Kevin Seawright Combines Efforts to make Positive Change in the Baltimore Area

When RPS Solutions LOC combined efforts with the national community stabilization trust they were able to take their synonymous and ambition and double their efforts in helping the communities in the Baltimore area. Both organizations have a passion with connecting people with the homes of their dreams those who typically would not be able to afford or know how to go through the process accurately of purchasing their first home. Read more at Markets Insider.

Often times even the method of purchasing a home is not what gives people hiccups, but often times people don’t have the finances or the means to find a home that is affordable for them. Kevin Seawright leads RPS Solutions LLC and their task to find both the homes and individuals. Most recently Kevin Seawright was able to help Ms. Anita Blue and finding the town house of her dream. This townhouse was in the Baltimore area and had many attractive features for Ms. Anita Blue that she was sold on the idea. The home had a total of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and 1400 ft². Outside the home is 4000 total lot space and Ms. Anita said over allall the space would truly accommodate her family very well. Some features that Ms. Anita Blue really enjoyed or her new granite countertops and hardwood floors. Installed also in the home was a new set of windows throughout the house and an updated fireplace. This is just one of many examples of the 23,000 homes at the NCST has been able to provide matches for qualified buyers.

It is truly a daunting task the home search process the process of evaluating whether you’re qualified or not and also in emotional strain on individuals. The type of people that will especially have a hard time with this process are the elderly and those who are disabled. However, Kevin Seawright with RPS Solutions LLC makes these the type of individuals that he looks out for because he knows the process would be possibly more difficult for them or more frustrating. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

NCST knows how to take vacant homes and abandoned homes and remodel them in such a way that they are immaculate and capable of being the home that anyone would love to stay in. NCST decided to partner with RPS s

Solutions LLC because they believed that their finance, business, and management skills could take them to even greater heights especially through the leadership of Kevin of RPS Solutions LLC



Milan Kordestani’s expertise in equestrian and farming

Milan Kordestani was born in California, and he attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school at his young age. In 2009 his parents divorced; therefore, he along with his family relocated to London. Kordestani continued his education at the Eaton Square School. In 2010 they relocated again to the Bay area where he enrolled at the Sacred Heart Preparatory. He finished his high school education in 2017.

Kordestani stated equestrian when he was ten years old. When interviewed by The National Horseman he said his memories when he first rode a horse at the most substantial moment. Also, he indicated his expertise in equestrian was as a result of hard work and dedication. After they moved to Atherton, Kordestani enrolled for horse riding lessons where he rapidly progressed to world champion levels. He ranked position at the Worlds Championship Horse Show and won Triple Crown of the first and third leg in 2015. Milan became the runner-up at the Worlds Championship show in 2016.

Besides equestrian expertise, Milan kordestani is also a farmer. In 2015, he founded Milan Farms and currently he is its chief executive officer. His farms raise poultry and organically grow 100% natural saffron. Now, his firms provide mint, saffron and organic eggs. Milan Farms aims at creating honest and compassionate alternatives to the consumer. In his farms, he uses organic tactics to raise animals. Milan uses transparency to enable their customers to know what ingredients make a product. Clarity is the philosophy in which Milan Farms operates. Additionally, Kordestani is the first farmer producing saffron naturally.

Since its inception, Milan Farms have expanded significantly. Today, the farms have three farms which distribute saffron worldwide and eggs across the west coast for instance in Colorado. Moreover, Milan farms use tradition as well as innovative techniques in the production of saffron. Recently, Milan Kordestani is researching hydroponic systems when growing saffron. He discovered that saffron does well in all fluctuating salinity levels.


David McDonald And The OSI Group Are Expanding Due To A Merger With Turi Foods

Turosi Pty Ltd. has recently been formed due to the merger of Turi Foods and OSI International. This is a fifty percent merger on both sides. Turi Foods has a lot of expertise and experience in farming and processing Australian poultry. This is being combined with the reach and scale of the OSI Group. This means Turosi will have the capability to provide the marketplace with a full range of food solutions. David McDonald has been a large part of the success of the OSI Group.

The OSI Group and Turi Foods will continue the operations of plants located in Victoria, Geelong and Thomastown. The manufacturing of the processed products at Blacktown in New South Wales, Eagle Farm in Queensland and Broadmeadows in Victoria is expected to continue. Several farming operations located in Victoria will also continue production. The OSI Group has been concentrating on an international expansion. This is partially due to the vision of David McDonald as well as his experience in the industry. The merger with Turi Foods is part of this expansion.

Turi Foods is a family owned business in addition to being one of Australia’s largest processors of poultry. The company supplies roast chicken outlets, quick service restaurants, butcher shops, specialty chicken retailers and major supermarkets. The OSI Group is a privately owned company. David McDonald makes numerous decisions regarding their wide variety of proteins supplied to major retail outlets, foodservice markets and quick service restaurants all over the Asia-Pacific region.

All stages of the merger transaction for Turi Foods were acted on by Grant Thornton. His due diligence was necessary for the complex tax structures of the deal, the post deal integration and a completion of the accounting. The determination for a shared ownership was decided on by both the OSI Group and Turi Foods. Both companies believe their similar culture will enable them to share their individual expertise. The result is expected to be a food solution group that is world class. The Chairman of Turi Foods is Sam Cuteri. He announced he was anticipating bringing the dedicated teams of Turi Foods and the OSI Group together.

Both Turi Foods and the OSI Group have built strong businesses with good reputations for their customers. David McDonald believes the merger between the two companies represents a tremendous potential. He feels their customers can be served in innovative and new ways. This will additionally provide opportunities for the two teams to achieve excellence together.

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How Jed McCaleb Is Shaking Things Up With Stellar

Stellar CTO Jed McCaleb, in an interview with CNBC in March, predicts that blockchain technology will change the way international business is conducted. The co-founder of Stellar, Jed McCaleb is in charge of the technical development of the platform and has big plans for the future. No stranger to innovation, Jed McCaleb created eDonkey in 2011 and was also an early pioneer of the first BitCoin exchange, Mt. Gox. His latest endeavor, Stellar, is one such blockchain technology. Relying on digital tokens, Jed McCaleb observes “it seems pretty clear to me, in the future, there will be an operable universal payments network”, one he predicts that will even allow people to use legal tender, such as dollars and euros, rather than cryptocurrencies through the blockchain.

Founded in 2014, According to McCaleb, he hopes that Stellar will fill the role as a universal payment system by 2028, envisioning a future wherein assets such as stocks and bonds are traded on the Stellar blockchain. A long time crypto developer and innovator in technology, McCaleb insists that Stellar’s technology will fundamentally change the way international payments and fundraising is handled by 2028.

Given his strong resume and reputation in crypto currency, Jed McCaleb is a cryptocurrency pioneer and is not someone to ignore. The developer of eDonkey, founder of the Mt.Gox BitCoin exchange, and CTO and co-founder of Stellar McCaleb has a wide berth of skills and knowledge within the world of digital currency. His assertions about the future of international financial systems are bolstered by the popularity of Initial Coin Offerings, which Autonomous Next’s research shows have drawn in nearly $9 billion in just over four years.

The Stellar token, the Stellar Lumens (XLM), has been on an upward trend only recently seeing a downturn. To help combat this, Stellar has adopted the lightning network to help lead the way in future press coverage and neutralize future drawbacks. With a solid technology base, Jed McCaleb looks to lead the way on the creation of a universal digital currency exchange.

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Talk Fusion Compared to Other Experts in the Marketing Field

When people are looking into making money online, they have to be careful about what they come across. There are a ton of scams out there. A lot of them come in the form of lessons that can help people improve their marketing. One thing that they promise is that the marketer is going to make tons of money within a short amount of time. This often gets people to pay for the product that is being offered. The only thing is that it is not guaranteed to work. Another thing is that some of the products only teach people what is already being talked about on websites for free.


Fortunately, Bob Reina has something that is going to help people learn how to use his product. This type of product tis a class known as Talk Fusion University. One thing about this university is that everything is explained in a way that is easy to understand. Therefore, people who take this class is going to be able to learn what they need to know easily. Bob Reina does have the ability to teach people in ways that will not only make them understand but spur them into action.


Another thing that Bob Reina does that sets him apart from the other “gurus” is that he charges very little for the services. This saves people a lot of money. One thing that he understands is that a lot of the marketers are not going to have a lot of money. Therefore, it would be counter-productive to spend a lot of money to get some lesson that they are probably going to learn anyway with enough experimentation or research on the websites they visit for free. After all, the internet has tons of communities that can teach people what they need to move forward. Learn more:


Felipe Montoro Jens on Sao Paulo PPP Contract

In a recent report, he mentioned that Sao Paulo City Hall had already signed up the PPP contract. The reason was for illumination of the state capital. In the first half of March, Sao Paulo mayor signed the PPP contract. That was on the 9th march. The contract will replace the current city lighting with LED lamps. The development is part of a project to modernize lighting. Winner Of the bidding, FM Rodrigues Consortium will carry this out, explains Felipe Montoro Jens.

Rodrigues’s promise is to replace in three years 535,713 points of illumination. Felipe emphasizes that the previous management had implemented the other 82,642 points. This was after a command issued by the then mayor Fernando Haddad. He had launched the bidding in 2015.

The first region to get LED lights according to the City Hall of San Paulo was Morumbi Avenues. Rio Branco and Valdemar Tietz would follow. According to Sao Paulo mayor, Joao Dona, new lighting will assist in mobility in the city. The mayor also guaranteed that it would improve the safety of the general public. Visit to learn more.

The monthly consideration of the winning consortium will be R $28.8 million. This is according to the municipal administration. This indicates that there will be a 4.1% decrease from the original estimated amount of R $30.1 million.FM Rodrigues’s responsibility is not limited to the exchange of lights. It will also have the task of replacing existent copper wires with aluminum.

Felipe Montoro Jens, the expert points out that the strategy is to reduce high cases of theft of the material. The consortium also is responsible for installment of tele-management devices on poles. .Their work is to warm whenever the lights stop working.

He further states that FM Rogrigues’s proposal was almost R $5.5 million higher than its competitor’s. Walks Consortium’s proposal was R $ 23.3 million while that of Rodrigues stood at R $28.8MILLION.



Jeff Yastine Helps People Pick the Best Stocks to Invest In

The problem with the people these days is that they make their investment decisions by following what the mainstream financial media has to say. While there are instances when some of the tips and investment tricks that the reporters say on mainstream media works, most of the times, it can lead to losses if followed blindly. People need to be careful where they are putting their hard-earned money in and must take measures for not only wealth creation, but also have a long-term strategy that can help with safeguarding the investments in the long-term. There are many ways one can do that, but the primary way that most financial expert would suggest is to ensure that you diversify your investments. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

Banyan Hill Publishing started in 1998 and is one of the leading financial publishing houses in the country with over 400,000 subscribers. It has many different financial newsletters that it publishes on a monthly and weekly basis. He is one of the senior editors with Banyan Hill Publishing and has more than two decades of experience in the financial sector. Having anchored PBS Business Nightly Reports for nearly two decades has provided Jeff Yastine with the opportunity to discuss the financial market and investment tips with some of the top investors, businessmen, and financial experts, such as Michael Dell, Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson, and many more.

Jeff Yastine has done graduation in journalism from the University of Florida and went on to become a news anchor at PBS. At the time, the newscast was one of the most watched financial news networks with over one million household watching it every night. Staying in the know of the financial market is one of the passions of Jeff Yastine, and he has ensured that he puts his wealth of knowledge to good use by becoming the editor with Banyan Hill Publishing. He also writes finance and investment based articles for two of the top newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing, which includes Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. In 2007, he was also nominated for the Emmy Award for Business and Financial Reporting for his news report on the under-funded infrastructure sector in the United States.

Jeff Yastine is also the editor of Total Wealth Insider, which is a newsletter that is dedicated to helping people identify penny and binary stocks in the market that are expected to grow in prices in the near future, and contribute to long-term wealth creation. Check:


Anil Chaturvedi, Master Bank Manager

Anil Chaturvedi, a veteran banker with decades of market exposure under his belt. A graduate of Meerut University, India in 1971, one of Chaturvedi’s first major positions was a Manager of Development and Planning at the State Bank of India. His tenure at this bank lasted for roughly three and a half years. While at the State Bank of India, Chaturvedi was responsible for carrying out various marketing strategies. Mainly to get Indians in the United States who were not residents more involved with his business.

Chaturvedi would then move on and got involved with an American bank known as ANZ Grindlays Bank, New York. His role at this bank held more responsibility. He was the head of operations, in charge of many elements ranging from product development to regulatory and compliance issues. His days at ANZ Grindlays would come to end and sprouted the next stage of his market exposure.

Chaturvedi would then spend nearly the next two decades at Merrill Lynch (1993-2011), one of the world’s largest and well known banks. Chaturvedi’s edge would be in specialized investments for high net worth players. His role as a private banker allowed him to cover markets in the USA, Europe, Asia, and India. He boasts a massive net worth himself and has been able to compete in the market arena over the span of many decades. This ability to thrive in volatile and non-volatile environments is unimaginable. His understanding of the markets has lead him to excel at arguably one of the most impactful investment banks in the game.

Now working at the Hinduja Bank located in the Geneva Area, Switzerland. Chaturvedi acts as a Managing Director in which he is mostly involved with the corporate advisory business. There he helps facilitate strong relationships between strong corporates throughout Europe, the United States, India and Asia.

Without a doubt, Anil Chaturvedi is among one of the world’s leading market analysts and continues to this day to flourish in the constantly changing market atmospheres.

How Robert Deignan Keeps His Tech Company On The Cutting Edge

Robert Deignan is a businessman who has been in the tech sector just about 20 years. After completing high school in 1992 he chose to attend Purdue University. He earned his degree in business management in 1995 and had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. He spent three years working for other before he was able to co-found his own company which was Fanlink, Inc, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He says he learned a lot about the process of starting a company and what type of mindset and skills it took to succeed.

After garnering three years of experience as an entrepreneur Robert Deignan was hired by iS3 Inc. as their new executive vice president. This software company offers several software solutions such as computer optimization, tech support, and digital security. In this role he developed a lot of his leadership and team building skills. This led to him co-founding another tech company in August 2011, ATS Digital Services, LLC. As the Chief Executive Officer Robert Deignan guides this company’s strategic vision and has a developed a strong leadership team.

At ATS Digital Services he has built a firm that can solve a multitude of technological issues. His company can help clients whether they need to figure out their mobile devices, how to install hardware and/or software, figuring out digital data storage, troubleshooting a home network, and more. Robert Deignan says his company offers a one-stop-solution for anyone that has a tech problem they need help solving. He says he hires the best and most knowledgeable employees and the culture he built is one that is customer service focused in nature.

As just about everyone is familiar with each year more devices and gadgets get introduced at a sometimes dizzying pace. Even people in the tech industry itself can find it all baffling at times. So that the employees of ATS Digital Services stay up to speed Robert Deignan emphasizes offering continuing education at his firm so that his customer support team can help people with even the newest devices. As he points out tech devices can make life easier but at the same time they can also make it at times more complicated.

Dave McDonald Propels OSI Group into Global Expansion

Over the past few years, OSI Group has maintained a leading position as the top notch premier manufacturer of high-quality proteins alongside other assorted snacks and foods. The company has facilities in more than 17 countries in the world. Over and above that, OSI Group has risen to some of the top positions among the internationally based companies. Even so, this has not been an easy journey for the company as a lot was always at stake for every move that was taken by the management.

A Look at OSI Group

Moreover, in the past years, OSI Group managed to maintain a leading position in the same industry. Constantly working to develop viable business models that will address the needs of its clients, OSI Group has thrived in its ability to supply health food to its clients. While that is true, this did not happen in one day. What additionally fascinates its consumers is the fact that the company has consistently managed to retain a leading position in the industry.

The Onset of the Journey

Like most international firms, OSI Group began as a small firm in Chicago. Majorly, the company dealt with the supply of meat-based foods and snacks. However, over the years, the company received an unusual demand from the consumers. This demand propelled the need for expansion. As at now, OSI Group is thriving in the success of its leadership with the major contributor being David McDonald, the chief operating officer and president of the firm.

What Pushed the Company to the Leading Position?

We all know that the success of an organization lies in the leadership structure. Therefore, for OSI Group to have become an international food supplier, it had to rely on viable strategies of expansion from the likes of Dave McDonald. He is not only the president but also the chief operating officer of the company. Joining the firm straight from the University of Iowa, he majorly focused on building the company’s strategies especially for the ones that focused on excellent customer services. Moreover, he worked on providing the firm with high-quality resources that would later on be used to produce high- quality food for consumption.

The Overview

To a large extent, OSI Group’s global expansion is attributed to the leadership structure adopted by the firm where the leadership involves Dave McDonald’s input in working with foreign business leaders to market OSI Group.

About OSI Group: