End Citizens United challenges Rick Scott over financial violations

When Florida Governor Rick Scott announced his candidacy for a Florida Senate seat in April he was almost immediately confronted with an ethics violation charge by End Citizens United. Denying the allegations against him Scott must now contend with a growing mound of evidence.

Scott is challenging Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson. End Citizens United says that Scott has been raising money for his own campaign through the group, a direct violation of the law. Political Action Committees (PACs) are allowed to raise as much money as they can and spend it with great discretion in support of any candidates or ballot measures they support. What they cannot do is coordinate with any politicial campaign and End Citizens United has some compelling evidence against Scott and the PAC New Republican.

End Citizens United, itself a PAC, supports an end to the 2010 Supreme Court decision on “Citizens United” which allowed unlimited financial donations to elections without having to disclose donations. This is done through PACs. ECU wants this decision overturned and supports politicians, mostly Democrats, and ballot measures that support that goal.

ECU has presented the Federal Elections Committee with evidence that the Scott campaign for Senate and the PAC New Republican are coordinating. The New Republican PAC was founded by Scott with the stated goal of supporting reshaping the GOP establishment to be more in line with Donald Trump. However, as soon as Scott announced his candidacy for the Senate the entire organization was re-structured to support Scott’s campaign.

More evidence has been presented to the FEC as well. Scott is believed to have received many of his donations through New Republican from investment firms that benefited from some of his policies. This would be a direct violation of SEC rules.

New Republican also uses the same person as Fundraiser as the Scott campaign does, Jenny Drucker. End Citizens United also points out that the Scott campaign and New Republican used the same mailing address. There was also a Scott campaign poll that was funded by New Republican, another coordination violation.

Scott himself has a history of fraud. As CEO of Colombia/HCA Scott resigned after presiding over an FBI investigation resulting in what has been called “the largest Medicare fraud in the nations history” by Polifact and the Tampa Bay Times. It was after this incident in the private sector that Scoot entered politics and became governor of Florida.

For details: ballotpedia.org/End_Citizens_United_PAC