Igor Cornelsen Is A Reliable Investment Advisor

Are you looking for information about successful investors and how they do it? Do you want to find out what characteristics are needed to become successful in investing? Perhaps you have read a lot about Igor Cornelsen and the huge success he has achieved through investing. More info here.

It’s not easy to start a business or invest in the stock market without expert assistance or training. Successful entrepreneurs and investors like Igor advise beginner to have an expert on their side. Igor believes that you need to have positive mental attitude and also take action toward your goal.

If you do not know what you’re doing, particularly if you are investing in the stock market, you could suffer heavy losses. There are various options to choose for for investments and an expert can provide the guidance you need. Many enlist the services of a financial or investment advisory firm.

It is imperative to learn what works and what doesn’t and then move forward until you achieve the results you want. According to Igor Cornelsen, beginning and experienced investors alike both have to understand the rules for investing and they must have a good understanding of how a particular opportunity or investment vehicle works.

Tools are available but they are only as good as the experience and knowledge of the individual using them. It is always advisable to find a coach or mentor to guide you on your road to investing success. See more of Igor Cornelsen at angel.co

Igor also advises investors to diversify their portfolios in order to minimize risks. Having a diversified investing portfolio is a great way to increase your ability to boost your revenue from different sources. If you want to succeed as an investor you should choose sound investments to include in tour portfolio and you should include some risky ventures as well.

Igor understands that time is of essence in investing and encourages people to begin to invest in lucrative opportunities as soon as possible.

Igor Cornelsen has achieved tremendous success in the investing arena. He has handled a wide variety of ventures and has learned a great lesson. He has a lot to teach beginning investors as well as other professionals in the industry. Check: https://affiliatedork.com/economic-confidence-is-improving-in-brazil-according-to-igor-cornelsen


Jeff Yastine Works With Banyan Hill Publishing To Enlighten And Educate Aspiring Investors

Jeff Yastine is the Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing and the editor of the Total Wealth Insider. He also contributes to the Winning Investor Daily and the Sovereign Investor Daily, which are two weekly publications put out by Banyan Hill Publishing. Jeff Yastine brings more than 20 years of experience in the stock market, as an investor, and as a financial journalist. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Telecommunication while studying at the University of Florida from 1983 until 1986, and he currently calls Delray Beach, Florida his home. Learn more on Seeking Alpha about Jeff Yastine.

Jeff Yastine has published many articles on the online platform, Medium, and there he shares a lot of his knowledge about happenings in the world of investing. In one of his articles titled, “3 Threats to Amazon You Must Own Today,” he elaborates on three companies that could give Amazon a run for their money and why people should invest in them. The three companies he pointed to were Ebay, Kroger, and Grainger, and each company he selected has specific strengths that could make them a good investment choice. A lot of what makes them good competitors for Amazon is their network of distribution centers and warehouses as well as the fact that they are profitable companies as they are, now. This means that investors won’t be investing in “fixer uppers,” but rather companies that have stood on their own for some time.

Jeff Yastine’s Facebook page is loaded with posts about investing and other related matters that interest him. One of his more recent postings on the social media network points to a dividend paying stock in the solar industry. One of the largest changes that has happened in the solar industry is that the cost of high-efficiency solar panels has taken a dive by as much as 40%. The article he refers people to on his Facebook page also offers some other insights into what is driving the solar power trend today. Read more about  Jeff Yastine at Bloomberg.

Before today, Yastine has served PBS Nightly Business Report as an Emmy-nominated anchor and correspondent who worked with the company for 16 years. His reporting helped to notify the public of excellent investment opportunities, and he was also the one who let investors know about the real estate disaster that occurred during the 2000’s. On the news show, he has interviewed a spread of highly-regarded investors including Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Michael Dell, and these notable figures enlightened him and the public who watched the interviews take place. Visit: https://www.investmentu.com/investment-experts/jeff-yastine

Malcolm Casselle: President of WAX Virtual Asset Management Company

The recent launch of digital asset exchange company WAX has caused quite a stir in the world of digital asset management. The chief executive officer and president of the company Malcolm CasSelle have experience in the assistance of various startups in the digital world in hopes that this new digital asset exchange will allow the instantaneous trading of various virtual assets. Having graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in pewter science, he has first-hand experience in the necessary knowledge to enable a revolution in the industry of virtual asset management.

The new company’s vision is to help unite the fragmented ecosystem the technological implications that blockchain technology has presented the world. Currently, virtual assets are subject to a hodgepodge of localized trading platforms that has caused the restriction to their host countries. A new solution deemed the WAX token is utilizing the fundamental technology of blockchain to create a market that is frictionlessly allowing both buyers and sellers to trade assets in a manner that is entirely fraud-proof.

The WAX platform has allowed users to create tokens from their virtual assets that will enable the instantaneous trading between individuals in the gaming environment without ever leaving the game. All of this is possible with the help of their new blockchain enabled widget. They hope to solve the problem posed by fragmented geography commonly encountered by players in the virtual world. They have done this by creating the new WAX token which will serve as a standard currency for all gamers and will eliminate the foreign-exchange problems that are currently ubiquitous in virtual asset markets.

The algorithm which this company’s technology is based on is considered a delegated proof of stake or DPOS consensus algorithm. This is the most efficient decentralized mode of consensus available. Until now the most common model used for proof of work systems which are significantly less efficient. The tokens traded act as a store of value that is used to acquire in-game items and smart contracts that will allow the buying selling and renting or trading of virtual assets. All in all the president of the company Malcolm CasSelle is confident in the platform and believes that it will revolutionize the entire industry.

Glen Wakeman’s Strategic Outline for Business Success

Glen Wakeman has a strategic outline for businesses to operate at the maximum level of market share penetration and performance. Glen has expertise that spans over 15 years of global company analysis and evaluation with GE Capital. That experience helps him to understand complex analysis of businesses and the fundamental blueprint to increase market share and perform at the optimal rate (https://www.glenwakeman.com/video). At the core of his process evaluation, is the company leadership’s skill set, and ability to manage the corporate decision-making process in structuring and marketing the business. Also, how adequately leadership can adapt to changes in the environment is very important for an organization. Glen Wakeman also emphasizes the critical nature human capital plays in determining if a business is performing optimally. The company staff must be executing its core duties at the optimum rate in order to translate into profitable results. Glen has an approach of using risk management as a pivotal part of his analysis of an organization. You must be able to evaluate if there is any potential risk in the way a company currently conducts business. Risk management is an important part of his evaluation of the business (Dailyforexreport). It determines whether or not the company will take advantage of future opportunities or potentially lose market share. Glen also, emphasizes the importance of proper governance of the organization to ensure opportunities are not squandered and success can be realized. Every organization should have a vision and governance of how to operate and when to pursue opportunities. With the proper governance, executive team, human capital and risk management a company can set itself apart from the competition. Success and failure is a by-product of decisions made by leadership in an organization. In order for Glen to generate a positive result for his clients, proper valuation and analysis of the organization from the top to the bottom are essential. By increasing the knowledge base at the top of an organization, Glen Wakeman uses a strategic outline for business success that will guide a company to an increase in the performance variables and maximize market share.


Michael Hagele Uses His Legal Expertise to Help Technology and Businesses

Michael Hagele is a lawyer that represents technology companies in several different industries. He works with companies in defense, aerospace, biotechnology, and Internet. Michael has invested in several companies in the restaurant and hospitality industries. As a general counsel, he handles contracts, commercial agreements, and international property rights.

He received his law degree from the University of California in Berkley. He offers good quality legal services to small technology companies at competitive prices. He begins his day by reviewing contracts or legal documents for his clients. Michael reviews drafts and make changes in licensing agreements or other contracts.

During the early afternoon he often takes a mountain bike ride to relax and unwind. When he returns later afternoon he continues to talk with clients and work on solutions to their contract problems. He finds riding his road bike helps him to find solutions to his work problems.

He likes the trend of using machine data to find connections between different sets of data. Michael uses algorithms to determine patterns and obscure connections between sets of data to help companies save costs and make wise investments. One of his strongest assets is his ability to put himself in his client’s shoes.

It is a high pressure industry that requires him to work quickly because the situation depends on his ability to resolve the problem quickly. When he was younger he worked in a car wash. This gave him the drive to pursue his educational goals and career.

He thinks physical activity helps anyone that wants to succeed in business. Michael knows its important to communicate with clients through social media. He does not overuse it but leaves the door open for discussion.

Michael uses software for cyclists due to his hobby of mountain biking It helps him keep up with friends and others with similar interests.

Check this link https://www.whitepages.com/name/Michael-Hagele

How Vijay Eswaran Sees Multilevel Marketing And Helping Others Through It

Vijay Eswaran has been a major multilevel marketing executive for about 20 years and one belief he’s held to throughout his entire career is that he needs to work selflessly and help others succeed in order to succeed himself. It’s one reason he founded his company QI Group Ltd. and its main sales company QNET. The company generates most of its sales through e-commerce, but all products are sold through independent business owners who build their own customer relationships, and can even encourage those customers to sell QNET products. Thousands of people over the years have come to benefit from Eswaran’s company, and he also uses his business platform as a chance to show people how his spiritual beliefs also guide his selflessness and promote tranquility in the workplace.

Vijay Eswaran comes from an Indian-Malaysian family and his father served Malaysia’s Ministry of Labor while his mother taught at a local school in Kuala Lumpur. Eswaran earned acceptance to the London School of Economics and graduated with a degree in socioeconomics. For several years he took up work in cab driving, construction, grape vineyard harvesting and marketing consulting until he was introduced to multilevel marketing based businesses and realized it might be the catalyst to help Asia’s economies. His friend Joseph Bismark had the same idea and together they began QI Group Ltd. in Hong Kong. In spite of hardships set before them, they were able to grow the company into locations all around the world and turn it into a billion-dollar company. Along with QNET, QI Group also is the parent to QI Asset Management, QI Lifestyle, Quex Courier and QI University which is currently undergoing a transformation into QI City.

Vijay Eswaran also has given back to the Asian community through RYTHM Foundation, a humanitarian and environmental support organization whose acronym means “raise yourself to help mankind.” He has been mentioned in Forbes Asia several times including in their 2011 “Heroes of Philanthropy” section and in the 2013 Top 50 Richest list. In 2012 he was given the New Global Indian award and in 2015 he was an honorary speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He is also a bestselling author of “In The Sphere Of Silence” and “18 Stepping Stones.”

All You Need To Know About Freedom Checks By Matt Badiali

Matt works at Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor. His primary focus is on research and advises on the investment on the mining, energy, and agricultural industries. Before joining as a contributor at Banyan Hill, he worked as a geologist in a drilling firm as well as offering consulting services to an environmental company. He has obtained knowledge and expertise as a geologist in last ten years. He is passionate about helping people invest in metals, and he recently released a video outlining about as freedom checks.

Freedom Checks

As an investment expert in the mining sector, Matt Badiali strives to provide informative advice to his readers. In the video, Matt outlines that the freedom checks are much better in comparison to the government programs such as the social security, IRA or other retirement programs. Matt adds that on average the payment can be 3 or 4 times higher when compared to the average retirement payment. Furthermore, the program has no restrictions on age or income of a person for one to collect a check. For more updates, Like the page on Facebook


For a company to operate checks program, it needs to meet two conditions. Firstly, 90 percent of company’s revenue should be from oil or gas mining in U.S. Next, the company has to agree to give freedom checks amounting to $124,000-$266,000 and up to $643,000 to shareholders every year. Congress enacted Stature 26-F conditions. The freedoms check is, therefore, legitimate investment. In the US, there are over 568 companies, which have met the requirements. The firms legally issue the monthly checks to investors.


One fantastic element of the checks is that investors who receive do not pay income taxes on the payments. The pays are tax-free since they are a return of capital, not a direct income. Matt Badiali recommends investment in the oil and gas-mining industry in the U.S since in the recent times there has been a significant reduction in the petroleum products importation from the Middle East. Consequently, local production has increased to close the demand gap. The local firms are poised to record higher profits in the coming years and will pay out more than $34.6 billion as freedom checks to investors in the next one year.

Matt Badiali is a graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences. Badiali obtained a Masters in Geology from the Florida Atlantic University. He ventured in to finance while studying his doctorate at the University of North Carolina. After joining Banyan Hill in 2017, he launched Real Wealth Strategist which is a newsletter aiming to guide readers and stock traders on investment in natural resources.
For more info, visit: https://medium.com/@MattBadiali

Agora Financial Helps Investors Control Their Own Financial Future

The world of financial advice can be a landmine of shady advisors who are more interested in their own fees rather than helping their clients. Now, there is a new financial company that empowers the client to control their own money with expert insight and advice. That company, Agora Financial, is disrupting the old world of financial advisors with innovative new insights and ideas.So who exactly is Agora Financial? Agora Financial is a publishing company that brings unique and unbiased insight into the investing world. With free as well as premium content, investors are empowered with unique ideas and advice to help them become the best investor that they can be. Agora Financial is simply the future of investment advice and guidance.

A financial company is only as good as the people behind it. And Agora Financial features the best and brightest financial and investment advisors available to the average investor. From stocks to commodities, cryptocurrency, tax planning, wealth building and retirement planning, Agora Financial offers experts from just about every corner of the financial world.Now, these financial experts are not the type to simply sit behind their desk and type up their financial advice. A typical financial advisor at Agora Financial is more likely to be out in the field rather than in the office. It is not uncommon to have one of their advisors out investigating a gold mine in South Africa one day while another one of their stock experts is flying to a new, hot company in Silicon Valley the next day. If there is a worthy investing trend somewhere around the world, an Agora Financial expert will be there to bring the latest information to his readers.

What really sets Agora Financial apart from other newsletters and other advisors is the fact that this company does not accept compensation for corporate coverage. That means that the reader can be sure that 100% of the information that he reads comes from an unbiased source. In the world of financial advisors, trust and integrity are what sets Agora Financial’s reputation apart.From financial advice to wealth planning, Agora Financial is the innovative new way for investors to empower themselves with unbiased and fresh information. From free newsletters to premium content, Agora Financial offers a wealth information and advice that can help any investor gain confidence and control of their financial future.


New York Fashion Week and the Academy of Art University

Founded by Richard S. Stephens in 1929, the Academy of Art University was first known as the Academy of Advertising Art; the largest privately funded art and design school in the United States. It is accredited with the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The school offers degrees at the associate, bachelor’s and master’s levels in 25 subjects. The Academy of Art University has been participating biannually in New York Fashion Week since 2005.

New York fashion week is the event for fashion designers and enthusiasts throughout the world. Last year’s NYFW might have been particularly special for 10 recent BFA and MFA graduates from the Academy of Art University. The diverse group of designers came from various places between New England and mainland China, to display five womenswear and two menswear collections at Skylight Clarkson Square. The work did not disappoint, even impressing fashion icon Ms. J Alexander of America’s Next Top Model fame. Designers had various personal inspirations from denim, to photography, to a beloved aunt’s passing. While each of the designers played heavily with light and form to create a collective “each collection has an individual spirit,” remarked Simon Ungless, Executive Director of the School of Fashion.

As a painter and editor for Sunset Magazine, Stephens had a passion for the arts. He maintained that any aspiring artist, if given proper instruction and discipline could become a professional. With that in mind he founded the Academy of Art University. He wanted to ensure that students wouldn’t get accepted by their portfolio alone. He believed the academy’s teachers should be professional artists, so students could garner real-world advice and practical instruction. The student body has grown from 8,000 to 12,600 under current president Elisa Stephens, Richard’s granddaughter. As technology and industry trends constantly change, so too does the Academy of Art University. By continuing to have graduate’s represented at vital events like New York Fashion Week, the academy keeps up to date, and stays in line with the original dream of its founder.

Bernardo Chua Has His Dream Come True With Ganoderma-Infused Products

Dreams do sometimes come true. Bernardo Chua can testify to that. Growing up in the Philippines he longed to tell the world all the ways in which the ganoderma mushroom could improve their health. The network marketing company Gano Excel made Chua’s dream come true when they hired him as a marketing executive. His job was to promote coffee, tea and other products that contained extracts from the ganoderma mushroom. And Chua made the most of his opportunity. People seemed to sense his excitement about the Gano Excel products and he took the opportunity to explain to them how the ganoderma the products contained could help them. Learn more on YourBeautyCraze.com

Chua was an instant success. He was soon taking Gano Excel products into new markets. Within his first three years with the company, Chua had been able to attract customers beyond the Philippines into bustling markets like Hong Kong and as far away as North America. Chua eventually moved to the United States and after running Gano Excel’s operations there for a while, started his own company selling ganoderma infused products. The company was called Organo Gold. One of the first things Bernardo Chua did when he founded Organo Gold was to focus on telling people about the health benefits of the ganoderma mushroom.

Marketing his nutrient-rich ganoderma-infused products under the Organo Gold and Coffee Connoisseur brands through a marketing network that had grown to over 800,000 people, Bernardo Chua began to have success beyond his wildest dreams. He won awards for the quality of his products, the amount his marketing network sold and the speed with which his company had grown. In the Philippines, Organo Gold won People’s Choices awards and Chua was voted ‘Direct Marketing Executive of the Year’ 5 times. Chua also received the Dangal ng Bayan award, the Philippines most prestigious business award.

Bernardo Chua’s dream was simply to tell the world about the ganoderma mushroom. In his zeal to help others improve the quality of their lives by ingesting the mushroom, he has created a line of excellent products, employed a million people and built an award-winning company.

More information here: http://oldcurmudgeoncomics.com/2017/02/09/bernardo-chua-founder-and-ceo-of-organo-gold/