EOS Lip Balm Revolutionizes the Market

More than ten years ago, a new company entered the scene of the makeup and wellness industry. The company of Evolution of Smooth is internationally known under the name of EOS. The EOS lip balm was the product that made the EOS company one of the most famous lip balm businesses in the world.

The collaborative founder of Evolution of Smooth Mr Sanjiv Mehra talked about his experience and the process of creating the product. There were several starting and directional points that the team of EOS used in order to create a unique product. It took more than a year to come up with a finished product that was ready to be launched on the market.

The first step to creating the EOS lip balm was to look at the products that were already on the market. Back when the team of EOS started working on the lip balm, there were no exciting products. They looked generic and similar. The tubes were slim cylinders made of white plastic, and they smelled medicinal at best. The team of EOS went the exact opposite direction

The prototype for the lip balm turned into spheres in a variety of pastel colours. The product is in the shape of a half sphere that has all kinds of flavours. Today, the EOS lip balms come with hundreds of flavors such as Coconut Milk, Vanilla milk, summer fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, and much more. There are several lines, and each shares a common theme such as shimmer, duo colours, organic spheres, smooth spheres, active protein smooth spheres, and so on. The products are available on local Target stores and online on Amazon.

The company is proud to have created hypoallergenic and free of gluten. All of the products of the EOS Company are dermatologically tested. The skin care-AU products are infused with vitamins and other nourishing ingredients. EOS are coming out with more products as well. Visit the company’s website: evolutionofsmooth.ca


Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aids in Advancements of Sleep Apnea Research and Solutions

Sleep apnea is one of the most destructive diseases among the obese population of the world. In the recent past, many deaths have been reported as a result of this condition. For this reason, Avi Weisfogel determined to create a better world where this situation could be mitigated through the innovation of strategic therapies. The medical profession has also seen the great need to include these treatments to their sleep apnea patients. New research into the condition has shown that this disease is related to other conditions like stroke, diabetes, and the heart disease. For this reason, more research is being developed to develop special treatments for this condition.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the most experienced American dentists in this field. He is a dentist by profession. However, he has used his knowledge in dentistry to develop more than 100 therapies used to treat patients with sleep apnea. For this reason, he has also gained recognition by the American Medical Society as the best dentist. He has also been voted as the best dentist of the year in the past few years. He has worked to advance his study and developments in the medical industry. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is also the Founder and CEO of the Dental Sleep Masters Company. This is a company that is dedicated to training healthcare professionals and medical practitioners on the methods used to treat patients through the sleep apnea medical therapies.


The Dental Sleep Masters Leader and Founder, Dr. Avi Weisfogel, has led the cause of action to help treat this disease in many ways. According to a recent study in the medical platform, more than 90 percent of those people suffering from this disease remain undiagnosed. While this illness kills those who are not aware at the fastest rate, medical doctors are now offering free checkup for obese people. Other research also reveals that this condition is associated with other medical conditions like stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. For this reason, those with these medical conditions must consider using these services in the best way possible. The Dental Sleep Masters Company is steering the innovation of sleep apnea medical treatments.



Breaking Off With Wengie And The Hair

If you have a habit of sleeping with your hair pulled back in a ponytail or even in a braid, you need to stop as it’s just damaging the hair. The friction will make the hair brittle and cause it to break off. If you have to sleep with something in your hair, consider using a nylon stocking as this is softer. A satin pillowcase helps to keep the hair from breaking as it doesn’t cause as much friction.


A Key to Cassio Audio

Endless components impact how investments work. Regardless of the way that the elements can be hugely remarkable, some of the variables are settled to two or three key parts of investment. One of the fundamental areas is the investment type. There are some investments that perform well as contrasted with others because of their predominant nature. Despite the fact that, there will constantly be exceptions, recognized investors such as Cassio Audi foresee the positive or negative impacts for any investment project.
There are different investment associations’ services that can give strong guidance and proposals regarding investments. The impacts of such organizations are practically traced worldwide. Companies in that sector have the understanding of the investment and specific areas where specific kind of businesses thrive. This learning is basic since to fathom the performance limits of an investment, promotes places where companies ought to invest their resources.
For example, an investment inside Brazil will work out distinctively and not comparable to any part of the globe. The associations have additionally the ability to look at investments and know particular investment that ought to be done by the kind of investment, and also future trends that may occur and how investments ought to be performed. Great ideas can only be complimented with proper planning in investments.
Cassio Audi is a great evaluator within business investment with his wide experience offering him with special outlook on how things are carried out. Becoming more acquainted with additional information about the potential for your investment is a key need for any enterprise. Cassio Audi is well known in sorting out every factor that is required for the achievement of an investment. As an investment chief, he comprehends the most ideal approach to reveal the best projects. Cassio Audi ordinarily gives a tremendous exertion and uses his abilities for any investment choices.

James Dondero – Excellent leadership and Rich Professional Experience

Mr James Dondero is a highly successful businessman in the United States of America. Mr James Dondero lives in Dallas, Texas. That is also where Highland Capital Management has its main building. He has worked as a President of the company for many years, and he also founded the business in collaboration. Among the many responsibilities that Mr James Dondero has at his position of president, is making sure that the investment strategies of Highland capital management are up to par. The investment business is often changing and developing, and Mr James Dondero has to stay on top of the changes. Other strategies that he oversees are the retail strategy and how the institutional products are being handled by the company.


Mr James Dondero has amassed a treasure trove of professional experience over the course of his successful career. He is also an expert in the fields of credit markets. In fact, Mr James Dondero is among the original pioneers of CLO – Collateralized Loan Obligation.


Mr James Dondero has received a significant number of awards over the course of his career. He has been recognized for his expertise in the credit markets as well as for his excelled skills as a leader of the Highland Capital Management. Among his most coveted awards is the one he received in 2014 – Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation. In 2014, Mr James Dondero was also awarded the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities, and he also received the first place in the leaderboard Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund in 2014 which is also created by Morningstar’s.


Mr James Dondero received his education from the University of Virginia. He majored in Accounting and Finance. He is also a Certified Management Accountant which means that he is authorised to make use of the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.


Among his other positions, Mr James Dondero is also a valuable part of NexBank – he serves as Chairman of the Board. He is also Chairman of the Board of CCS Medical Corporation as well as Chairman of the Board of Cornerstone Healthcare. He has contributed significantly to the companies.


Eric Lefkofsky and the Reason Behind Tempus

Founder and CEO of Tempus Eric Lefkofsky is a wealthy billionaire putting his leisurely days aside to aid medical experts to fight cancer. Tempus is a company that works as a platform for sharing technology and data necessary combat cancer. Mr Lefkofsky also has established a few other companies. He and his wife, Liz, created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in early 2006. The Foundation is a charity one that was designed to help the community. Mr Eric Lefkofsky received his education from the University of Michigan – School of Law from which he graduated with a J. D. Eric at Facebook .

What prompted Mr Eric create the company Tempus was the fact his wife, Liz, was diagnosed with breast cancer. They tried to find a doctor that would help his wife, but at the time there had been very little research conducted on that kind of cancer. That was extremely discouraging for the both of them, but Mr Eric Lefkofsky was not about to give up.

Years later, Tempus is dedicated to medical research through the analysis of data. One of the greatest achievement of the Tempus company is that the large team of experts developed an operating system that is dedicated to analysing data about cancer. The operating system works with both molecular and anatomic data, and it connects it with other clinical data generated from medical systems from all across the United States of America. When all of the data is put into one place, medical experts are able to have a slightly more clear picture of the finding that has been made so far. That makes the chances of finding a cure for the disease higher, and that is what every doctor is hoping to achieve. It all starts with knowing as much as possible about cancer after that treatment and therapies are developed and tested. The result is analysed next.
Currently, Tempus works with a number of local hospitals. Some of the include Rush University Medical Center, the Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Northwest University, and the University of Chicago, which is the most recent partnership of Tempus. Eric at Twitter .

www.forbes.com/profile/eric-lefkofsky for more.

Dave Giertz Talks About The Importance Of Social Security

David L. Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc., talks about social security and how advisors aren’t speaking about it to their clients.

According to David on angel.co, there was a survey that took place with people that were retiring or about to retire, and they found out that most people aren’t receiving any feedback from their advisors about social security and its importance.

Another interesting data that showed up in the survey was that four out of five-people stated that they’d change their advisors if the professional were not talking about social security at all.

The topic on twitter.com seems to be avoided by advisors mainly because of how complicated the rule can be for people that are not familiar with it to comprehend initially. Since it is complex to explain, consultants end up deciding not even to mention it at all.

This issue needs to be acknowledged since clients have already stated that they would move into another professional in the area if they realized that the hired specialist is omitting information about social security for the sake of not knowing how to explain it at all. Source: https://about.me/davidgiertz

David Giertz is currently the President of NFS Distributors Inc. and is responsible for managing sales and advertising strategies. He has knowledge and experience in the fields of life insurance and retirement plans that make him an important voice when talking about the importance of revealing social security for clients.

Giertz had his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Management in Millikin University and later had his MBA at the University of Miami, also in Business Administration.

With over 30 years in the industry, David Giertz has a lot of experience to share. He has made his article about how “Advisors are eager to learn Social Security claiming strategies,” written in 2015, that covers more information about the topic.

Orthopedic Surgeon Gregory Finch

Orthopedic surgeons deal mostly with issues concerning the joints and muscles, and the skeleton of the human body. Orthopedic surgery involves the repairing of the muscles in the human body and other similar conditions. As an orthopedic surgeon, they deal with problems ranging from the shoulder to the spine.

One common surgery an orthopedic surgeon would perform is a joint replacement. Someone who needs a joint replacement commonly has had a long history of authorities. The surgeon will go in and determine where the joint needs repair and remove the damaged parts of the joint and replace them with metal and plastic that is molded to fit the spot so that normal movement can be attained. Another common orthopedic surgery is shoulder replacement surgery. The damaged part of the bone and cartilage is also replaced with metal or plastic shaped to the body part. Over time the patient will regain more range of motion with their shoulder and pain will decrease.

Gregory Finch is an Australian based orthopedic surgeon. As an Orthopedic surgeon, Gregory Finch specializes in minimally invasive spinal surgery, disc replacement, and other orthopedic surgery. He currently works at Sunshine Coast Hosptial but has spent time at other hospitals throughout his career.

Gregory Finch has dedicated his a lot of his time in spinal surgery and even two years working with world leaders in spinal surgery. He spent time honing his skills in the US, UK, and Germany. Although he does have a special interest in spinal surgery he has a lot of experience in all aspects of orthopedic surgery.

Troy McQuagge Continues To Excel At USHealth Group By Bringing Home The Gold

Just to be recognized by your peers at the One Planet Awards for business distinction is an accomplishment worthy of respect. Winning the Gold Award for CEO of the Year at the influential awards show takes that prestige to another level.

Troy McQuagge was the 2016 Gold Winner as CEO of the Year that honors the best in business and professional excellence and his earning the title is a testament to the leadership and standards he brings to USHealth Group and it’s subsidiaries.

Not content to simply lead and take all the accolades himself, Troy instead stated “It’s an honor to be named by One Planet Awards to receive this esteemed industry and peer recognition. In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHealth Group, Inc.”.

Nominations for the One Planet Awards are received from all over the world by organizations that include public/private, profit and non-profit, large or small and start-ups.

Troy McQuagge began his career at USHealth Group in 2010 as the President and CEO of their insurance sales subsidiary USHealth Advisors, LLC. With Mr. McQuagge at the helm, USHealth Advisors was able to increase their agent base and new business sales volume by %480 and %560 respectively. Annual record sales results earned him a promotion (as well as keeping his responsibilities to USHealth Advisors) to CEO of USHealth Group, Inc. in 2014. His continued efforts have kept the company’s momentum moving forward “by recording it’s 4th record sales year in a row and establishing a new standard of excellence”.

Mr. McQuagge also won the 2016 award as Most Innovative CEO of the Year in the insurance category and once again made sure to honor the men and women of USHealth for their “commitment to excellence and innovation”.

Adam Milstein Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a native of Israel who is a real estate investor, a philanthropist, and a community leader. He grew up in Israel and fought in the Yom Kippur war as a naval member of the IDF. In 1981 he came to the United States and earned his MBA in Entrepreneurship at USC, which was followed shortly with the beginning of a career in Commercial Real Estate.

He is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties and is also very active in the community in various philanthropic and community organizations. He is the co-founder and the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He also sits on the board of several other organizations of note.

Adam was recruited by several US companies after he receives his MBA, but they had no knowledge nor did they want to know about his life experiences and overall knowledge, so he decided to go into business for himself. That is when Hager Pacific Properties was organized, and the ball started rolling to make it the successful Commercial Real Estate Brokerage that it is today.

As Adam Milstein looks back on those days, he realizes that when business are started they don’t immediately become successful, and the same is true for new investments in commercial real estate. It takes great patience to be involved in this business, and it is not a “get-rich-quick type of business at all.

When asked about what happens during a typical day at work, Adam answers that you don’t always know what for certain each day is going to look like so he likes to take each day as it comes. There is more structure to require activities the more assets that are acquired which require more activities and follow-up.

Speaking of following up, that is one of Adam’s primary activities because he says that if you don’t make that a habit, there are plenty of details that will slip through the cracks. He likes to be the instigator of pushing ideas until they come to life. Daily follow ups make it possible to track the details, so the unexpected doesn’t become a reality.