. One can only guess, when sailing the sea so blue, what creative investment approaches are hitting the surface of Mr. Burch’s expressive thought processes.


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