Chris Linkas – Improving Life with Proper Investments

Young adults do not prioritize investing until they are financially stable. Although studies have it that people who invest during their twenties at an early age have a better advantage of being more profitable.


The advantages and benefits of investing at a young age are:


While there seems to be a shortage of money with young people because of loans and low salaries, they have lots of time to invest and wait for the profits to come in. Then, they likewise still have the chance to reinvest the profits that they have earned during their initial reinvestment that compounds the gains. And since they are young, they have time to spare in investing and reinvesting just what Chris Linkas  is teaching.


Take on More Risk

People who are young can endure more risk when it comes to investment because they still have more years to learn the trade. But older people who are about to retire will choose an investment that has lesser risks in comparison to young adults who can take more chances on investments that have a more significant return but poses to be more quite unpredictable.


Learn by Doing

Since time is not essential for young people, they can take an extra length of time to learn from the success or failure of their investments because they are young and have time to spare in correcting their failures as mentioned by Chris Linkas.


Tech Savvy

The young generation has the tools and equipment that will help them make appropriate investment decisions quickly. And because they are used to having the latest devices in technology young people can easily adjust with the intricate tool used for investing online nowadays.


Human Capital

Human capital is the value of a person at the moment which is based on the earnings or wages he or she would have in the years to come – this implies that young people are more financially valuable because they have more time to earn and invest believed by Chris Linkas.

As European Head of Credit, Chris Linkas has utilized numerous investment styles that are unorthodox, which he believes can help clients consistently profit more. And this is entirely true with young adults who should learn to manage their investment using the Chris Linkas technique.



NGP VAN Offers Some Tips To Political Campaign Managers

NGP VAN is a provider of technology to Democratic political campaigns and organizations. They offer their clients a complete package of services which includes organizing, new media, fundraising, field, compliance, organizing, and social media presence. They have now assisted thousands of campaigns and organizations in their quests to get Democrats and Progressives into office or keep them there. They have also provided their services to labor unions and both progressive and non-partisan political action committees.

The team at NGP VAN says that the “end of quarter” time for any political campaign can be very stressful for all involved. There are fundraising goals to meet at the last minute, for instance, which can stretch finance and digital teams to their absolute limits. NGP VAN has offered four essential tips for making this time more bearing.

The first tip of NGP VAN’s is to keep some of your campaign emails in your proverbial back pocket. If you’re pumping out email campaigns to people four or five days in a row you are likely going to quickly run out of ideas. Therefore a good practice is to keep a few ad campaign ideas on the back burner so that you don’t have to put a lot of thought into it when you prepare it and send it out.

Another tip is to write everything out in advance, NGP VAN says. As much content as possible should be written and approved before it is needed. Writing is usually a time-intensive process so getting it done before crunch time is a great idea.

NGP VAN also says you should create a master calendar as part of your organizing process. Put on it all of your approved and sent email so you can keep track of it and know what to follow up on. If you have multiple clients this will really be something exceedingly useful.

Finally, take some time to celebrate! NGP VAN says that you ought to celebrate when you’ve successfully worked on a campaign and have met your goals. Congratulating yourself and your team is perfectly ok and understandable to all parties concerned.

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Matt Badiali Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali took a photo while holding a $114,287 check in the past two months. The check resembled the United States Treasury check which had the big ol’ Statue of Liberty engraving. Badiali’s freedom check is designed for making one feel that there is much money that they can sign up for. It occurs up to when most readers lose interest or rather will be convinced to forward their credit card number hypnotized by the huge check dancing to their eyes.

Matt Badiali’s role at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Banyan Hill Publishing hired Matt Badiali as their natural resource expert. His responsibilities were to research and recommend investment opportunities in agriculture, energy, precious metal, and other natural resource segments for Banyan Hill’s newsletter readers. He had experience in giving speeches at geological conferences, consultation in environmental companies, drill rigs, and inspecting mines. The experience enabled Matt Badiali to help the newsletter readers with their profits using the latest trends in gas, resource and oil space. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2007. Read more at  Talk Markets about Matt Badiali.

Educational background of Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali took his Bachelor of Science in Earth Science in Penn States University and his master’s degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He took his PhD for five years at the University of North California

Real wealth strategist.

Real wealth strategist is a research service which gives service by permitting folks to invest on equal terms just as the other big boys. The advisory service started under the geologist, Matt Badiali in May 2007. It offers readers recommendations with regards to the stock market and other investment opportunities.

Matt Badiali interview with ideamensch.

Matt Badiali stated that his interest was helping people with the identification of investment opportunities. His childhood memories backed his interest since he saw his father struggle with different investment strategies. He indicated that he used his past experiences to synch with his readers. He uses real-life experiences which makes readers see it as lively. Matt Badiali’s productivity is because he only focuses on the important task and blocking all the distractions. Read This Article:


Malcolm CasSelle is a Trailblazer in the Crypto currency Technology Industry

Malcolm CasSelle is a trailblazer in the cryptocurrency industry as president of (WAX) worldwide Asset Exchange. Malcolm CasSelle is also the CIO of OPSkins a leader in the online video game technology platform. He is a graduate of MIT and Stanford University with degrees in computer science. Mr. CasSelle has advanced professionally into a successful career in the digital marketing media industry within various organizations. With keen insight and experience, Malcolm CasSelle has leveraged his expertise as a computer science innovator and technology expert in the cryptocurrency industry in opportunities to advance the entire industry. He served as president and CEO of several companies by providing strong leadership and strategic vision that resulted in profitable success. He was CEO of Timeline Labs and also, President and CTO of Tronc formally Tribune Publishing. Malcolm CasSelle is also invested heavily in some major internet social and digital companies such as Zynga, Facebook, and various other digital companies within the industry. He was also co-founder of PCCW, the publicly traded company based out of Hong Kong with worth in value well over $35 billion. It is Mr. CasSelle’s leadership and strategic vision within organizations that generate successful results. He’s also demonstrated an ability to raise vast amounts of capital for investment in trending opportunities that are evaluated as potential positive returns on investment. With the ability to transfer assets between geographical boundaries over the blockchain, crypto technology has created provided the platform to generate tremendous success stories from both investors and those interacting globally over the blockchain. The technology makes it easy to facilitate immediate purchases and other crypto financial transactions without the interruption of centralized banking systems. The Innovative leadership of Malcolm CasSelle is laying a strong foundation for the success of cryptocurrency advances in online video game buying and selling platforms as president of (Wax) Worldwide Asset Exchange. Malcolm CasSelle has demonstrated an excellent ability to both lead and trail blaze the cryptocurrency industry with strategic vision and trending technology that translated into opportunities for financial success.

Investment Advisor Paul Mampilly: Focused On Helping The Common Man

Paul Mampilly is an amazing investment advisor. After 20 years on Wall Street working with investment industry giants like Deutsche Bank, ING and Kinetics International, he retired at 42 and started publishing a monthly newsletter Profit Unlimited. It’s designed to help average Americans gain more from their investments. Subscribers to the newsletter have consistently made significant gains on their investments. They told their friends and relatives about the newsletter and almost overnight it hit 60,000 subscribers. In the financial services industry few newsletters have ever enjoyed such rapid growth.

Born in India, Paul Mampilly graduated from New York’s Fordham University in 1996 with an MBA. He started his career at Bankers Trust in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager. Mampilly worked with a Swiss bank, Sears and Royal Bank of Scotland, handled multimillion dollar accounts for IMG and Deutsche Bank and has had Fortune 500 companies, the Templeton Foundation and European aristocracy as clients. The former hedge fund manager has a knack for identifying small companies using innovative business models and developing lucrative products. View Paul Mampilly’s profile at LinkedIn.

In 2009, Paul Mampilly earned a measure of fame. During the financial crisis, he took a $50 million investment grew it by 76% without shorting stocks, returned $88 million and won the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. Prior to that Paul Mampilly founded The Capuchin Group and was Kinetics Asset Management’s portfolio management team managing director. He also edited Stansberry Research LLC’s publication Professional Speculator. Plus, as a financial advisory editor and hedge fund consultant he imparted knowledge to thousands of people.

In 2016 Paul Mampilly was hired by Banyan Hill Publishing. Through them he educates investors about lucrative small-cap stocks, technology companies and special growth investing opportunities as Proftis Unlimited’s senior editor. Plus, he has a weekly column in Winning Investor Daily, a newsletter published by Banyan Hill. Mampilly also manages the True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes trading services. Through all of these activities Paul Mampilly lets subscribers benefit from expertise gained through his 20-year Wall Street career and his personal research.

Examples of Paul Mampilly’s investment acumen and remarkable track record include being an early investor in Sarepta Therapeutics in 2012 and selling his stocks 8 months later with a gain of 2,539%. He also made a 634% gain investing in Netflix, 279% on Facebook, 696% on Ariad Pharmaceuticals and 298% on Whole Foods. Clearly this is a man with a practiced eye for investing. More info can be found at

How Bernardo Chua Became An Expert In Ganoderma

Bernardo Chua is a businessman from the Philippines who is an expert when it comes to multilevel marketing. He is also a medical professional who came up with a line of premium teas, coffees, and personal care products that are infused with Ganoderma. This is an Asian mushroom that is used in traditional medicine and is said to cure many conditions. He has spent most of his professional career spreading knowledge about Ganoderma and why it is used in Chinese medicine. He learned this information from his grandparents who had emigrated to the Philippines from China. Follow Bernardo Chua on Twitter.

Due to his expertise with Ganoderma, Bernardo Chua was hired by Gano Excel which was a company in the Philippines that sold tea. They wanted to infuse Ganoderma into their products and so they hired him in one of their top roles. It was during this time in his career that he learned about multilevel marketing. He used his knowledge and natural sells abilities to expand Gano Excel’s customer base across the Philippines and then into Hong Kong, and a number of other Asian nations.

It wasn’t long before Gano Excel wanted to introduce their products in North America. Bernardo Chua was chosen for this task and so he moved to Southern California and took on the role of president at their new subsidiary, Gano Excel USA. He swiftly developed an expansive network of people to sell Gano Excel USA’s products across both America and Canada. He spread the word about how Ganoderma could help people. Read more on about Bernardo Chua

After a period of time he decided to start his own business in the multilevel marketing industry. He moved to Canada and launched Organo Gold. In addition to tea he also infused Ganoderma into coffees and personal care products. His company now has a multilevel network of independent contractors that exceeds a million people. His products can be found around the world and they have been written about in industry publications like Marketwired and Direct Selling News. Bernardo did change the name of his company, though, to ORGANO in order to better emphasize what his business is all about.



Agora Financial Helping People with Financial Planning in a Simplified Manner

If you are keen on securing your financial future, then it is essential that you start making investments as soon as you start earning, even if it is in small amounts. Investments grow with time, in most cases, and it would help you stay financially secure and save you during rainy days. The market fluctuations have increased in the recent times, and you need to be prepared to combat the tough financial times. It is necessary that people keep aside a part of their earnings to ensure they have enough financial cushion to lean on during rough financial times.  However, if you are looking to invest in any particular financial tool, you need to do your due research to be sure that you are putting money in the right place.

As the amount of financial and investment instruments are increasing with every passing day, it is necessary to be able to differentiate between different investment options. Taking the help of the financial adviser can be a good idea to learn more about the different investment options and to invest wisely, which would help in achieving your financial objectives. Agora Financial is a reputed business publishing house that has a set of print and online publications, which are highly helpful and informative. It has over a million readers, and it educates the readers to know where to put their money. Agora Financial has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, and was established in the year of 1979 by one of the most popular financial correspondent, Bill Bonner. He believed that the people need to learn more about how to organize their financial as well as learn the importance of investments.

Agora Financial has publications for different sectors, which helps the readers to know more about the different industries and niche they are interested in. Agora Financial also holds conferences and seminars that are meant to educate people about the world of finance and provide the financial insights to the readers and visitors about how they can manage their funding and achieve financial freedom in future.gora Financial has made many essential market predictions in the future that have come true and helped the readers to save millions. It is critical that people learn about how the financial market works so that they can use their money appropriately and put it where it would grow. Safeguarding money is essential when you are earning as the volatility in the market is a norm these days, and measures must be taken to have enough funds to fall back on when needed. Agora Financial helps the readers with tricks and tips on where to put their money, which investment option to choose, and which investment options to stay away from. Such information is crucial to having successful financial planning.

Market America: On the Path to the Future Economy

The Beginning

Market America was founded in 1992, and over the years has grown to what it is today. As a product broker and internet marketing company, they worked on their business model and fostered the entrepreneurial spirit. They built their company from the ground up on the idea of providing their customers with a better way to shop. Now, thanks to their use of that business model, Market America has become an internationally known social shopping experience.

Up to The Present

Market America’s shipping site, SHOP.COM has grown into one of the largest online retailers in the world. They now offer over 35 million products and services, including some of their own exclusive brands, and are partnered with hundreds of the top internet retailers to get their customers what they want and need. Market America’s proprietary business model has harnessed the power of the internet, then combined it with a social shopping experience fueled by One-to-One marketing, and the concept of “Shopping Annuity” where one can earn up to 50% cash back. By embracing the entrepreneurial spirit they have developed a network that gives the customer a personalized shopping environment while also giving them an earned incentive.

Into the Future

From their headquarters in Greensboro NC, Market America Worldwide has branched out across the globe. They have international operations in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, The UK, and the US. The company has an accumulated total of over 7.3 billion dollars in sales. This network of independent distributors and “UnFranchise” owners are poised to move the market into the future. With the continuing decline of the traditional brick and mortar store, the internet marketplace is becoming the new standard. They are trying to establish the future standard by changing the way people shop, and even more so, how they think about shopping. Through the use of One-to-One marketing, and Shopping Annuity, Market America is empowering entrepreneurs to not just thrive in this current economy, but to create their own future economy; one, as they say, “Built on product. Powered by people.”

Ian King Is The New Cryptocurrency Expert For Banyan Hill Publishing Who Has A Thing Or Two To Educate Investors About

Ian King knows that it is rare for a startup to make over $1 billion, and this has been the same for cryptocurrency startups, as well. Startups that do happen to make over $1 billion are known to venture capitalists as unicorns, and, now, King has pointed out that cryptocurrencies that do extremely well are cryptocorns. While bitcoin is the most well-known of the cryptocurrencies, out there, there are other cryptocurrencies and other ways that blockchain technology is being used for other applications. Investors that think outside of the box are chewing at the bit to invest in blockchain technology companies, and King has commented that an increase in interest in these is causing a spike in their value like never before. The blockchain technology industry, combined, is now worth more than $1 billion, and there are new uses for it that are gaining popularity every day. Read this article at ZeroHedge about Ian King

Ian King publishes some of his thoughts on Medium, and there he has thoroughly covered the cryptocorn phenomenon as well the end of the beginning for bitcoin. As a writer, King also works with Banyan Hill Publishing who recently welcomed him aboard as their cryptocurrency expert. He brings with him more than 20 years of experience in analyzing and trading in the financial sector, and he has gained the attention of Investopedia who has recognized him as a premier contributor relating to the cryptocurrency industry. To help out the average investor, King has put together a program that introduces people to the basics and more advanced topics in the cryptocurrency sector. Visit:

Ian King began his professional career by working at Salomon Brothers’ as a desk clerk. After working with the company for some time, he decided to work on credit derivatives with Citigroup. After this, he moved on and spent the next 10 years or so as the head trader for Peahi Capital where he traded options. During his time as a trader, he met with a Silicon Valley company that was looking to have banks print a digital kind of money. While this wasn’t exactly cryptocurrency yet, it was a step in that direction, and this caught King’s attention. After this, he began to keep his eye on the world of cryptocurrencies and, when they took off, he was already well aware of their potential.

Ian King became the cryptocurrency expert for Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017, and he now helps to educate interested investors in this new sector that is seeing an explosion at this time. Follow Ian King on Facebook


The Commitment of Larkin & Lacey in the Scene of Civil and Human Rights

The United States has been on the map of the world discussion regarding the matter of the discrimination of the immigrants. The Larkin and Lacey aimed to allow them to fit well in the community and take part in different programs. There are many areas that refugees had been oppressed in the United States. For instance, in the city of Arizona, refugees had been sidelined on the matters of the development in the community.

Most of them were not given priorities on better issues regarding the work and the promotion in the workplaces. The incident had accelerated, and it was almost taking the better part of the United States.

Larkin and Lacey made a move to create a perfect solution to the problem by forming a foundation that stands for the rights of the refugees across United Stated.

The organization was named Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The main agenda was to put ahead of the other minor unions in the field by financing their programs.

Larkin and Lacey were known to be experienced journalists before setting their efforts in the mission of fighting for the human rights. The two had dedicated their time to serving the public with the truth that was taking place within the authorities. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They played the significant role, and the members of the society lauded their efforts. The excellent reputation they had developed in the community heightened their agenda of creating a balance in the organization.

They vowed to disclose all the matter that affected the community through their magazine.

Larkin and Lacey were ordered to face detention sentence by the Sheriff in 2007. The cause of the incident was the information they had disclosed on the sensitive matters of the authorities mainly the grand jury proceeds. The ambush of the two journalists happen at night, and it came as a surprise to many people in the community.

The excellent correlation of the public with Larkin and Lacey made the people in the society to come to their rescue. Their case was then dropped outside the records.

They then sued the state for arresting them unlawfully. They were paid an amount worth $3.75 as a means of compensating them. The money was then surrendered to the small unions to boost many of their programs in the field. Furthermore, the dedication of the organization in the circle of human rights made them fight further for the freedom of speech of the immigrants.

Michael Larkin was against the move of president Trump appointing the Sheriff in the office to run for another tern yet its administration had been marred by many cases of corruption.

Many people in the community came to support the decision of the Michel concerning the criticism of the president step.

The governance of Sheriff had not registered any development in the society, and many people wished them to be out of the administration. Most of the public resources meant for development went into their pocket thus leaving behind the matters of growth in the community.

Read more:Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and  Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund