The Sensual Honey Birdette

Big things are happening for the Australian lingerie company, Honey Birdette. First, they recently launched their US dedicate e-commerce website. The company decided to launch a website dedicated to the United States after they saw a 374% increase in sales from the United States. One of the goals with the new website is to make the shipping and receiving process faster; they are also hoping that it will speed up the return process and extend product range for people in the United States. Second, they have plans to expand their three UK locations to forty locations by the end of 2018. There are already ten of those forty locations in the works; these locations will be located in Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, and Westfield Stratford.

Honey Birdette was founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan. The store carries lingerie, toys, and essentials. Both the lingerie and their luxury toy collection are designed at Honey Birdette headquarters. The lingerie ranges in price from $90 dollars for the Tiffany Ivory Bra & Thong set, up to $260 dollars for the Michelle Brief Suspender Set. They have lingerie styles are are sure to meet everyone’s wants and needs. If you are in the market for a sensual toy, Honey Birdette, has a wide range of toys at varying prices. You could get a Maze Easy Beat Egg for as little as $10 dollars or a vibrator for up to $160 dollars. Honey Birdette also offers essentials which include: candles, sensual card games and dice, bondage kits, and lubricant. Honey Birdette employees with help guide you through the buying process to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Highland Capital Management, the Healthcare-Oriented Firm

According to the South Korea-Highland Capital Management, which is an affiliate of a different investment management company Highland Capital Management (Highland), based in Dallas, closed a private equity fund that’s healthcare-focused with a total of $147 million capital commitments. The anchor investor in the fund is NPS (National Pension Service) of South Korea. It started in the year 1988; it’s valued at roughly $499.8 billion (KRW 565 trillion) while the SWF Institute reported their corpus being $465.13 billion.

Investors that are participators of the Highland fund together with NPS Korea have particular goals within the space of health care in addition to the returns of investments. That includes the access to co-investment opportunities to serve their objectives that are strategically in the United States, China, and Korea.

In Asia, Highland is going to be working with Stonebridge Capital, which is a Korean venture capital, and private equity firm that is going to co-manage the fund. The aforementioned is the first private equity fund that’s healthcare-oriented of Highland Capital Management in Asia. While the investors of Asia have been showing interest that’s increasing in the sector in the last two years, most of the investments that have been made until now were through a multi-purpose fund or direct basis.

The primary investment fund targets are going to be healthcare companies of the middle market in Asia and America. As of May 2017, Highland reported healthcare assets of over $1.5 billion under American Utility Management spanning multiple fund structures and asset classes.

Matt Jameson, who is the co-head and managing director of Highland Capital Management private equity said that the U.S health care industry faces some disruptive forces acutely affecting companies that are in the middle market. Health care is the largest industry exposure of the firm and approximately 50 percent of their track record of over 15 years in private equity relate to healthcare companies.

In total, Highland Capital had a $15 billion American Utility Management and is specialized in credit strategies, like collateralized loan obligations and private equity for a special situation, separate accounts and long-only funds, and credit hedge funds.

Scott Rocklage is A Great Example for Us All

Scott Rocklage has been an inspiration for many in his career. Is doesn’t matter if he is working in the field of biochemical research for which he has his Ph.D. or if he is working in entrepreneurship, he is the kind of leader that makes others want to be the best they can be. In both of there mentioned arenas, he is a success.

He holds a Ph.D. and is the managing partner of 5AM Ventures, a position that he has held since 2003. He is also a doctor who has more than 30 years of experience in the area of healthcare management.

In addition to his work with 5AM Rocklage is also very active in other business pursuits. He is not letting his age of 61 years slow him down at all. He sits as the chairman of the board for Semprus, Relypsa, and Achaogen.

He is also active on the board of directors Pulmatrix, WaveRx, and Variation, and is also a member of the board of associates at the Whitehead Institute. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

These are in addition to the chairman positions that he still holds on the board of directors at Kinestral, Rennovia, and Cidara Therapeutics. He is the former chairman at Epirus as well. As one can see Scott Rocklage is not one to sit idle and yet he still manages to find a way to always add in time to help those in the community.

He has helped the FDA test and approve numerous pharmaceuticals which have made a real difference in the lives of those dealing with serious illness. He has assisted many new entrepreneurs in getting their feet under them, and guided their startups to success in the world of health management.

For this he is often turned to by others for advice on how to best proceed with a new venture, undertaking, or project. He is the kind of man who, when he talks, is listened to with great attention and enthusiasm.

Scott Rocklage is the kind of man who can be counted on to be a guiding light to any endeavor that he is associated with. There are few who can boast the kind of success that he has had academically, scientifically, or in the realm of business as he has had.

His philanthropy is generous, and his personality is true and pure. He is a simple man who has achieved greatly, but still stays grounded in the things that are most important in life, and for that he is a good example for us all.

Rocketship Education Influence on the Community

Rocketship Education, a non-profit network of public charter schools, has been of positive influence to the community since it was launched. Since 2007, twenty-five new public charter schools have been opened to help the low-income communities. Business leaders have since come up to give helping hand to these children. Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO and Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook have contributed funds to support the education system. Rocketship community believes that only when they work together with the rest will they have the opportunity to give the low-income children an opportunity to improve their lives.

Rocketship has been recognized for its sterling performance. The network of schools is known for combining the traditional learning system with modern technology. When the network opened its first elementary school, the performance of the school caught the nation’s attention. It was incredible that the school was able to keep high performance with the help of computerized instructions while keeping the costs down.

Parents’ role

The involvement of parents is also a unique aspect of Rocketship Education. Parents are given the opportunity to be involved in interviewing for the teachers. In other schools, a parent will get the chance to meet the teacher after schools begin. Rocketship, however, trains several parents who conduct panel interviews. During the contraction of the school at Southeast Washington, parents were allowed to visit the site and see how things are going before the school opens.

The cores

Rocketship Education has core values that the staff, management, and students follow. The four common values in all their schools are persistence, respect, responsibility, and empathy. However, the fifth value differs from school to school as it is chosen by the parents and teachers. The core value is meant to show the unique vision and character of the school.

Rocketship has social-emotional learning curricula which help the students develop skills that are useful to them and the community. The network always aims to be more of a neighborhood school. Their school at Ward 8 was launched with that principle. Even though the area is considered unsafe, the network hoped that the community would see their effort in helping and enroll their children the school.

Talos Energy is Drilling in the Sureste Basin

Ever since 1938, the only company that has done offshore drilling in Mexico was Petroleos Mexicanos—a state owned company that has been monopolizing the entire Mexican oil industry. However, in 2017, foreign companies have begun to drill in Mexico. On May 21st, 2017, three companies—Talos Energy, Premier Oil and Sierra Oil and Gas started to drill into the Zama-1-well. This is a momentous event in the history of the Mexican oil industry, as well as the oil industry, itself.

Originally, Mexico had nationalized it’s oil industry, which is why Petroleos Mexicanos was the only company operating in Mexico. However, there was as a downturn in the Mexican oil industry, which led to Mexico’s decision to allow foreign oil companies into the Mexican oil industry. In 2015, Premier Oil, Talos Energy and Sierra Oil and Gas won bids to drill.

Experts have reported that there is a good chance that drilling will be successful, due to the shape of the basin that Zama-1-well lies in. The well is in the Sureste Basin, which is located somewhere off the coast of Tabasco, Mexico.

Talos Energy operates the well, and is proud owner of 35% of the venture. Premier Oil owns 25%, while Sierra Oil And Gas owns 45%.

Talos Energy is a small, private company. The employees of Talos Energy love to work for the company, saying that everyone’s ears are open to each other’s concerns. Talos Energy provides a very calm, rational, open minded environment for employees to express suggestions and to talk about recent news. Employees day that the company has a “start up feel.” They believe that such a feeling encourages them to be as creative as possible.

Talos Energy produces and explores offshore hydrocarbon. They specifically focus on areas such as the Gulf of Mexico and the area that is off the shore of Mexico. The company was established in 2012, and has been headquartered in Houston during its existence.

Jim Tananbaum’s Great Support to the Innovative Mindstrong Health Startup

The invention of the long awaited solution to mental disorders has finally come to be. The proposed psychiatric diagnosis and treatment device includes a Smartphone that according to Mindstrong Health, will be used in various brain diagnosis projects. To accomplish this plans, a health program start up, by the name, Mindstrong Health, has been introduced to the health sector. Mindstrong Health has, so far, set aside about $14 million with its primary focus being to improve the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. To attain this kind of funds, and for its innovative invention, the startup received an enormous financial support from various investors such as; the Forsite Capital, ARCH Ventures Partners, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund among others.

The founder and C.E.O of Mindstrong Health Mr. Paul Dagum Saud, in his statement, said that mental disorders had been a rare case to detect in various occasions in a clinical environment. He, therefore, saw the need for such a device in the health industry. He reinforces by saying that, the ailment has no difference with other chronic diseases such as diabetes, and heart diseases, for these reasons, the disease should also be given a high priority by most health facilities. This in return, will contribute to a better outcome of people with mental disorders. The procedure will include the use of a Smartphone to measure brain function. During this process, the patient will have to scroll and type on a phone as the device detects the patterns obtained, and therefore easily displaying the brain functionality information. This process focuses primarily on the patient mood and cognition biomarkers. For instance; it detects the brain processing speed and its memory status. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is an experienced investor in the health care sector. He participated in the construction and management of various health care companies. To start with, he founded a company by the name GelTex Pharmaceuticals, in the earlier years, right after his graduation from Harvard Medical School. GelTex managed to introduce two new brands of medicine to the health market, and to date, the drugs are trading on a high scale of about $1 billion revenues. Apart from that, he also founded Theravance Inc and Theravance Biopharma, alongside the other two that he also co-founded

Jim Tananbaum is a graduate of different institutions such as; the Harvard Medical School, M.S where he attained an M.D. He also holds B.S.S.E & B.S from Yale University, and lastly, he graduated from Harvard Business School with an M.B.A among others. Besides, Mr. Tananbaum has been on the Harvard’s-MIT HST programs advisory board, and a presidential advisory counsel at Yale University. Visit


CEO and Chairman of Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello attended both Yale and Harvard University. He graduated with a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. He also graduated Yale University with both a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Applied Science in Mathematics. Anthony Petrello began his professional career in 1979 when he accepted a job at a law firm called Baker & McKenzie. He was promoted to Managing Partner of the New York branch of the law firm served in that position from 1986 to 1991.

He accepted a job as COO of Nabors Industries Ltd. in 1991. The next year he was promoted to the President of the company. He was chosen to serve as the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries in 2003 and continued in that position until 2012. After 2012, he moved from Deputy Chairman to Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries. Anthony also transitioned into the office of the CEO in 2011.

Nabors Industries Ltd., which is in Hamilton, Bermuda, is the world’s largest contractor of geothermal and natural gas drilling. Nabors Industries operates in several countries such as the United States, Africa, Far East, and the Middle East. Nabors Industries started out as Anglo Energy Ltd. in 1968 but later changed its name to Nabors Industries Ltd. in the late 80’s.

The company provides variety of services such as onshore well-servicing, rigs for offshore oil platform workover, and servicing of offshore drilling rigs. Nabors Industries have a large fleet of marine vessels for its offshore operations. The company also produces top drilling drives, rig instrumentation equipment, directional drilling systems, data collection, drill pipe handling equipment, and rig reporting software. The company currently owns 610 land workover and well-servicing rigs in the US, and in Canada, the company owns 190 rigs, 48 oil platform rigs, 5 barge rigs, and 19 jack-up barge rigs.

About Anthony Petrello :

James Dondero: An Executive Giving Back to the Community

Highland Capital Management is one of the largest financial institutions in Texas, and its president and co-founder, James Dondero, has been leading the company to new heights ever since he took the position. Aside from making sure that the company is doing great with rising numbers, James Dondero never forgets to give back to the community and has been doing his philanthropic works even before he was given the position.

One of the most recent philanthropic works by James Dondero is when he greenlighted the company’s plan to give a challenge grant amounting to $1 million to The Family Place, one of the leading non-government organizations in Texas whose primary objective is to stop domestic abuse. The fund that will be collected by the Highland Capital Management will be handled by their philanthropic arm, the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. The Family Place has originally pleaded companies and corporations across the state of Texas to provide donations for their Legacy Campaign. This campaign managed to get a lot of donations from different bodies, but they are still short of $2.8 million dollars, that is why they had to seek the help of the corporations in order for them to reach their goal. The amount that will be collected will be used to build shelters and centers that will take care of domestic violence victims.

James Dondero has stated that the reason why they are giving away such a huge amount is because they care about the people of Texas. They have heard the request from The Family Place, and have seen the reports about the rising number of domestic abuse in the state. They also stated that the police and the mayor are calling for corporations to help the organization, because they are optimistic that this move would significantly bring the number of victims down. Based on the plan coming from the Family Place, the center that they are planning to build would have different facilities that would cater to the needs of those who are victims of domestic abuse, among them are counseling rooms and recreational rooms. The Family Place have also thanked James Dondero for his generosity, and for his will to help the local population being victims of domestic abuse.

White Shark Media: An Innovation-Based Digital Marketing Firm with a Strong Focus on Review and Management for Results

White Shark Media, a leading digital marketing firm, is known for innovative online marketing solutions with a result-oriented approach. It provides affordable and efficient solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. The company displays a method of understanding the short-term and long-term goals of its clients and designs a digital marketing program meeting the needs of them. While it works with each business, White Shark Media analyses the products or services offered by them and creates a suitable campaign that ensures continued traffic with assured sales in significant volume. Additionally, the firm conducts weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly reviews on its campaigns and shares it with the businesses to show the progress and their positions in search engine ranking.

The firm offers various services in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It includes PPC Evaluation, National PPC Management, Local PPC Management, Enterprise PPC Management, E-commerce PPC Management, SEM Evaluation, Local SEM Management, National SEM Management, Enterprise SEM Management, E-commerce SEM Management, and Local Listing Management. With these services, White Shark Media is declaring that each of its customers is highly-valued for receiving customized and unique services that are fit into their needs. It demonstrates its willingness to collaborate with various industries through a free evaluation option offered for both PPC and SEM through its website.

The digital marketing agency is very particular about addressing various issues its customers facing. Be it falling qualified leads, dropping traffic, issues with newly added pages, it has a dedicated team to work on various problems encountered and ensure quick and effective solutions round the clock. The firm’s committed and reliable services in improving online presence for various businesses with the latest technics has garnered an excellent reputation for it being a champion in digital marketing across North America. To ensure a smooth experience and quick answers to its customers, it runs an efficient customer service department.

The agency has collaborated with Google and became a Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner in July 2014. It should be noted that the partnership is given to the agencies that are meeting the training and eligibility requirements of Google. Also, White Shark Media partnered with Microsoft through its Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program. It regularly works with Google and Microsoft and conducts joint case studies with both the search giants. Currently, White Shark Media has more than 150 experts in its wing, and the agency has offices in Miami, Atlanta, and Denmark.

See into the classroom with ClassDojo

Classrooms have changed and so should the way parents, teachers, and students get involved. The ClassDojo app does just that. ClassDojo takes the involvement in a child’s classroom to another level. The widely used app gives parents access to see inside the classroom through stories and pictures posted by teachers.

ClassDojo is an easy to use app that teachers are using to connect fast with parents. This free app makes it fun to receive messages from the teacher that encourage a child’s learning. The growing use of this app in classrooms uses not only messages and pictures to update parents but videos as well. And these updates are throughout the day.

There are many tasks the app offers a parent. ClassDojo gives you updates on what your child is doing in class, assignments can be posted from the teacher, and parents can reply back with any questions. Those notices sent home with students can get lost but when it is send via ClassDojo, the parent can be sure to get notification and have that information saved on the app.

ClassDojo strives to keep the communication open and flowing with their app. They are trying to improve education and they contribute to student social growth with their video series for students. These fun short animations and activities focus on parts of growth like empathy, gratitude, and mindfulness.

Parents can have the peace of mind in seeing the learning environment for their child. And the creators of ClassDojo are always working to improve the connection to the classroom. In working together, the app brings together a team of parent, teacher, and student.