Investment Banker Igor Cornelsen Follows Current Events to Invest Successfully

In 1970 Brazilian born Igor Cornelsen had just graduated from the Federal University of Parana. That same year he embarked on a career in banking.

Five years earlier at the age of 18, he was accepted to the Federal University of Parana’s Engineering School. Cornelsen was two years into working towards an engineering degree when he decided to change his career trajectory. Remaining at the University of Parana he changed his major to economics. His engineering classes actually put him at an advantage in the banking industry.

Forty-eight years ago the use of electronics like computers and calculators was uncommon in the banking industry. His engineering studies taught him the use of a slide rule. In banking, he would use a slide rule to figure compound interest. Check more at for more info.

It wasn’t long before Cornelsen’s talent for finance became obvious. In 1974 he was presented with the opportunity to study investment banking. A stand-out in his class he was given a seat on the Multibanco’s Board of Directors. By the time his career with Multibanco ended two years later he was CEO of the company.

After Bank of America acquired Multibanco Cornelsen moved to Unibanco. He spent nine years at Unibanco before entering the employ of Libra Bank PLC a subsidiary of London Merchant Bank. The next stop on Igor Cornelsen’s career path was Standard Chartered Merchant Bank.

He would serve as SCMB’s Brazilian representative and was a member of the board of directors. He struck out on his own in 1995. Twenty-three years later Igor Cornelsen remains an investment banker taking a hands-on approach to the operation of his investment fund.

Today he is based out of Sao Paulo. The beginning of his day coincides with the 8:00 am opening of the European Markets. Cornelsen’s main source of information for managing his investments is Reuters News web service. He states that Reuters’ neutrality and accuracy make it a more dependable source of information than investors or even market analyst.

Cornelsen’s advice to investors is to follow his example of studying the news and learn to recognize how global events affect investments. Read more:


OSI Group Offers A Career In The Food Services Industry

Everyone needs to eat. One of the main tasks of people all over the globe is providing good food for people all year long. Such is the case with OSI Group. They take raw materials and turn them food that people everywhere enjoy eating. Many people may be eating food from OSI Group without knowing it. Those who wish to be part of this growing Aurora, IL food company will find it makes and ideal way to join the food services industry. Under the leadership of OSI President and CEO David G. McDonald, applicants can find many opportunities to work here. In doing so they can be part of an industry that is only likely to continue to see vast expansion in the global marketplace. A career in the food service industry allows employees to help make sure that everyone has access to a good meal. When they are a part of this company, they are a part of a company that is entirely dedicated to providing fabulous and wonderfully tasty food for people no matter where they are or what they are doing. Company officials look for those who love food and want to give people something they can rely on for a fulling and nutritious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A Growing Field

First founded nearly a century ago, today this organization is one that offers food not only in the United States but all over the globe. Employees who work here in their many offices know they must strive to help company officials quality deliver meals from sources as diverse as India and Germany. They also know that they must maintain the highest possible industry standards. As people increasingly spend hours away from their home, they look to places like cafeterias to provide them the calories they need. At this company, they understand that need and strive to meet it. The field of food services will only continue to grow. World population is expected to continue to increase. People will always need to eat. Company officials look for employees who can embrace this growth and use it to their advantage. A career here and in the food services industry can be just right for those who love to eat. Company officials seek employees who are prepared to understand what people like to eat and seek out new ways to deliver it to them no matter where they are.

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Insight into the Career Life of Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman serves as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. Bauman specializes in the matters related to asset protection, migration issues, and low-risk investment strategies. Ted graduated from the State University of New York with a degree in Business Administration and a specialization in management information systems. Later, he furthered in Georgia State University with a Master’s in Business Administration in 2001. Ted has spent much of his life connecting people with the necessary resources needed to propel them to freedom. As a young man, Ted Bauman emigrated to South Africa and studied economics and history. In South Africa, his career revolved around several executive positions in non-profit institutions. He identified with the philanthropic foundation, Slum Dwellers International. The organization deals with helping slum dwellers to access basic needs. To date, it has helped over 14 million people across the globe.

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In the 2000s, Ted took up consultancy work and researched extensively on finance, urban planning, and housing. He worked on research for the United Nation, the World Bank, and the South African government among many others. Ted would later return to the States in 2008 where he landed an opportunity with Habitat for Humanity International as a director. Bauman left the institution in 2013 and joined Banyan Hill Publishing as a full-time writer and editor. In a recent interview, he said that after seeing his daughter to school, he heads to his office in the basement and starts working immediately. Ted is most productive in the morning. Once in a while, he wakes earlier than usual and gets to writing. Most of the days, Ted is usually committed to current news and topics that interest his readers. Posed with the question of how he brings ideas to life, Ted Bauman said that his excellent writing and narrative skills help him in reaching the audience.

Notably, the trend that excites him is the ability of the American reader to ask questions on matters related to the economy. Concern from the people about the government investments is on the rise. As a habit, early mornings ensures that he remains productive. Ted Bauman wishes he would have learned better time management early. As it is so, it’s one of the things he’d do differently. On his failures, Ted has had many but most had less to do with business. From the challenges, he learned to be pragmatic. Ted Bauman relies on mainstream media and some unorthodox websites for his writing. Check:


Glen Wakeman lucrative work history with GE Capital

Glen Wakeman is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holding LLC. As a businessman, he loves to pair talented people with good ideas with the capital they need to get their business off their feet. The only problem is that good ideas need smart planning and structure. That is why lots of small businesses fail. New entrepreneurs can use LaunchPad Holdings simple software platform to get their business idea into a workable plan. With decades of experience Glen Wakeman knows how to run a business efficiently. He came up with a 5 step proven methodology that looks at all aspect of business to make it run more smoothly and successfully. These 5 points are leadership, execution, human capital, governance, and risk management. So many companies that Glen has worked with have succeeded with a little help of his proven method.


Success Story of Glen Wakeman

The CEO attended the University of Scranton and received at BS in Finance and Economics. Moving on got a MBA in Finance from The University of Chicago. It wasn’t long until he dove head first into the work field. He experienced a extremely successful career at GE Capital, see here. He stayed with them for over 20 years and in that time rose to the ranks of CEO for their GE Money Latin American branch. His efforts produced results ten fold in a short period of time. From scratch he build 9 country operations, created multiple products, created dozens of partnerships, and executed over 1000 branches of networking. This equaled out to 17,000 employees and made over $2 billion dollars in revenue. The company’s Board of Directors called him a Growth Leadership role mode. Glen has lived in 6 different countries and is currently learning to speak Spanish. He recently invested in a course at Berlitz and found it to be a wise investment. Whether he is coming up with new business ideas, or meeting with his associates to figure out business plans he always uses his sense of curiosity to delve deeper. Mr. Wakeman attributes this to being successful. It becomes a good way to problem solve and truly understand what’s going on.

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Troy McQuagge & How Project H.O.P.E. Are Giving Back And Changing Lives

Throughout every area of business we can find examples of companies or corporations giving back in philanthropic efforts through charitable donations of their hard earned money or through more direct methods of hand on assistance for those in need. We often hear about the billion dollar industries doing this very thing as well as celebrities but it is not every day that we hear about how an insurance company gives back.

USHEALTH Advisors and their amazing project, H.O.P.E. short for Helping People Every Day and it is far more than just a witty acronym. H.O.P.E. lives up to its name in the sheer volume of assistance it gives back. In fact, in nearly every area where a large meeting is held, there is a direct action of giving back to that area. Read more about Troy McQuagge Son at Daily Kos

One good example of this kind of action is the many thousands of dollars worth of items such as baby formula, shoes, diapers, clothing and other supplies that were needed by The Crisis Nursery, a children’s shelter that operates in the non-profit sector and helps the Scottsdale/Phoenix metropolitan area.

The entire H.O.P.E. program was initiated in 2010 by Troy McQuagge Son shortly after being named president of USHA during its initial years of operation. His first act of helping, demonstrating the mission of H.O.P.E., was done by partnering with the Phoenix of New Orleans organization.

During this partnership, Troy McQuagge as well as other leaders from USHA and the PNOLA organization went into New Orleans to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, taking on the hefty job of razing and rebuilding homes in some of the hardest hit areas in the low Mid-City of New Orleans.

Troy McQuagge son believes in running the H.O.P.E. project and all of its efforts the same way one should live their own lives, to do whatever you can to help others and give back to the communities around you.

The philosophy that drives Project H.O.P.E. is one that is so profound that it is beginning to impact other USHEALTH Advisors Agents, such as with Elizabeth Byrne in their local community of Palm Bay, Florida, where she worked with local charities to raze and restore a home and donated it, mortgage free to an Army Specialist and his family.

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Matt Badiali The Prominent Investment Expert.

Making investments is essential especially when securing a good future for your family. With different industries and market available while investing is always advisable to perform background research or better yet seek an investment expert advice in that particular field of your interest. As a result, this will stop you from making bad investments and increase chances of your success by making better investment decisions.

Natural resources industry is one of the many sectors where investors can venture in. Matt Badiali is an investment guru in natural resources with an education background in Geological Sciences. Matt has been very considerate in offering advice to natural resource investors and has been praised by many due to his exceptional analysis and prediction skills in the market for natural resources. An example is in minerals like gold, iron, platinum and many others, where he has given accurate predictions of the stock market changes and many investors have benefited from it.

Matt got his Bachelors in earth science at Penn State University, and from the University of Florida Atlantic, he pursued his Science Masters in geology. He accumulated vast knowledge in geology and earth science that laid a perfect foundation for his current platform as an investment adviser in natural resources. View Matt Badiali’s profile at LinkedIn.

After he enrolled for his Ph.D., his friend an expert in finance requested for his help in a project that was ongoing. The financial expert wanted Matt to help him engineer ways in which an average investor would invest. Matt was very compliant being as he was growing up he watched his father struggle with investments. He, therefore, created a plan to enable other people to make money rather than lose it. Matt has been passionate and dedicated to seeing investors succeed by offering expert advice to investors.

Badiali established Real wealth estate newsletter with the ultimate goal of extending his services on giving credible advice to investors. Readers are always looking forward to his weekly tips on the investment sector in the newsletter.

Matt Badiali has grown his business by giving people more than what they expect. As a result, this enhances a good relationship with the clients and even before investors spent anything on his firm he has already established credibility and trust with them.

Traveling around in different places is a delight to matt as he learns new ideas and advice to share with investors. Matt has transformed many from average to incredible investors with the exceptional views, information, and recommendation that he offers. Read:

Matt Badiali and Dependable Investment Advice

Matt Badiali is the man behind a newsletter that’s called “Real Wealth Strategist.” He started out as a diligent scientist. He attended Pennsylvania State University. He has an earth sciences bachelor’s degree from the renowned public school, too. He, after that, moved on to Florida Atlantic University. That’s the institution that helped him earn his geology Master of Science degree. Badiali studied at the University of North Carolina for a total of five wonderful years. He was striving to get a PhD. Fate intervened, however, when one of his closest pals told him about the world of finance. This buddy had a finance PhD of his own. His goal was to collaborate with Badiali. His goal was to encourage Badiali to assist him with the process of coming up with smart and effective investment practices as well. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter

Badiali’s existence has been totally different since he set foot into the investment universe. He works hard to aid investors who are looking for great opportunities in natural resources, metals and energy. People who want to thrive in natural resources investments often look up to Badiali. He has many readers who have done extremely well. His investment guidance has changed their lives for the better. He created an Internet newsletter with the cooperation of Banyan Hill Publishing. This took place in the spring of 2017. It’s called Real Wealth Strategist and has already amassed countless dedicated fans. They can’t wait to read the things Badiali has to share about modern investments. They love the natural resource stock tips he offers regularly.

This stocks aficionado wakes up at approximately 6:30 in the morning. He’s a committed father who enjoys watching his sweet daughters prepare for their school days. He enjoys coffee and scans the news each morning. Badiali tends to view some television in the A.M., too. He’s a big fan of the Weather Channel. He likes tuning in to Bloomberg as well. This professional is generally at work by the time 8:00AM rolls around. He generally commences the work day by writing for anywhere between two and three hours total.

Matt Badiali knows a lot about geology. He knows a lot about global travel, too. He’s navigated all sorts of international locations. A couple interesting examples are Singapore and Mexico. This writer has a thirst for comprehensive knowledge. He adores giving people the convenience of top-quality investment suggestions. This keeps him going. Learn more:


Academy Of Art University, Setting High Fashion Standards

In 2017, the Academy Of Art University defiantly set the standards high for the fashion industry. The university attended New York’s famous fashion week for the 21 time since their tradition first began. Academy Of Art University’s students left a great impression with the right people at this event. During New York’s Fashion Week the students who graduated with their Bachelors and Masters in Fashion designed their own clothes to model down the run way. The Academy Of Art University of a very diverse population of their student body. The diversity of the university was shown in a great way. Each student took their differences and created nice pieces to model at the fashion show. The Academy Of Art University was named the future of fashion. The university is very proud of this title. Many people are excited to see what the Academy Of Art University will bring in the up coming years!

The Academy Of Art University is located in San Francisco, California. The school first opened in the early 1900s and the university has had several names before the school finally came up with the perfect one! The school was founded by Richard Stephens. Eventually Richard gave the school to his daughter Elisa Stephens.

Since the school has been opened, they have been growing constantly. As of today, the university has thousands of students who attend. The Academy Of Art University has so much to offer their students. They are one of the few universities who offer associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and master degrees as well. The university has has many different types of majors that they offer to their students has well, more than 20 different minors and majors to be specific!

The Academy Of Art University also offers their students different programs, sports, and organizations to help create diverse students. Students can choose to be on the volley ball team, the basketball team, gulf, or any other the social or academic groups that the Academy Of Art University has.

If you’re interested in arts, the Academy Of Art University is the best school to attend!

The Brown Agency Provides Top Models For Every Industry

Becoming a model is a dream of many young people who are confident in their appearance. They search for the best agency with an astounding reputation of producing the finest talent. When two such entities come together as one, the result is an agency that can provide talent for every aspect of the modeling industry. The Wilhelmina Austin agency, and the Heyman Talent South agency were independent companies that did well from a local stand point. When the Wilhelmina Austin agency joined forces with the Heyman Talent South agency, It was launched in 2016 as The Brown Agency. It then became the first complete service agency in Austin that provided a full range of modeling services.


The Brown Agency has models prepared for the runway, on TV screens, and in print. It is one a few in the state of Texas that has such a large array of modeling talent. When clients sign with the Brown Agency, they know that they are getting the best in the business. The Heyman Talent South agency already had one of the most successful businesses for providing acting talent, and Wilhelmina Austin offerings included runway talent. Now that they are a combined force, the service that they can offer clients is endless. The new company can offer clients a broader, much larger portfolio of talent with more experience, and the talent can receive greater opportunities.


According to Market Wired, at the head of the new Brown Agency is Justin Brown, who had been with the Wilhelmina Austin agency since 2010. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer, and the president. He helped build that agency into a well respected company, one of the best in the central part of Texas. Justin has vast experience in the modeling field. He worked his way through college by being a model himself, and doing fitness modeling with an agency. He modeled mostly jeans that were designed to fit his body type, and made $100 dollars per hour. That took him further than the $6 dollars he would have made washing golf carts. This prepared him for the superior work that he does now with the Brown Agency.


Michael Bonnee was formerly with Heyman Talent South, but has joined the Brown Agency to lend his expertise in the theatrical division. Becoming a full service talent agency is one of the most integral parts of the growth strategy for the Brown Agency. They are extremely proud of their commitment to serving their clients and their talented prodigies. The Brown Agency will have their headquarters in Austin, Texas, and will also have representation in Los Angeles. The Brown Agency selects the best talent, preps them for the large market level, and delivers elegant, professional, and dependable talent to their clients.



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The American Institute of Architects Provides Key Resources for Architects

The American Institute of Architects is an organization that benefits architects. The organization’s headquarters is in Washington, DC. The AIA offers numerous resources to help architects through education and advocacy. The organization also works with other professionals in the construction and design industry. As such, a great deal of coordination takes place that is helping to move the industry forward. The AIA serves as an effective and helpful voice for those in architectural professions.

One example of a training program provided to architects is the Safety Assessment Program. The SAP addresses the safety of an infrastructure after a disaster has occurred. Engineers, architects, inspectors, and building officials benefit from gaining knowledge of proper protocols and how to analyze the situation. Visit at DC Meetings to know more about  AIA.

Robert Ivy is the CEO of AIA, and has an interesting take on the future of architecture. His vision is that tomorrow’s architects will develop new skills that allow them to offer supplemental services. They will also likely become more creative in their consulting duties. They will also serve a wide range of industries. This will help spur the industry as it declined in building works due to a host of economic factors.

Design thinking is the new buzzword, and is being promoted by many business schools across the country. As such, architects may be in a position to lead the way in analyzing and solving problems in new, creative ways. Robert Ivy also reasons that sustainability is the new approach to design. It has to be! Populations all over the world will increase, and there will likely continue to be an assault on nature and natural resources.

Robert Ivy feels design solutions will have to take these factors into consideration, including climate change. Aesthetics and beauty will always be an important element of design, and future design considerations must take into account events like earthquakes and extreme weather conditions. Safety will lead the way for design. The AIA is now over 90,000 members strong, and continues to be an amazing resource for architects. The AIA’s services for architects also include global practice, building codes, matters pertaining to design, and resources for career advancement.